9 Proven Tips and Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

The financial success of your dropshipping business heavily depends on the products you offer to sell on your store. A good product strategy does not only boost your store performance but also raises your e-commerce business on a new height.

In order to be successful in the dropshipping business, you need to ensure that the range of products you select and choose from AliExpress appeal to a wider base of audience. Your products must appeal to the relevant criteria of customers.

Adding trending or hot-selling products to your e-commerce store requires the right tools and a lot of research. The best way to add AliExpress hot products is to use an application/software that will give you the right analytics and data on AliExpress best products.

Using AliExpress’s own dropshipping center can be one option if you are on a tight budget and want to locate winning products but it is time-consuming.

However, there are some research methods and tools you can use to locate the right products to add to your Shopify dropshipping store:

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AliExpress Best Sellers

AliExpress owns a standalone dropshipping center for all the dropshippers who want to locate winning products with a tight budget. The center consists of 3 useful research tools. It shows you a list of products that are trending or are selling well. 

It also helps you to analyze the winning products before you add them to your store. Other than that, it helps you locate new AliExpress suppliers that you might have never found on other apps. The biggest pro of using AliExpress Dropshipping Center is that it is free. Even if you are not a drop shipper, you can access this tool.

This tool also goes by the name AliExpress Booster Program. AliExpress ensures that the tool works smoothly for the drop shippers by updating it on a frequent basis. With the late update of the tool, they managed to redesign the whole center. Now, it has more features and tool, itself looks more accessible.

Let’s explore all three search options of AliExpress. 

  • Hot Selling
  • Search by Image
  • Sponsored Products

Let’s search a simple term “fitness” and see what AliExpress Dropshipping Center has for us. 

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

The AliExpress best sellers feature in their Dropshipping center has 3 tools. AliExpress research tool allows you to locate winning/trending products in each niche or category.

The other tool uses images to help you locate trending products. You can add an image on your search and the tool will search through all AliExpress products.

For example, if you add a picture of a Metal Pendulam, you will get results like this:

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

Lastly, comes the sponsored products tool. It helps you show the products of suppliers who have paid to be on the list.

As the name suggests, Sponsored Products section has all the products whose manufacturer or supplier paid AliExpress to be on the list. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best AliExpress best sellers research tools for AliExpress dropshipping. One look at their features insights and you can know everything about the winning products on AliExpress.

However, you can search for any niche manually as well. All you have to do is type the keyword relevant to the niche or category and see all the hot-selling products on the list.

One advantage of using this tool is that its research is based on selling and buying patterns. They have tons of data that even dates back to the year 2004. So, this app’s patterns tell a lot about the winning products you are trying to locate.

For your instance, the product could be trending on a cyclical pattern. This means that it only goes upward on the list during a particular season or a holiday.

Let’s see the trend of the keyword “Dropshipping” over the last 5 years. 

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

Other than that, you can also research a product’s trends. If the trends of a particular product are soaring up, you can assume that it is one of AliExpress best sellers. However, the trends might become flat. In this case, it is better to consider other winning products on the list.

Even though there are other apps better than Google Trends but it is better to go for a tool whose research is backed by historical data from the past 10 years.

Use a Product research Tool

You can automate the whole process of finding a trending products on AliExpress using a third-party dropshipping platform. There are many out there! But you must choose the one that does the job quickly. 

Sell The Trend is an all-in-one dropshipping platform intended to help you make your first sale. It offers much more than just product research tools. From order fulfillment to competitor analysis to analyzing the ad copies on social media of the product you select – you can rely on Sell The Trend completely. 

The question is, “How convenient is it to find AliExpress products on Sell The Trend?”. 

Sell The Trend’s product research is not only focused on AliExpress, but as you will see it has sections dedicated to Aliexpress. Their NEXUS product research is an AI Based tool that filters out the hot and trending products on the market – products that are available on AliExpress too. 

Moreover, they also have an AliExpress explorer. Here is how it looks.

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress 

You can locate the product on AliExpress with one click or add it to your favorites right on Sell The Trend. Later, Sell The Trend allows you to add the product to your Shopify store. 

Sell The Trend offers a 7-day free trial too!

Filter your AliExpress Search results

If you are a novice dropshipper and new to the e-commerce business, you must be selling products relevant to one category or niche. The majority of the winning products are from various categories.

With a little in-depth research, you can locate hot-selling AliExpress products in the niche you deal in. 

The easiest way to do that is to head to the category or subcategories most relevant to your niche. If you still do not find promising results, you can use a targeted keyword as an alternative to this method.

Millions of products will pop up on the AliExpress product page. However, you can further narrow down the search result using the filter option.

