What to Sell During COVID-19?

What to Sell During COVID-19?

While most entrepreneurs are fumbling during these trying times, if you’re the owner of an eCommerce business, your focus should be on finding the right items to sell during the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your business and get a lead-in. 

If you’ve been facing some problems with your business and had no idea of what trending products to sell when things were normal, this might be the time for you to get it right. 

Let’s get a look at the trending products 2020 so that you can help people in these trying times. You can do so by making sure the items they need are safely delivered to their house without them having to go out. This is beneficial for everyone, especially you. 

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1. Kitchen Essentials

It is no longer an option for people to eat at their favorite restaurants, nor can they order food online. Restaurants are closed in most countries, and a lot of people don’t feel safe about ordering from a restaurant right now anyway. 

The effect can be seen in how much more popular cooking videos on Youtube have become. People no longer have access to ready-made delicious food, so they have taken to making some themselves. 

Is it any surprise that fancy kitchen utensils, oil dispensers, tongs, etc. are the hot items right now?

People are also confined to their homes, so they have time to bake, which they couldn’t do previously. A lot of them have taken to making pastries at midnight. Moreover, utensils like dough roller, cake decorating sets, and similar items are getting quite the reception. 

What to Sell During COVID-19?

2. Fitness Equipment And Clothing

For people who are fitness freaks, not being able to go outside for jogging or to go to their local gym has been a bit of a torture. Especially considering how some people workout to destress, in a time where everyone is constantly anxious, not being able to keep their body busy with something is only taking more of a toll on people. 

Even the people who don’t enjoy working out and can’t concentrate enough to do Yoga, are taking interest in fitness. After all, if you are stuck inside your house long enough, everything starts to look appealing. Plus, for people who don’t usually work out, they would usually get some exercise from going outside for work or school regularly. Right now, since that is an impossibility, they have to be a little careful with their fitness. 

Among the trending products to sell, yoga sets, leggings, spike mat, rubber bands, resistance bands, pull ropes, etc. might be the things you want to stock up. You can’t exactly sell large gym equipment around this time, and it’s unlikely that all your customers necessarily have the place or money for professional products. Instead, it’s better to focus on simple products that they can use for some regular exercises. 

What to Sell During COVID-19?

3. Gaming Accessories

Most countries that are following the quarantine procedure have shut down schools and colleges. Most teenagers and young adults have no idea what to do with their time beyond the regular online classes and assignments. They can no longer stop by at their friend’s place or spend a leisure evening at one of their favorite hangout spots. 

The kids are stuck at home, and they are antsy all the time. Fortunately, video games exist, and it’s the one thing that can keep them interested for hours, enough to make them forget the need for food and shower, sometimes. Video games also allow them to chat with their friends online while they’re in the middle of attacking each other virtually. 

So, among the trending products 2020, you can most certainly add PlayStation, joystick, Consoles, and Switches to your list.

What to Sell During COVID-19? 

4. Furniture

While teenagers are struggling for ways to pass their time, some adults are stuck with jobs that require them to sit straight in front of a computer for hours. The freelancers and people whose new job allows them to work remotely have found themselves in a simple dilemma. They weren’t prepared with the best furniture that would allow them to get through the quarantine period without severe back pain. 

For previous office workers, they didn’t really have furniture that was optimized for work from home conditions. while freelancers might be in need of better furniture after using the previous ones for too long. 

It is easy to see why this might be the perfect time for you to stock up on your office furniture collection. 

Swiveling office chairs and laptop tables is possibly what a large percentage of your client base wants. Some may have a preference for bed tables, which would allow them to sit in the cozy comfort of their bed while they have conference calls. 

5. Toys

Of course, we can’t forget the kindergartners and slightly older kids. It can be even harder for adults to keep their children occupied then themselves. While toys are usually popular year-round, you will notice the surge is greater than ever as adults are looking for toys that keep their kids engaged mentally and physically. 

Try to stock up on both fun toys such as playmat and water cushions as well as educational toys such as the ones focused on STEM learning. 

What to Sell During COVID-19?

Final Thoughts

As an e-commerce business owner, you don’t even have to worry about arranging for the shipping yourself if you are into the dropship business. You can employ the use of services such as AliExpress to ensure your customers receive their package on time, even with how messy shipping logistics have become. 

Along with it, sites such as Shopify are a great way to find products you want to keep in stock. You can also find millions of winning products on Sell The Trend for your ecommerce dropshipping business. 

Yes, this is overall a really bad year, and you are as anxious just like the rest of us, but even you will be getting something to do by focusing on your e-commerce business probably. You will also be providing great help to lots of people, so get started right now!