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How Do I Find Trending Items On AliExpress?

How Do I Find Trending Items On AliExpress

Trending products can be found by using the right kind of research and tools. One of the best methods is getting an app that will show you trending product on Aliexpress like the Sell The Trend app. If you are on a tight budget, you can also use Aliexpress’s own Drosphipping center to locate trending products. It’s more time consuming but it works.

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These are some of the tools and research methods you should definitely try:

AliExpress Best Sellers

AliExpress itself features three useful tools for dropshippers through their Dropshipping Center. They give you suggestions based on your browsing history in their Hot DS Products tab. It has a list of AliExpress dropshipping products that are selling well.

Sort the 250 pages of hot dropshipping products to find AliExpress bestsellers in your niche. You could also gauge the sales trend for a certain product through the Product Analysis tab.

Google Trends

This is one of the most popular apps to find the best products for AliExpress dropshipping. You can find out what’s trending in the world right now just by browsing their Featured Insights. Type in the keywords and search for a particular niche to find out if the same is trending upwards.

Google Trends shows you patterns from over the years as it has data even dating back to 2004. These patterns could tell you a lot when it comes to trends. For example, the product could be a seasonal trend if you see a cyclical pattern, peaking and dipping around the same time every year.

Find out trending products, and add them to your store. If the trends are soaring up, you definitely know that it’s got to be one among the Aliexpress bestsellers. Sometimes, over a small time frame, the product trends may seem flat.

But it’s always wise to look at the bigger picture, get the historical data, and look at it from the past 5 years, or from 2004. Then you know if it’s clearly trending or not.

Sell The Trend

The popular trending product discovery website knows all about the latest trending products. This is a must app if you are starting out in eCommerce or if you are a season pro. Besides access to thousands of trending aliexpress products, you can add products to your store with a single click.

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If you utilize these tools the right way, you’re sure to find great products that sell like hotcakes.