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

Searching without a filter on is pretty time-consuming. To find the trending products on AliExpress, turn on the ‘order’ filter. Do not search for ‘Best Match’ because then, you would be looking at the product listings with the highest sales.

One bonus tip that’s noteworthy is that cheap products have the highest number of orders. If your utmost goal is financial success, you can even set the price parameter or the price filter to see cheap trending products.

Here are several note-worthy filters that you can use while searching:

  • Free shipping
  • Country
  • 4 Star or above rating 

Have a look at the top Shopify Stores

Snooping through top e-commerce merchants’ stores can be very beneficial when locating trending products. But is there an easy way to do that? Of course, there is!

  • Go to MyIP.ms and go to its worldwide websites database 9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress
  • You will the ‘IP owner or hosting’ filter. Add the title, ‘Shopify, Inc’. After that, you will be able to see a list of popular Shopify stores on the web9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress
  • You can click on any store name to get directed to its official website. If you wish to see the best-selling products of this store, just add ‘/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling’ at the end of the store’s domain name9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

If you find a store similar to yours, you can check out all the trending products and add to your store through AliExpress

Find all the products that people are talking about on the internet

Influencers and bloggers are present on every social media network. Most of them promote trending products on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can take this factor into your favor and stay on top of winning products. 

All you have to do is search for your e-commerce niche or category on Instagram and Pinterest. Influencers and bloggers use hashtags which will lead you to images of the top trending products.

Other than that, you can visit review sites and check out fresh product reviews.

Following influencers and visiting review sites frequently are two great ways to explore the styles and choices of a wider audience base.

Once you know what the influencers and their followers currently love, you can head back to AliExpress and add similar products to your store. 

Products that get a lot of exposure from social media influencers are among the AliExpress best sellers.

Invest your time in keyword research 

People search for product reviews all the time. How often a particular product is searched says a lot about its popularity. If you have eyes on a potential AliExpress product, use tools like UberSuggest and Keyword Planner to see if the product is worth adding to the store or not.

Focus on the product’s demand on popular e-commerce sites. Investing your time on Amazon Keyword research is a good idea. If millions of people have typed that product’s name on Amazon’s search bar, it means that the product has a high demand. Using Amazon Keyword research is beneficial even if you add products from AliExpress.

Other than that, use keyword research tools like SellerApp and Sonar. Both of these apps are free to use. However, they provide limited keyword search on trial. KeywordTool.io lets you search unlimited keywords for eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress.

The majority of keyword research tools show variations in keywords. This could heavily influence your search for trending AliExpress products. So, research properly before choosing to add the products in your store’s inventory.

 For instance, if you want a ring pendant for your store, you could consider using the keyword, ‘ring pendant gold plated’ after seeing the search volumes.

Find products that have a high demand on eBay 

Watch Count is a handy tool that helps you to locate winning products on eBay. Even if you are not dropshipping through eBay, locating trending products using Watch count is a bonus point. If the demand is high on eBay, its most probably high on other platforms too.

Watch count basically tells you about the number of people who have added an item to their watch list. If a particular product is on thousands of watch lists, it means that it is in-demand and could be a winning product on other platforms as well.

We got these results against the keyword “fitness” on Watch Count. 

9 Proven Tips & Tricks to Find Trending Items on AliExpress

You can also search the product using a specific keyword. Alternatively, if you have a product in mind from AliExpress, enter its URL from eBay and see how many people have saved it to their watch lists.

You can also use the country filter to see trending products in your local market. Using Watch count and eBay to research for a product is an effective way to sell winning products. 

Check the criteria to look for AliExpress best sellers

Browsing the filtered results of winning products is an effective trick to find something suitable for your store as you have sorted them out by the number of orders. Most of the products shown to you have commercial appeal and are good enough to be added to your store.

However, there’s a certain criterion that you must adhere to while going through product listings. Some of the factors to consider while looking for listings are:

  • Positive customer reviews- the feedback can be imported to your online store
  • AliExpress sellers with a good response rate and selling history
  • Compelling and interactive product pictures
  • Detailed specifications and description of the product
  • ePacket shipping- this service is faster and often comes with a choice to track information about product shipping

Even though this point seems irrelevant but following the criterion is going to benefit you later on when you would be selling the products on your store and providing customer support.

Closing thoughts 

There’s no sure way to know which items on AliExpress will fly off the shelves. A lot of things influence your sales, including your e-commerce product strategy and the store’s reputation. But following the above tricks and tips could help you know about the winning products on AliExpress that have commercial appeal.

It is not necessary to limit your product research on AliExpress only. There are other e-commerce sites to help you gather information about winning products for your Shopify store.

If you have a gut feeling about a product on AliExpress, checking its data, trends, and analytics through these tips could help you unleash the true potential of your choice.