How To Build Your E-Commerce Email List?

How To Build Your E-Commerce Email List?

Email marketing is an easy, low cost, and highly efficient way to deliver your marketing message to your current and potential customers. But building an e-commerce email list requires certain steps that will help you to expand your reach. 

Although it is not always necessary to place too much emphasis on your e-commerce website’s overall conversion rate, you probably want to spend a bit of time on your first time visitors as they are the ones requiring the most convincing to purchase from your dropshipping business

As per some reports, a business can earn up to $44 for every dollar spent on email marketing. And it goes without saying that convincing someone to give you their email address in their first visit to your dropshipping business site is much easier than convincing them to make a purchase. Since email marketing is essential, we have compiled some ideas which will help you in building your email list. But before that, you need to know what an effective email marketing starts with. 

An effective email marketing list should have – 

Quality – You must focus on getting real information from people. Do not make the mistake of buying email lists. 

Relevance – Go for people who are genuinely interested in your product. 

Quantity – Once you have the target audience and quality list, you can focus on increasing the volume. 

Way To Build Your Email List 

Pop-Up Offer to Homepage 

The first way to create an email list for your dropshipping store is to have pop-up offers. You don’t want your customer to wait or expect discounts, but one point where discounts are beneficial is when a visitor is opting out of your site. Here, email pop-ups can help you save a potential sale. Various tests show that if the right offer is made to the right audience, email pop-ups can be really helpful.

To begin, you can trial run an exit intent pop-up on your dropshipping store, which will show only if the visitor moves their mouse off the page. You can get too many email sign-ups through this. 

‘Join the Club’ Invitation 

You can offer your customers a birthday or anniversary club which can be enrolled in by providing an email address. You can then reward your customers with a special offer or a discount coupon for signing up. 

Make Use of a Sign-Up Button on Social Media Channels 

People follow various brands on social media for multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons is to know about the new products. Since your email list can also support this reason, it makes sense to highlight it on your social media channels. 

Utilize Your Next Pop-Up Event to Collect Email Addresses

One of the best ways for emerging dropshipping businesses to create brand awareness is to have a temporary pop-up and pop-in shop. Pop-up stores and events are an excellent way to get product feedback and give customers a hands-on experience of your products. But it is also a smart way to build your email list. 

You can ask people to write down their name and email address or, not to make it look deliberate, you can provide an iPad in which people can submit their feedback and email address. 

Build Your Blog

Another way to build an email list for your dropshipping business is to create your blog. It is a great way to build a personal relationship with customers and prospects and gathering their email addresses.

You can end your blogs with a call to action that encourages readers to sign up for email messages. Blog visitors can be required to provide their email to leave comments. 

Create a Questionnaire

With the help of Google Forms or Typeform, you can create a survey to engage with your target audience. The questionnaire designed can be used for market research and can include a field to collect email addresses. 

You can send this form to your friends and family, post it in Facebook groups, mention it on your social media handles, and include special offers for people who fill it. For instance, you could say, “upon filling the questionnaire, you will be rewarded with an exclusive code for 10% off on your first online purchase.’’ 

Hold Contests and Giveaways 

Contests and giveaways are a great way to accelerate list growth and turn the act of signing up into a shareable event. The advantage that comes along with contests and giveaways is especially helpful in the early days when the list of subscribers is small, and you don’t have enough traffic for your dropshipping website. 

To multiply the advantages of this strategy, you can partner with some other e-commerce brand which caters to similar customers — having the right partner will result in your products complementing each other, making the offer more compelling. 

Another option is to look for influencers or bloggers who are already reaching your target audience. Since influencers often indulge in giveaways, you can give your products for the same to kickstart your giveaway campaign. 

Offer Subscribe-Only Access

Everyone likes the special treatment. You can offer your email subscribers something only they can get. It can be a special discount, access to a video, e-book, or another piece of useful information. You can promote the availability of this exclusive access to get more and more sign-ups. 

While there are several ways to promote your dropshipping business online, one-on-one conversations with your customers are only possible through only through one channel – Email Marketing. Since most dropshipping businesses start small, it becomes extremely important to acquire and retain customers. Email marketing will help you to target specific customer segments and will offer increased traffic and sales. Email reminders can be a blessing to your customers if they contain the right information and are sent at a proper time. Moreover, email marketing is affordable, and the ongoing maintenance cost is minimal as compared to the return that it fetches. 

With the above-mentioned way, you will be able to build your email list easily and take your dropshipping business to a greater level in a short span of time. Just put in some effort, and you will see the results for yourself.