Tips and Best Practices for Dropshipping During Coronavirus

Tips and Best Practices for Dropshipping During Coronavirus

Coronavirus is affecting the operations of business worldwide, but what does this mean for dropshippers and our Members?  As with most businesses there are challenges along the way and though things are beginning to look up for both dropshippers and their suppliers this is not the time to be complacent.  The following are some tips and best practices you can follow during this time.

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Communicate with your customers

This is key during normal time, but even more important now.  Let them know that shipping might take a little bit longer than expected, but most likely will arrive in normal time.  Everyone is aware of the current situation so they will be understanding.  This can be placed on the product page, or as part of your Email auto-responders when someone places an order.  You are sending out Welcome emails to your new customer right? if not, there are some tips on how to do this below.    

Keep your head in the right place

Don’t take advantage of the situation by selling necessary items at crazy prices.  This type of practice is not allowed on ad platforms and is not good for the long term outlook of any business.

Promote the right way

Millions of people are now at home with nothing to do but go online and shop.  This is your chance to get in front of them with lower Facebook CPC and CPMs to be had as well.   Check out the NEXUS Explorer Trending and On The Rise pages for great ideas of which products to promote.  As the chart below shows, the right products are just exploding right now.   With more people having to stay home, this fitness device has seen a huge jump in sales.

Use USA Suppliers

Even though lots of Chinese factories and suppliers are already back in business, you can choose to use suppliers located in the USA.  In Sell The Trend, filter by has US Shipping in either the NEXUS or Aliexpress Explorers.

Supplier Due Diligence

Reach out to the suppliers and confirm their supply chain is in full operation.  This means that they are processing orders normally as well as confirm they are shipping from the USA if you selected that option on Sell The Trend.  This can be done by clicking on Visit link in the Push To Store Fulfillment Source section and then contacting the supplier by the contact link on the left hand side of the Aliexpress product page.


Work on your business

1. Branding

Work on your branding, logo, and look and feel of your store.  Can it be better? Is that product page up to snuff? check out how other dropshippers are setting up their product pages by going to the Push To Store Page and scroll through the different stores

Product Page Ideas from Push To Store Page 

2. Free Apps

look at some free apps that can add value to your store

10 free dropshipping apps for your store

3. Social Media Channels

Re-focus on your social media accounts.  Instagram and facebook are a huge driver of traffic and need time an attention as well.

How to do Instagram Marketing

4. Email Marketing

Work on your email funnels.  Installing free to start tools like klaviyo will help you create email chains that will keep bringing your customers back to your website on auto-pilot.  You can set up welcome emails as well as abandoned cart emails along with other important emails you should be automatically sending. 

 How to build your Email Marketing List

5. Website SEO

Work on your website SEO.  After all while paid advertisements are a great way for instant traffic, Building a solid SEO strategy will set you up well for the future.

Mastering SEO for Dropshipping Stores

What does this mean for our Members?

Well it’s business as usual, as you will not experience any interruption of the services you rely on.  We continue to provide the same world class product intelligence as well as all the dropshipping automation tools and order processing you have become accustomed to.  The NEXUS Trending Products tab is even more valuable now as you can easily see which products other stores are selling along with all the specific details about these product like Store countries and Facebook Targeting.

The NEXUS Trending Dropshipping Products

That’s all for now, please reach out to us using any of our support channels if you have any questions of concerns.  We are here for you and we will keep updating this post as new tips and information is available.

Stay safe and stay successful!