A definitive Guide to Branded Dropshipping

A definitive Guide to Branded Dropshipping

The need for branding cannot be overstated. Unique branding will help you stand out among the crowd of dropshippers. Not only will it help you stay in a healthy competition but will also have customers coming back for more. 

Branding is an important part of the dropshipping business, if not essential. If we talk about dropshipping and branding separately, many people think of these as synonyms. However, different people have different perspectives on branded dropshipping.

As a novice dropshipper, you must know about branding your dropshipping business. Thus, you need to know what it actually is, how does it work and how can you walk down the path of branded dropshipping?

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A Disclaimer

Before stating the importance of branded dropshipping, you must clear any misconception that you have about it. Most of the amateur dropshippers think of it as selling other brands’ items. dropshipping brands might give you a lot of profit alongside heavy traffic and customer-base but branded dropshipping is something else, to start with.

Apart from promoting and selling other brands on your dropshipping platform, it is important to learn to promote your brand in the process. Paying maximum attention and focus on promoting your brand will go a long way and earn your maximum profit in this line of work. 

What does ‘Brand’ mean?

Brand refers to your business identity. Some dropshippers confuse it as their identity and that’s where they face a backlash in their business. 

Technically, a brand is an impression that a seller or a company has on its customers. While brick and mortar stores create this impression using their on-spot services, online stores make an impression on their customers through compelling imagery, impressive copywriting, store design, and happy color palettes.

Imagine your store is a person looking for customers to sell a product. how would it run? How would it look like? How would it assist the customers? what would it say?

We are attracted to what we see and recognize. If you go into branded dropshipping, your store will get familiar with your customers. Hence, increasing sales. 

Why branded dropshipping matters?

If you are dropshipping with Shopify and Oberlo, branding is quite important. The main reason behind its utmost importance is that there’s always more than one dropshipper selling a particular product. 

However, branded dropshipping sets the best dropshippers apart from others.

A definitive guide to branded dropshipping- How to dropship brands

Shopify brand guidelines are complex. You cannot understand them fully until you test out branded dropshipping yourself. 

There are many ways that you can adopt for branded dropshipping. Here are some cool ways to start the branding on your Shopify store:

Deciding a niche for your store

Successful dropshippers start with one product or niche. The rule of branded dropshipping is to not sell many products as it affects how your brand will be recognized by your customers. Build a niche so that you can target a specific customer base.

For instance, you can sell as many products as you want as long as they all fall under the same niche. When it comes to branded dropshipping, it is not your actually your brand but the customers you attract. You need to sell products that are useful to your customers. They engage through the content you display for them. 

In addition to that, you can also post product-related content such as offers, memes, and general information to engage customers.

Branded dropshipping is not limited to the product you sell

If you are working towards building a branded Shopify dropshipping store, it is much more than a brand logo, typography, and impressive domain name.

The content you create and post to your Shopify store must relate to the customer’s lives. Make sure that your product solves your customers’ problems. If the customers will find relevant and engaging content on your store, they will keep coming back for more.

For instance, if you are dropshipping furniture, make sure to stay in touch with interior designers to inquire about the latest trends.

Research relevant influencers on social media platforms 

Find out about your customer base. We are not talking about stalking them, neither are we telling you to memorize their full names. Know what attracts them, what will engage them, what vibes them off, and what makes them happy shoppers.

With the help of hashtags, you can find the customer-base relevant to your niche and Shopify store. For instance, if your niche is men’s fashion, you can search the hashtags shearling jackets, teddy coats, winter leggings, denim jackets, and much more. 

You will find a lot of public accounts with hashtags relevant to your niche. For instance, if you find a post of someone looking for a denim jacket, you could easily reach out to him and make him a part of your customer base.

In addition to that, you can also find compelling content on Instagram! 

Search how your customers are through their cool yet compelling captions. For instance, if your audience likes to travel on a bike, they will love leather jackets. Similarly, if they are casual and confident, they’d like a denim jacket for daily wear. 

Use social media platforms to reach out to your potential customers

Make sure that you create and maintain social media pages of your Shopify store to promote your product and brand. Connecting with your customers, answering their questions, receiving feedback, and engaging with them are important aspects of marketing your brand. 

Tips to turn your Shopify Dropshipping store into a permanent brand 

Although, starting a dropshipping Shopify store is lucrative, given the current scenario, but if you wish to shape your store into a brand, it might take a little more effort. Here are some useful tips to transform your store into a lucrative brand: 

Reduce the delivery/shipping time 

When dropshipping brands, it takes about 12 days for an order to ship- 19 days including the order processing time. Through calculated guess, the order will reach the customer in 24 days. Customers are impatient about their orders. Delaying them for as long as 24 days is not good for your brand’s reputation.

To build a long-term brand name, your main goal should be reducing shipping time to 10 days. One way is to use an alternative to the AliExpress shipping service. 

Create an engaging dropshipping website

Branded dropshipping websites have various aesthetical features and are faster than ordinary websites. To fix your branded dropshipping website, you must gain inspiration from your competitors. A quick look at their websites is enough to fix your mistakes and make your website high-end and accessible 24/7. 

Some brand-conscious people take dropshipping websites as a scam. Make sure to present your store as a genuine one. The ads of your product on social media platforms should be compelling and attractive simultaneously. 

Focus on exceptional customer service

A customer unanswered is a customer lost. It is important to deal with customers’ queries, exchanges, and refunds as promptly as possible. If a customer wants a refund for some reason, do it for the sake of the brand’s reputation. Otherwise, you can convenience the customer politely to go for an exchange instead of a refund. 

The Takeaway 

Although there are many ways to build a brand, these tips will light the way for you to run a long-term brand. Before implementing these tips, choose a single philosophy to choose a niche, create an impressive logo and find the right customer base.