Dropship Vitamins: A beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Vitamins/supplements

Dropship Vitamins: A beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Vitamins/supplements

Many e-commerce stores find the idea of dropshipping vitamins extremely tempting. Guess what? Dropshippers are making thousands of dollars by dropshipping vitamins and supplements.

The practice of selling winning products without having to stock them at a warehouse or prepare an inventory is easy money – if you’ve done your homework.

With little to no capital required, starting an e-commerce business is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to dropship vitamins and supplements.

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dropshipping is the best business to start in 2020

23% of online sales were made via dropshipping in the year 2017. This percentile might look insignificant but it amounts to almost USD 85.1 Billion.

Even though dropshipping is looked at as a fulfillment model but with the e-commerce industry growing by 17% every year, the popularity of this fulfillment model will continue to increase.

Market Value of Vitamins/supplements

Vitamins, supplements, and minerals are a great way for someone to stay on top of his health. Thus, the market value of these nutrient tablets has increased rapidly between the years 2007 and 2017.

For example, dietary supplements were valued at about more than 60.8 billion US dollars in the year 2017. This value is expected to increase every year.

Moreover, the ketogenic diet market size is over $10 billion in 2021. This includes keto supplements too!

So, if you want to start dropshipping vitamin products in 2020, you have made the right decision.

Things to Consider When dropshipping health supplements or vitamins

Many dropshippers consider dropshipping health supplements, vitamins and minerals because of the recurring revenue model.

Your consumers will most likely come back to you for purchasing more supplements once they run out of it. Moreover, many retailers consider sticking to dropshipping vitamins because the number of new vitamins and supplements that come into the market is consistent.

If you are one of those retailers who’s attracted to this recurring revenue model, keep moving forward to know the benefits and challenges of dropshipping supplements and vitamins.

Benefits of Dropshipping Vitamins/Supplements

Dropshipping vitamins and supplements put you at low risk. Not only is it easy to set up but also easy to manage as you won’t have to prepare the inventory. The product will directly be shipped by the suppliers.

Here are some pros and cons of dropshipping vitamins/supplements:

  • Great way to expand your business reach

It is the quickest way to be a business tycoon. You do not have to invest a huge amount of capital or hard work into it. The dropshipping business is not about starting from scratch but rather making sales from hot-selling products.

You do not have to source the products or involve in order fulfillment. The supplier does all the work for you.

Moreover, you won’t even have to worry about renting a warehouse or delivery as the suppliers ship the items directly to the buyers.

This makes an ideal business model for you if you wish to spend less time on it.

  • Supplements/Vitamins have a great market value

Dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals seem to have a huge demand in the market. People are now more concerned regarding their health. That’s why the net value of the supplement market is approximately $121.6 billion.

You can start dropshipping the vitamins and supplements right away as there are thousands of different vitamins, supplements, minerals and nutrient tablets to choose from and add to your store.

For instance, more than 68% of Americans take dietary supplements. This is a market that is sure to grow in the future.

  • A short-cut for your start-up business

If you dream to have your own supplement company one day, this is the cheapest way to build it. Many retailers choose to dropship vitamins and supplements because they do not have to pay for the inventory. They only have to pay for the products they long to sell.

Private supplement companies only require an order of 50 products to be labeled. This way, you get to ship, label, and sell the product yourself.

Even if you own a supplement company, dropshipping winning supplements in the market is a great way to test the market risks.

Challenges in dropshipping vitamins/supplements

Here are some of the pitfalls you need to avoid if you are considering to dropship vitamins and minerals:

  • Not every supplier is good in the supplements industry

When working with a supplier online, you don’t really know them. Hence, you do not know if the products he/she is sourcing is fake, effective, or real.

This makes it important to research every dropshipping company you work it. You must know if their products are legit or if they are authentic enough to be sold to your buyers.

  • You would be held liable in case of any mishap

Ensuring the supplement’s quality is essential as in the worst-case scenario, you would be dealing with it legally.

