What Products are Trending?

What Products are Trending?

The top trending products in 2019 are within the following categories: 

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Kids & Baby
  • Women’s Fashion

If your dropshipping niche is one or more of the above categories, then you’re in luck. Below, I’ve shared a list of the hottest selling products in each category, and the best suppliers to buy them from.

Before we get to the list, do you know why finding trending products is essential? As a new or veteran business owner, you probably have your vision and ideas of what you want for your brand. So why should you be concerned about the trends being set by others? Well, here’s why.

Why Knowing What Products are Trending is Important

1. It’s easy, cost-effective research 

How do you decide what products go on your store’s catalog and what products do not make the cut? One option is to try at everything, waste time and ad money promoting all types of products, and hoping something sticks. Another method is to find out what products are already a success in the market and add them to your dropshipping store. By researching trends, you can save your business a ton of resources. The information you need to run a successful dropshipping store is available. It’s up to you to use it.

2. It tells you if you’re on the right track

Sometimes, trends can serve as a double-check for your own products and marketing efforts. If you’ve come up with an idea that’s still shaky, look at the market. How are they responding to that category? Do they use similar products? Do they use other products to solve that problem? Are they searching for solutions or related products? Google Trends is one of the best tools for this type of research. It shows you the number of search engine users who are looking for a particular product. In this case, you may not be looking to copy a trend, but to confirm the potential interest of your target buyers.

3. Trends from your competition teach you about target customers

Looking at your competition is an easy way to learn about the target customer. From their successes and failures, you can see which products genuinely appeal to your target customers. Instead of seeing your competition as the opposition, see them as market research. The trends they win or fail at could help you avoid losing money.

Top Trending Products in Each Category

Now that you understand the importance of trends, here are the top products to check out in each trending category.

Consumer Electronics

Jewelry & Accessories

Health & Beauty

Kids & Baby

Women’s Fashion


Explore the categories above to find the newest trendy products for your dropshipping store. Interested in more options?

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