How to Find Trending Products to Sell Online

Finding Trending Products to Sell Online

This is a sister article to a more expansive article about finding trending products. If you are an eCommerce store owner, and you are struggling to get traffic or turn your visitors into buying customers, we will show you some proven and tested methods you can use to increase the popularity of your store. One of the best ways to boost the revenue of your business is to add a good selection of the best trending products to sell online. These products sell like hotcakes and can bring you higher profits.

In order to find products which are trending, you need to conduct some solid market research. When you are conducting market research, you should always focus on customer demand and think from the point of view of the customers. If you ignore customer feedback, it can cause you more harm than good.

For e.g. – While researching, you may find a product that sells really well. However, once you dig a little deeper, you may find that it has a lot of negative reviews or a high refund rate. It is not wise to choose such a product to sell.

Another thing you should consider is to choose a product that has a good sales volume but which also has a good ROI.

For e.g. – You should select a product which sells 20 times a day with $5 profit instead of selecting a product which sells 100 times a day with $1 profit. It is easier to keep track of your orders or issue refunds this way.

Here are some steps you can follow to find trending products to sell that will bring you money –

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1. Use Google Trends

use google trends to find products

Google Trends is one of the most popular tools to find out the popularity of a search term. Thus, you can also use it to figure whether a product is trending or not. In fact, you can use this free tool to find out detailed stats specific to your product line in which country it is most popular, whether it is popular all year round or is it seasonal and even compare the stats with similar products.

For e.g. – If you want to compare two similar products like ‘Batman action figure’ and ‘Spiderman action figure’, simply enter the two search terms. Then, compare the key stats like search volume, trendiness based on time and trendiness based on geographical regions.
More search volume is obviously better. A rising graph indicates that the product is trendy while a diminishing graph indicates that the popularity is decreasing. If the graph has various ups and downs, it indicates that the product is seasonal.

By knowing in which states or city the product is most popular in, you can decide how to source your product, known in which region your target customers lie and where to spend your advertising budget.

If you already have a list of products, you can use Google Trends to verify their trendiness

2. Browse social media platforms

browse social media to find trending products

Browsing social media platforms is an amazing way to find out what is trending. If you know how and where to research, you can get your hands-on valuable metrics and data to come up with awesome product ideas.

You can use the following social media platforms to gather data and find ideas for the best dropshipping products.

  • Pinterest Pinterest is an amazing platform to find new product ideas. It has over 100 million active users and according to ‘Expanded Ramblings’, almost 80% of Pinterest users browse it to find something they want to purchase. Thus, you can browse the popular section of Pinterest to find products which are trending in your niche. Select products which have the greatest number of repins. You can even use it to a create content marketing strategy around your products.
  • Reddit Reddit is an awesome social forum to conduct product research and find trending products. All you have to do is find a subreddit that is in your niche and read what the subscribers are posting.

For e.g. – If you want to sell guitars, you can browse the subreddit r/Guitar to know what products are in demand. These subreddits are made of passionate product users and are very active. They will often voice their concerns about different products and even share which products they like or what kind of products they like to use the most.
You can even create a new thread on these forums to ask for some specific products and use that feedback to find new products to sell.

  • Facebook Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world and is undoubtedly a goldmine of information. You can use the Facebook trends search to find trending topics and sort them by groups or area too. You can also browse by keywords to find which posts have the greatest number of shares or likes.

Another great way to find what people in your niche are considering to buy is to join groups which are related to your niche.

If you run advertising campaigns on Facebook, you can also use that date to find out more information about your target market like age groups, region, buying behavior, etc.

  • Instagram Instagram has over 400 million active users and is also a great way to do product research. You can search using ‘hashtags’ like #getfit ##weightloss to find the most trending posts. Browse the comments to learn what people are saying and sometimes you will find some great product ideas.

3. Browse consumer marketplaces

Browse consumer marketplaces

You can easily create a huge list of trending product just by browsing through consumer marketplaces. This is because you can directly see which are the most popular or trending items in each category of niche without using any completed tools to spending money.
Here are some of the best consumer marketplaces you can browse to learn which are the best-selling products online –

  • AmazonAmazon is one of the best places to find trending product ideas as it is the largest consumer marketplace. Just browse the best seller’s section in each category or product line to find the most trending products. You can also filter products by ‘avg. customer reviews.
  • Alternative, you can also look at the Amazon Movers and Shakers to find the most trending products in the last 24 hours. Be sure to check Amazon marketplaces in different countries like Australia, Canada, India, etc. as well. This way you will know which products are trending in which country and know which country to target when selling your products.
  • eBay – Browsing eBay is a great way to find trending product data as it is the largest consumer auction site. You can browse the eBay popular section to find the most popular product categories.

Alternatively, you can use the eBay watch count tool to find which products people are watching the most.

  • Etsy Etsy is a platform where people sell unique and handmade items. You can check out the currently trending items or listing to find some great product ideas.
  • AliExpressAliExpress is a wholesale marketplace which is primarily focused on consumers. You can find some great product ideas by clicking on the AliExpress popular section.
  • Kickstarter Kickstarter is a great way to discover emerging trends as it is the largest crowdfunding site. Just browse the Kickstarter discover section and you can sort top products by category, popularity, funding, etc
  • Storenvy Storenvy is an eCommerce marketplace and platform where you can discover many trending products.

4. Look at product curation blogs and marketplaces

Look at product curation blogs and marketplaces

Browsing product curations blogs and marketplaces are a great way to find the most popular and trending items. If you don’t like browsing product review blogs, this is a great alternative.

  • Canopy Canopy curates the bestselling and top products from the Amazon marketplace.
  • curates the top and hand-selected items from AliExpress marketplace.

5. Check out trend publications

Check out trend publications

Checking out trend publications is one of the best ways to get some cool trending product ideas which you can sell online. Browsing trend publications will also help you to get an insight into consumer buying patterns.

Some of the best trend publications you can check out are as follows – Cool Hunting, Uber Cool, PSFK, The Cool Hunter, Trend Hunter, Trend Watching, and Springwise.

6. Explore product review blogs

Explore product review blogs

Exploring product review blogs are a great way to find what’s trending as they are dedicated to showcasing the coolest and most exciting products in the market.

Some of the top product review blogs are AcquireMag, Uncrate, Werd, Bless This Stuff, Gear Moose, Firebox, Gear Patrol, Cool Material, and HiConsumption.

7. Browse B2B marketplaces

Browsing business to business marketplaces is not only a great way to find the best dropshipping products but also allows you to connect with wholesale suppliers. All you have to do is browse the trending section of these marketplaces.

Some of the biggest B2B marketplaces are Alibaba, Global Sources, TradeKey, IndiaMart, and Made-in-China.

8. Get a product discovery app

Get a product discovery app

Now if you really don’t want to do all the leg work yourself you can always invest in a dropshipping software that can show you trending products that are sourced by many of the methods discussed in this article. Sell The Trend is a such a software; so give it a try as you might like the time, money and effort it will save you while hunting that perfect money making product to add to your store.


Being successful in the dropshipping business depends on your ability to find trending faster than your competition. This way, you can ride the wave and make lots of money before the market becomes saturated. Thus, you must hone your market research skills to get ahead of the pack and keep your business running. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Simply use the suggestions given above and you will be on your way to finding trending products to sell online.