If your product makes someone sick, you would be held responsible, not your supplier.

  • You won’t be able to build your own brand

One setback of jumping into the dropshipping business model is that you are not putting effort to build your own brand. You are just improving someone else’s brand.

Simply put, it is like promoting someone else’s product online.

8 best supplements/vitamins dropshipping suppliers

Dropship Vitamins: A beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Vitamins/supplements

Take a look at some of the best supplements/vitamins dropshipping suppliers:

1. Same Health 

The same Health pharmaceutical company is based in China. It takes pride in manufacturing nutritional and personal care products for its global customers.

The same Health products are of high-quality and allow you to be on top of your health. Their mission is to keep developing new nutritional products in order to serve mankind. That’s why they have multiple state-of-the-art and modern labs to test the latest nutritional products before launching them to the market.

Not only do they provide high-quality supplements/vitamins but professional formulation support and customized packaging as well.

2. HealthDream BioTech 

HealthDream is one of the reputed names in the supplement industry. Their world-famous nutritional products and supplements rely on industry experts and expert academic research. Their aim is to provide high-quality supplements to foster better human health all around the globe.

HealthDream has strong ties with its customers and international partners because they deal with every product in the supplement industry including chemical drugs, organic cosmetic products, functional food ingredients, nutritional vitamins/supplements and natural medicines. The company itself is based in China but delivers products all across the globe.

3. Superior Supplement Manufacturing 

Superior supplement manufacturing is a US-based company that takes pride in offering a wide range of nutritional capsules, tablets, liquids, powders, and magic formulas for all age groups.

Other than that, they provide specialty packaging and label design services for bulk orders as well. if you are looking for anti-aging, weight loss, anti-oxidants, dietary, and detox products, make sure to give them a call.

4. Vita Supplement Source

It is one of the most reputed vitamins and supplement manufacturing companies in the United States. You can find the brand’s high-quality dietary supplements in the market. Moreover, it caters to large as well as small orders ranging from different products like scrubs, lotions, creams, topicals, tinctures etc.

5. 4 organics 

4 organics was established in the United States of American in the year 2004. The company suppliers a variety of products for wellness, health, diet, sleep, brain, memory and mood.

6. Nutrigains 

As one of the most affordable dropshippers in the United States, Nutrigains has a vast experience in providing high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements alongside exceptional customer support and product sourcing services.

7. Power Body 

Power Body is based in the UK and one of the biggest distribution agencies out there. They cater to almost every consumer demand as they have more than 7000 products to offer.

From dietary and beauty supplements to weight-loss drinks and shakes, Power Body dropships almost anything. You name it, they have it.

8. Avena 

Avena is a UK-based supplement manufacturing company that’s known for its free delivery services all around the world if the order is above USD 25.

You can dropship from a wide variety of products in the categories: gifts, fantasy, spiritual, health and fitness, physical well-being, relaxation, and natural remedies.

Other than that, they have exceptional customer support service and a flexible return policy for its customers.

Use Product Discovery Tools to Dropship on your Vitamins Shopify store

As a dropshipper, you have two options ahead of you. You can either choose some permanent supplements or vitamins suppliers for your e-commerce store or only source the trending products in the market.

However, finding those wow-factor products with enough potential to make you instant sales is a little tricky.

This is where product research tools come in handy.

SellTheTrend is one an AI based dropshipping platform to help you find $1000/day winning products within seconds. It is much more than just a product research tool. From Facebook/Instagram marketing to spying on your competitors to creating engaging video ads, it has everything you need to start dropshipping effectively.

Some other popular product research tools are:

Though using product research platforms is a good start for newbies. It is recommended to conduct a thorough manual research to find trending products in your niche.

Here is our definitive guide to finding trending products to sell online.

Overall, vitamins/supplements have great potential in dropshipping business. The best part is, your customers will keep getting back to your store (if they’re satisfied) once they run out of their supplements.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply and I’ll be more than happy to assist.