10 Ways to drive Traffic to your eCommerce store?

10 Ways to drive Traffic to your eCommerce store?

It hasn’t been long since you started with the dropshipping business, and you have no idea how to drive traffic to your store. Everyone told you online business is easier, but no one prepared you for how hard it is to get customers to take note of your e-commerce store in the first place. Even if you owned a physical store first, the marketing strategy you employed back then wouldn’t work here.

The world of e-commerce is driven by excellent digital marketing. Hence, we have 10 ways by which you can add traffic to your store.

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1 . Right SEO Keywords

One of the main ways people add traffic to their website is by making sure it ranks high on Google and other search pages. If your eCommerce store also has a little blog section, you can create varied content surrounding your posts with optimal keyword use. As search engines rank your site based on keywords, among other things, if you have a strong keyword game on, it would be to your advantage. Your customers will find your site while looking for certain products. Don’t forget to use good keywords for the site title and tagline too.

2. Social Media Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, along with many other social sites, now allow you to promote your product or service. It’s good to make full use of those social media sites to get your eCommerce dropshipping business going. Try and make engaging posts that will garner attention. If you plug in the link to your product there, you are bound to have some clicks. Instagram also allows you to promote certain posts if you pay for them. You can make use of it if you have some funds to spare.

3. Giveaways

People love free gifts. If you give them the option of winning something for free and in return, they just have to like your social media page or sign up to your website email list, a good amount of people will. While you will have to give out a free product or service to a lucky winner, you will also gain a good amount of followers, more brand awareness, and brand recognition. Giveaways will also get friends recommending the competition to each other in hopes of winning.

All of this leads your eCommerce store to become known, driving more traffic to your site.

4. Reward System

Along with giveaways, the reward system is another good way to gain traffic. In this case, you ask people to tag each other, recommend them to sign up to your website using a code from a friend, sign up for email, etc. In return, you will add points to the user for getting each task done successfully. Once they have reached a certain point number, they get rewards. This reward could be something like getting free shipping on ordering only two items and such.

5. Email Marketing

So, you have managed to gather some traffic to your website by doing giveaways and rewards. You have some people on your email list, but they don’t seem to visit your eCommerce store much. Well, start using their email address. Send them exciting offers or email them about a product they might be interested in. You are constantly reminding them of your site, which will make them check it out and even buy something.

10 Ways to drive Traffic to your eCommerce store?

6. Optimization For Phones

Do you know you can sometimes deter potential customers because of the layout of your website? If a customer is trying to access the eCommerce store through their phone and finds it takes too long to load, they might give up easily. So, make sure to have a more accessible layout that mobile users will like. You will also have a better ranking on search results as search engines have started to consider whether a site is accessible by mobile or not to determine how high the rank on search results should be.

7. Surveys

Customers love expressing their opinion. Running polls and surveys will let your customers answer questions about your product and service honestly. You can also offer them a reward if they share the poll and surveys with their friends. This will help you understand which products are hot or are getting better reception. Afterward, you can share the results for full transparency. This friendly competition of polls and surveys will help drive more traffic to your site.

8. Power Words

Remember those blog posts you are creating? They are a great way to allow customers to know more about your product and your brand. How do you get customers to read those blog posts, though? Well, you make use of power words. Power words are well, powerful words that raise your customer’s curiosity and encourage them to take action. The wording will make customers want to know what is in your blog post, from where they will go to your website.

9. Influencers

The social media world is pretty much run by influencers. If a certain social media celeb says they like something, chances are, their follower will at least check out the product once. You can pay influencers to promote your product and your eCommerce store. Famous bloggers can create blog posts where they link products to your website, which will help drive traffic. Again, pingbacks to your website also help your online store rank better on searches.

10. Region Specific Promotion

First, check where most of the current traffic on your websites comes from. Once you find the popular regions, you can create campaigns surrounding them. Say, most traffic comes from the US. Well, you can make up posts talking about the best places to visit in the US. Maybe people from the US are looking for toys for their pets. Well, your posts should have pet toys and the US in the same sentence.

Final Thoughts

Driving traffic to your newly established dropshipping business isn’t easy. At first, you might have to try a number of strategies and then stick with those that seem to work the most. At one point, your website will be famous enough to grow on its own as long as you keep the quality of your products up.

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