How Instagram Marketing Works?

How Instagram Marketing Works?

Instagram has become a revolution in the world of digital marketing for the past few years and all the credit goes to the statistics it offers.

There are more than 800 million monthly active users and more than 60 million photos posted each day and around 1.6 billion likes are given.

As a dropshipping business owner, social media, specifically Instagram, is the best platform you can get to showcase your brand and make it a familiar name.

But social media marketing is characterized by tough competition, making it one of the most complicated markets right now. There are going to be a million more accounts which are posting the same content as you are or selling the same dropshipping items as you are. Apps such as Sell The Trend help you find the latest Trending Items to add to your Social Media to really increase your chances of gaining a huge profit. 

How you can stand out in the competition?

Well, it’s not easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. So let’s get to the tips of how you can become an Instagram influencer.

  • Switch your profile to a Business profile

Before planning any strategy for your Instagram marketing, you need to switch your Instagram profile to Business profile.

This can be done by going to settings and clicking the “Switch to Business Profile” icon.

There are various benefits of having a business profile rather than a simple profile.

  • Followers can click on your contact button right from your Instagram page.
  • It allows you to create and post advertisements without using Facebook’s advertising tool.
  • You can get access to Instagram’s insights tool which will give you an overview of the reach of your post.
  • Lure people in by posting product teasers

Product teasers are exactly like movie teasers. You try to engage your audience by giving them a simple overview of the product.

These teasers can contain the dropshipping products on your website, the sales going on, or the offers you have.

Your efforts should intrigue users and convince them to click on your account and then your links.

  • Partner up with influencer for wider reach

The Instagram or social media influencer term refers to people who have a good following.

The followers of such influencers want to use the same products as they are using. They trust them.

That means you can increase the reach of your brand even before you gain a large following. 

Your existing customers might not be influencers but they can also use their reach to increase your following.

  • Come up with a unique brand hashtag

If you have been in the social media business for a long time, you know that hashtags are the only way to create instant engagement of customers. 

So, creating a unique hashtag which belongs to your company or brand will help you see how many people are engaging with your brand.

It’ll also help you in watching whether people are posting about your product on their feed and will allow you to repost that feed if you want.

A few examples of such hashtags are #itgivesyouwings by RedBull and #shareacoke by Coca-Cola.

  • Create a Post schedule

You need to create a schedule for when you are going to post the feed, as well as stories.

You have to be consistent when it comes to the frequency of posting.

You can go with 2 posts a day which will help you determine when and how your users are reacting to the post. 

To become an Instagram influencer you need to be very active. Posting every day on your dropshipping social media site is important. It’ll give your business exposure and will help to increase your conversion rates.