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A Definitive Guide to Branded Dropshipping

A Definitive Guide to Branded Dropshipping

Branded dropshipping is one of the surest ways to build customer loyalty and succeed in business in a fiercely competitive eCommerce space. 

As the name suggests, branded dropshipping refers to the concept of giving your dropshipping business an identity your customers can easily recognize and relate with. 

Think about Adidas, Apple, and Nike – those brands don’t need any introduction, right? That’s because they have built a solid, recognizable brand over the years. 

Branded dropshipping can also mean selling products of recognizable brands in your store. 

As you might have guessed, branded dropshipping has a lot of benefits: better customer loyalty, more sales repeat purchases, etc. We will talk more about this in a bit. 

In this post, we will be digging a bit deeper to help you understand what branded dropshipping is all about. 

Additionally, we will share tips to help you brand your dropshipping business in the cheapest way possible. 

Let’s get into it!

What is Branded Dropshipping? 

To understand what branded dropshipping is about, it’s important to understand what a brand is. 

Put simply, a brand is the perceived identity of a business or a product. To put it in another context, branding is how consumers perceive and recognize a business or a product. 

To create this perceived identity, businesses often use a combination of logos, taglines, colors, imagery, etc. These visual cues are unique to them, allowing them to create a memorable brand. 

It then follows that branded dropshipping is the concept of giving your dropshipping business an identity. 

This can mean creating a logo, a tagline, or any other visual cue unique to your dropshipping business. 

Branding your dropshipping store will help make you look trustworthy and professional. It makes it easy to build a community of loyal customers. Best of all, branded dropshipping helps differentiate your store from the competition. 

Creating a memorable brand for your dropshipping store isn’t rocket science – and you don’t need to be a marketing guru to create one. We will show you how to go about it soon. 

Why is Branding Your Dropshipping Store Important?

To begin with, branding your dropshipping store makes it recognizable. It makes it easy for potential customers to trust your business and want to buy from you. 

If you thought we made that up, think again! Studies have shown that 81% of customers say they can only buy from a brand they trust. 

Another benefit of branding your dropshipping business is that it makes it easy for you to price your products higher and make more profits. When customers know they are buying from a trusted dropshipping store, they won’t mind paying higher. 

Additionally, branded dropshipping gives you the chance to beat your competitors and win more customers. 

There are still more benefits of branding your dropshipping store. Let’s look at some of them. 

Benefits of Branded Dropshipping

Better Customer Loyalty 

It’s easy to get so caught up in getting new customers that you forget your existing customers. That’s a costly mistake many dropshippers make – and one you should avoid. 


As studies have shown, it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. So, invest the time and energy to retain your existing customers.  

One easy and sure way to retain your customers is by giving them a reason to give you their loyalty. And there is no better way to go about that than by branding your dropshipping store.

Branded dropshpping stores tend to enjoy better customer trust and loyalty than regular stores. 

It Makes It Easy to Expand Your Dropshipping Business

At some point, you will want to expand your dropshipping business. This might mean spreading your business to more countries or adding additional products to your list. 

Branding your dropshipping store gives you a chance to expand your business with ease. The reason is that branding your business will naturally give your business a boost in brand awareness – and it is this awareness that you need to grow your business. 

Better Customer Satisfaction

When you know your brand reputation is at stake, you will go the extra mile to deliver quality products to your customers. This means better customer satisfaction and, in turn, lesser returns. 

That’s a double win for your business. 

Competitive Edge

If you haven’t seen a reason yet to put the effort to brand your store, gaining a competitive edge over your competitors is enough reason. 

Branding your store makes it difficult for a callous dropshipper to clone your store. It makes it easy for you to stand out and give your business the edge it needs to win customers. It makes your business unique and endearing. 

How to Brand Your Dropshipping Business

As we earlier said, you don’t need to be a marketing guru or a branding expert to brand your dropshipping business. In fact, you don’t even need years of dropshipping experience to do so. 

That being said, here are tips to effectively build a memorable brand around your dropshipping business. 

Tip 1: Niche Down

Unless you want to build the next Amazon or Aliexpress – which is improbable – by all means, avoid selling everything and anything. Doing so will make you look like a generalist. 

And people don’t take generalists seriously – they come off as jack-of-all-trade. 

What to do? 

Niche down!

By niching down, we mean finding a sub-segment in the market you are looking to target and focusing on it. 

For example, let’s say you want to dropship pet supplies products. Since there are several niches in this market, you will want to research and find which niche to target. 

By way of illustration, you can decide to pick the dog toys niche and double down on it. Or, you could choose to dropship veterinary products. 

Of course, these are just examples, but you get the idea. 

Not sure how to find a niche to focus on? Google Keyword Planner can help. To use, launch the keyword research tool and plug in a general keyword that relates to the market you want to target. “Pet supplies” for example. 

You will see a list of suggested related terms and their search volume. 

Cat toys, chew dog food, dog crate, etc., are some of them, and these are possible niches you can get into. 

Tip 2:  Determine Your Target Audience

After figuring out what to sell, the next step is determining who to sell to – your target audience. 


Determining your target audience has several benefits. Firstly, it will help to save you cost in marketing. When you know exactly who you want to sell to, you won’t waste money trying to market to people who will never buy from you. 

In addition to that, selling to the right people will help to boost your conversion rate. 

How do you find your target audience? 

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for that. You just have to try different approaches, and here are some.

  • Sneak up on your competitors to know the demographic of audience they are selling to.
  • Conduct a survey to find out what kind of product your visitors will like to buy
  • Dig into Google Analytics – you are sure to glean some helpful insights there.
  • Check your social handles to see who engages with your posts the more – they are potential customers. 

Tip 3: Give Your Dropshipping Business a Name

This is certainly a no-brainer. The first step to branding your business is picking a name for it. Keep it simple, sweet, and as short as possible – it will make it easier for your customers to remember. 

Tip 4: Create Your Branding Assets

The iconic half-eaten apple in Apple’s logo is one of the most memorable logos. It represents Apple’s identity and forms the core of its branding efforts. 

Like Apple, you also need a memorable logo to create a branded dropshipping store. It might not be as iconic as Apple’s, but it should be catchy and should encompass what your brand stands for. 

Your logo doesn’t have to be dramatic with lots of bells and whistles – keep it simple. In fact, the simpler the better. 

If your design skills aren’t good enough, you can always hire a designer to help out. 

In addition to a logo, you need to create other branding assets such as your store’s slogan/tagline, typography, color schemes, jingles, etc.

These assets should be consistent across your website, social media handles, marketing channels, etc. 

Tip 5: Find a Reputable Supplier 

If you are going to build a reputable brand for your dropshipping business, selling high-quality products is non-negotiable. 

On top of that, you need to ensure that the products get to your customers on time – this will require efficient and fast shipping. 

And since product quality and shipping are majorly dependent on your supplier, working with a reputable one is of uttermost importance. 

Not sure how to find a reputable supplier?

Run a test order to see the quality of their product and how fast they ship. 

Check reviews of other dropshippers to see what they are saying about a supplier. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Branding your dropshipping store has a lot of benefits – better customer loyalty, more profits, an upper edge over your competitors, and lots more. 

Thankfully, branding your store isn’t difficult – just follow the tips we’ve outlined here. 

In addition to branding your store, it is important to use the right tool to make the most out of your dropshipping business. 

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