Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

A business platform, Statista reported that there were more than 224.4 million people in America having a cell phone. Since then, the mobile market is seen as one of the largest and lucrative markets. As the technology in smartphones increases, the prices automatically soar up high. 

Regardless of how old or new the phone is, it needs to be protected as it contains important data. The need to protect smartphones creates a lucrative market for cell phone cases. However, they are not as expensive as the phones themselves. They are affordable and can be shipped around the world easily.

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Dropship cell phone cases: How to build a business on cellphone accessories?

Dropship phone cases to build a business of your own. In our opinion, it is an affordable item and the first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Cellphone cases are here to stay- they are significant, affordable and have a global demand. 

If you are eager to build your own business on an affordable item, it is high time you consider to dropship cellphone accessories. 

Wage labor does not suffice to our growing needs. We all need to come up with something to earn besides passive income. However, when we talk about starting a business, many people startle as it requires a lot of investment and capital. But, to dropship cell phone cases is an easy set up that requires little to no capital. With time, it will pay off all of your upper expenses. 

Why is it good to dropship phone cases in 2021?

Let’s see why dropshipping cellphone accessories is going to be a promising and lucrative business for novice shippers: 

Firstly, as we told earlier, cellphone cases have a demanding market all over the world. everybody who has a phone wants it. Do not believe us? Look at the Google Trends:

Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

The popularity of cell phone accessories is pretty high, according to Google Trends. But you might be questioning the need to dropship cellphone accessories. Well, the truth is, everybody wants to protect their $1000+ phones. Secondly, the brick and mortar stores do not have an extensive range of cellphone covers. To them, it is not a lucrative item but for you, it can be!

If we visit brick and mortar stores, people face a lot of challenges such as: 

  • They find no cases of their phone models
  • People find the cases but the product range is extremely limited
  • The range of phone cases is good but they are highly-priced

Typically, cellphone cases do not cost a lot online. They are included in impulse purchases by the buyers. However, more than 1500 million cell phone cases are sold every year (Statista). Now, that’s a huge number of potential customers.

Now, let’s begin with how to dropship phone cases and make it a lucrative business:

How to Dropship cellphone accessories like a professional shipper?

After discussing the huge market for mobile cases, let’s see how to dropship phone cases effectively. Firstly, you need to choose the phone brands for which you are going to sell the cases. Popular choices are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, Oppo, etc. These brands have the largest number of sold items in the world. 

You will find a lot of potential customers as most of the population on earth owns a smartphone from one of the above-mentioned brands. If you are running an accessory store, it is still a good option to dropship cellphone accessories and make huge profits out of it.

What are the best choices to dropship cellphone cases?

Here are the top choices if you are looking to dropship phone cases:

Cases for iPhone

People who own Apple phones spend a lot protecting their phones. That is why selling cases for the iPhone is like stepping into a big yet lucrative market. Secondly, it is easier for you to set up an online iPhone cases store rather than investing in a brick and mortar case store. 

All you have to do is pick up a few in-demand models from Apple and bring in an extensive range of products to choose from. 

Although Apple offers protective cases for their phones they are expensive and not everyone out there can afford them. So, they come looking for affordable yet trendy iPhone cases online.

Most of the shippers put up iPhone cases replica as online shoppers are interested in cheap yet original-looking cases.

Cases for Samsung phones

Samsung is the largest mobile manufacturing brand in the world. There are millions of Samsung users in the world. So, it is wise to dropship phone cases for Samsung.

Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

Cases for Huawei phones

Huawei cellphones have been getting a lot of attention lately. They are strong, equipped with the latest technology and come with a lot of features. Other than that, most of the Huawei phone cases do not cost a lot as compared to Samsung and Apple phone cases. This is the reason why the most popular cases online are of Huawei!

Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

What are the best types of phone cases to dropship?

Here are some of the best types of phone cases to dropship:

Flip phone cases

Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

Flip cases protect the phone from the back as well as the front. They have an advantage over fitted cases. That is why they have more demand online as compared to other types of cases.

In addition to that, you can easily buy flip cases in bulk as they are one-size-fits-all and fit every other phone model perfectly.

Wallet Phone cases

Dropshipping Phone Cases in 2021

Wallet cases are similar to flip cases but with additional space for keeping credit cards, money, etc. Since women do not like to carry bags everywhere, you have a large buyer audience to attract.

The business model to dropship cellphone cases

It costs between $1 to $5 to buy a cell phone case. However, you can sell it for $20 to $35, depending on your store’s positioning, reputation, case’s quality, and its specifications. Cellphone cases give you large margin profits which will help you scale your new dropshipping business. 

Few tips to dropship cellphone cases

Here are some tips to get you started:

Look for sellers with e-packet shipping

Even though AliExpress offers free shipping for its sellers but, it can be slow at times. The shipment takes a lifetime to arrive, which negatively impacts your store’s reputation. Other than that, the shipping options are very limited when you use AliExpress delivery service.

Try to find suppliers who offer e-packet shipping. It is an affordable delivery service that allows a shipper to track the shipping coming from China.

Find top phone cases on AliExpress

At times, it can be overwhelming to add products to your stores as there are millions of them. However, if you want to add only the best phone cases, try searching ‘most ordered’ in the desired niche, which is phone accessories.

That will give you a general idea of what’s being sold more and loved by the customers.

Set the right price

Although phone cases are cheap, do not underprice your product. You want a considerable profit margin for other things such as shipment fees, marketing, ads, etc.

The takeaway

It is not necessary to dropship high-end products to build a lucrative business. You can dropship phone accessories and still make profits. Dropshipping phone cases is not only affordable but convenient as well. As long as you do not stuff your store with all the phone cases in the world, you are good to go.