How Do I Find Trending Products?

How Do I Find Trending Products

Finding popular products does not require an additional budget or a host of employees, all you need is the right kind of research and tools like Sell The Trend A.I. Dropshipping Product Discovery App.   Nevertheless, adding trending products to sell surely drives web hits, boosts revenue and cash in on all the targeted traffic.

To succeed in eCommerce, a simple marketing plan is not enough. You need to find trending products to increase your sales, marketing skills and the drive to succeed. With the winner’s mindset, you constantly learn, research and prepare for success, but finding the trending products to sell can be challenging.

Let’s see the tools available to take your online business to the next level:

Social Media- Trends at Your Fingertips

Social media platforms give you a plethora of trending stats and help you spot hot-off-the-press and up-and-comers climbers. If you know exactly where to look, you get a valuable idea on what the consumers are after and why.

These are the valuable metrics for trending products in 2019 that you can expect from leading platforms:

Reddit Forums

Reddit, with its sub-forums, is the best place to conduct product research, find trending products and get niche market insights. The subreddits like ‘Buy It For Life’, ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ and ‘Find It On Amazon’ give first-hand feedback on trending products through their active communities and track consumer experiences. Create your own Ask Reddit or involve yourself in fact-finding conversations to know more about the trending products to sell.


67% of the 100 million active users on Pinterest are millennials. According to the latest Pinterest stats given on Expanded Ramblings, 79% of them use Pinterest to find products to buy. This is exactly why their trending section is highly valuable for businesses on the hunt for trending products 2019.

Find popular pins in your niche and get insights through the number of repins. These pins also help in product direction and creating content to boost sales.


Searching for hashtags on Instagram helps you find out what others in your market is posting, their engagements and consumer comments. With over 400 million active users, Instagram is a great and reliable way to analyze trends and find out trending products to sell.


With the 1.65 billion monthly Facebook users and successful Facebook campaigns, trends can be seen by searching #keywords. The latest, top and trending posts can be classified according to the area, age, and other factors. Additionally, you get more stats on what your consumers want and their regions if you plan on running your own advertisement campaigns.

Check Consumer Marketplaces

Online consumer marketplaces provide you with an array of invaluable market metrics for salable trending products 2019. From Etsy to Ebay, these provide direct access to hot, trending and selling products and millions of consumer behavior worldwide.

Let’s see how you can extract this data:


The most obvious place for trending product research is the largest internet retailer, Amazon. Get real-time access to their most popular products, classified according to sales, through Amazon Best Sellers. Another option is to check out Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list, which gives you trending products to sell and their highest sales rank in the last twenty-four hours.


The new consumer wholesale marketplace from Alibaba has an AliExpress popular page for key insights into trending products.


The host of sales data in Ebay can help you find high in demand and trending products 2019. This can be done by simply typing into the search bar and scrolling down the left section panel, which allows you to select the ‘Sold Items’ option.

This lets you gauge popular products, their units sold and ideal selling prices. Ebay can also be used as a tester before selling your actual product by auctioning them off to get a clear market demand.

The online tools like eBay Watch /count or Tarapeak further simplify market research. Tarapeak collects all data from eBay listings and converts it to useful and easy metrics, while eBay Watch Count gives you a count of the people watching a certain product.


The booming online marketplace for unique goods also has a popular products page which includes the trending products 2019. These help you in evaluating the trends of both online and offline sales of unique goods.


The largest crowdfunding website has a discover page for displaying their top-listed products filtered according to their fundings earned, popularity and staff picks.


Consider watching this marketplace and eCommerce platform exclusively for hot and trending products to sell and find out the market reactions.

Trend and Product Review Publications

For some of the best inside look into what customers buy, watch out for these product review sites and online trend-watchers. You can subscribe to their newsletters for getting the trending products 2019 straight into your inbox.

Product Review Sites

In addition to pointing out the latest trends, these sites offer feedback on how they perform in the market. Top sites include Werd and AcquireMag.


This online publication is entirely dedicated to trends and frequently offer trend reports on every field that you could imagine, ranging from innovation and technology to the future of retail.

Trend Hunter

This is a go-to website for budding entrepreneurs to hunt down novel product ideas. The trend community is highly active and the largest has 137,000 members. This makes it the perfect place to be aware of the trending products in 2019.

How to Verify a Trending Product

To ensure that you are on the right track and making the best choice for the money value, it is a good practice to verify the narrowed down list of your possible products. Google trends tool is the easiest and quickest to verify your when it comes to this purpose. It gives you a detailed search volume graph from 2014 to date and country-wise search volume of the trending products to sell. That is popularity over time and popularity over the region.

Never Miss the Product Test

Ask yourself a few basic questions once you have completed all the above-mentioned steps and arrived at some terrific trend-setters. This is to decide on whether to sell a particular trending product or not.

Is it easy to ship?

Ditch fragile products which may get a higher number of returns, thus, affecting your business.

Does your business model include carrying inventory?

If so, think about storage space before investing in it.

Does the product have a room for expansion?

It is ideal to choose products which can attract repeat customers and expand with industry related products and accessories.

Is it marketable?

Evaluate your marketing plan, the main source of traffic and ask yourself if these trending products to sell has SEO clout or if you could create blogs and social media content.

Time to Get Selling!

There you go. With this head start on finding the trending products in 2019, we hope you start rolling and boom your business revenue.