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How Do I Find the Best Dropshipping Products?

How Do I Find the Best Dropshipping Products?

The successful stores find their best dropshipping products using: 

  • Amazon’s Best Seller lists
  • eBay’s Explore tool 
  • Alibaba’s First Look at New Season category 
  • AliExpress Top Rated category
  • Google Trends 
  • Competitor research 
  • Sell The Trend

Whether you’ve just launched a new dropshipping store, or you have been in the business for a while, product research is vital. It ensures that you stay on top of trends, adapt to new seasons, and keep your buyers interested.

Here’s how to effectively use the research options above to find the best dropshipping products. 

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products 

1. Amazon’s Best Sellers list

While this is an obvious resource, not all dropshippers think of it. Amazon has a bestseller list in every single category hosted on the store. These lists are updated every hour so that you can pick up on a trend immediately it gains traction. The fastest-selling items are upgraded to the bestsellers lists.

If these products are doing great on Amazon, there’s a big possibility that they would do great on your store. Just go to the Amazon website, click on your product category, and choose to view the best sellers list. Viola! All the research information you need is readily available for free.

2. eBay’s Explore tool

Did you know that eBay had an inbuilt Explore tool? It shows you what products are trending across all categories. The best part of using this tool is that you get to discover all the hidden gems. You can see all the unexpected products which users are buying up.

You can also use the Explore tool for keyword research. Type in a word that relates to your category, and you’ll be shown the top trending related products. You can get started here at Explore eBay

3. Alibaba’s First Look

Alibaba and AliExpress both belong under the parent company of Alibaba Group. The significant difference between both companies is that Alibaba provides B2B wholesale services, while AliExpress sells to both retailers and end-users.

Now, the First Look feature in Alibaba is not known by a lot of dropshippers. In this category, Alibaba gives insight into the new products being launched for the new season. The product categories are also as broad as AliExpress’. Browsing through First Look can provide you with insight into what is about to start trending in your niche. The list features global suppliers, so their products have to be promising to get on the First Look list. Browse the Alibaba First Look List here. 

4. AliExpress Top Rated Category 

AliExpress is a top source for dropshipping products. So if there are new trending products in your category, this website has all the details.

AliExpress is a large platform, so not everyone knows the right places to look. The first (and popular) option is to search for your product category and filter the results using “Orders” and “4 Stars and above”. This will show you the top products being ordered, which have high quality.

This second, and not well-known, option is to visit the AliExpress Top Selling section. It’s a collection of the fastest-selling items on the e-commerce platform. The list is divided into categories, which makes it easier to find the specific products you’re looking for. Here’s the link to directly access the AliExpress Top Selling section. 

5. Google Trends 

Google Trends is perfect for expanding your niche category. Here’s how it works; whenever you consider adding a new product, use this tool to figure out if it is a trending item or not. This may not be so important if you are adding a product based on its future potential, not the possibility that it is currently trending. But, if you want to add an item based on trends or seasonality, then Google Trends is a great tool to show if users are actively looking for that item.

The results from your trend search can also give you an insight to new products to include in your catalog. You can find some suggestions in the “Related Queries” box of each search result. You can also take advantage of the results in the ‘Rising Searches’ box. These are trends that are just starting. Easily tap into that market before your competition finds out about those products. Note that as a general rule, if a product has less than 500 searches, then it’s not in the category of trending products. If your dropshipping store targets trends, then that product may not bring in enough consumers. 

6. Competitor Research 

Trends are started by the market, and that includes your competition. You may not be able to catch all the hottest products, but they will. This is why it’s essential always to keep an eye on their performance. Here’s an easy way to find them;
Run a Google search on some of the products you sell + the keywords “Buy” and “Shop”.
Also, keep an eye out for the ads being shown to you. If you do a lot of product research in your niche, then search engine algorithms should be sending related ads to you.
Browse through their top products section and pick out the recurring products. If you see the same items on two or more sites, there’s probably a trend building there.
Search for these products on AliExpress to confirm that they are heavily ordered. If there are thousands of orders and multiple sellers, then you have a trending product.
Finally, subscribe to their mailing lists, so you can get up-to-date information on their top products without doing any extra work! 

7. Sell The Trend 

Sell The Trend is our latest solution to helping our dropshipping partners find trending products for their stores. Within our dropshipping app, there’s a tool which is connected to thousands of databases for robust product research. To use it, select your store category and run a search. Your result will contain a list of top-selling items in your niche. This tool is always collecting new information, so you’ll know as soon as a new trend is building.

This tool is an excellent option if you prefer using a single search platform that can give you all the needed results in one dashboard. If you’re curious but not convinced, you can try out our 7-day free trial. Access all the Sell The Trend features for free, and decide if it works for you.