10 Best Free Dropshipping Apps for your Shopify Store

10 Best Free Dropshipping Apps for your Shopify Store

As a dropshipping business owner, importing inventory for your store is one of the biggest and most complicated tasks for the process. For the new entrepreneurs starting a business through dropshipping is the best and lowest risk, yet a profit-earning way. 

To help you start an inventory for this dropshipping business, we have enlisted ten best free Shopify dropshipping apps. 

These applications can extend the functionality of your Shopify store by adding features like adding customer reviews, improving email marketing, publishing your products on Facebook, or getting an in-depth analysis of your sales.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best Shopify dropshipping applications.

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  • Oberlo

If you are looking for a new or a smaller scale business idea or in need of a product to sell, this application can help you as a supplier.

With Oberlo, you choose from marketplace of different products and can add those products directly into your Shopify store. 

When you receive an order, you can ship it with the help of a dropshipping supplier via Oberlo, and they will ship the product directly to the buyer.

Once you are relying on this application, you don’t need to worry about any of the other procedures like packaging and shipping of a product.

Apps like Sell The Trend help you find millions of Winning Products. 

  • Kit

Let’s say that you’re done with setting up your store and designing an inventory for it. What’s the next step?

You need customers to buy these products, and for this, you need to increase the traffic coming towards your website.

How? Simple. You need to be an expert in digital marketing for doing this.

But now you might be thinking what if you’re not good with digital marketing? Well, that’s what Kit is here for.

The kit will help you in running your Facebook advertisements, email marketing campaigns, and to get performance updates.

The artificial intelligence technology used in Kit will help you find target potential customers for your store on social media and send them targeted messaging and offers.

It is your virtual assistant, and even though you are asleep, it’ll keep working.

  • Free Shipping Bar

If you are a customer like me, I’m pretty sure you also get intrigued when someone shows you that you’re getting free shipping over some product and me, and you are not the only people who feel that way.

According to a study published by Accent, 88% of people will visit your website if they are promised free shipping.

Another study shows that nearly 50% of people abandon their cart if they are hit with unexpected expenses like shipping charges.

Free shipping bar will allow you to display your free shipping offer in the slide-out the bar. It will also display some progressive messages which will encourage shoppers to reach out to your website.

  • Printful

The print-on-demand industry has been growing exponentially since the past few years and is expected to grow at the same rate for the next few years as well.

It is one of the most trending industries, and that’s when Printful comes into the picture.

By interacting Printful to your Shopify store, you can create on-demand printed stuff like t-shirts, mugs, posters, and many more.

The order made on Printful will be directly forwarded to their website and will be shipped to the customer on your behalf.

There are no minimum order or upfront fees required, so services like Printful are a great way to get started quickly.

  • Improved Contact Form

Your Contact us page on the Shopify store is one of the ways your customers interact with you, give you feedback and ask you questions.

Improved contact forms will allow your Dropshipping business website to have a pop-up contact form.

This form is accessible from any page so the customers won’t have to navigate to any other page for searching for a contact form.

The forms will give you insights about the navigation of that particular customer on your website and about the page that was viewed before contacting you. 

You can use these insights for your conversion rate optimization(CRO) strategy. 

  • Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation tool that will sync with your Shopify store. 

With Klaviyo automated email sequences that can be built, you can also create campaigns based on the buying behavior of the customer, and you can also get overall customer feed for your data strategy.

It’s free for sending mail to up to 200 subscribers and 500 emails. 

It’s the best application for stores that have just started with the dropshipping business and are trying to build their email list.

  • Digital Downloads

The digital download app is one of the best Shopify applications. 

This easy to interact application allows the user to make digital products available for the customers in the store. 

These products consist of songs, movies, e-books, etc. Customers get access to the product instantly after buying it and are automatically forwarded to the customers.

  • PushOwl

According to statistics, more than 68% of people leave the cart unattended after putting a few products in it. 

If your site has good traffic, but your conversion rates are meager, this might be the cause of it, and you’re not the only drop shipper suffering it.

PushOwl uses push notifications to remind customers of the cart they left unattended and brings their attention back to it. It’ll also help you to re-engage the visitors to your website.

  • Compass

There are many analytics and data points you need to keep track of while you are in the dropshipping business.

This application will help you analyze 30 of these e-commerce metrics through which you can judge the performance of your store.

It’ll then benchmark your analytics against your competition so that you can see how you stack up. 

Compass will also give you recommendations on how to improve your statistics further again.

  • Infinite Options

The customers are all about customizations nowadays. You need to be able to provide them with products that they can customize according to their preferences.

Infinite options give a chance to customers to be a part of that whole process. They allow shoppers to customize their orders by adding text, symbols, numbers, and other design options to their purchase.

You can sell monogrammed, engraved, and custom printed items, giving buyers an part in the process of designing the goods they are ordering.

To know more about Shopify applications, click here.

There are many more applications available on the store which you can go to and check out. Always make sure of the functionalities you’re going to need and then accordingly add features to your store.