How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Dropshipping Business?

How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Dropshipping Business?

You might think it’s not that important of a job to choose a dropshipping business domain name for your business. 

How could something like that possibly have any effect on your business when you have promotions on social media, customer service, choosing the perfect product and plenty of other things to worry about? Isn’t the key to success for all business promotion? Well, it is, and choosing a proper domain name is the first step towards it. 

You can’t exactly get your website up and running if it doesn’t have a domain and a domain name you can be proud of. 

We have prepared a mini-guide on how to choose a domain name of drop shipping business

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What Exactly Is A Domain Name?

To put it in simpler terms, a domain name is basically the part of your URL address for your website that’s visible. It is what you can use to put an identity on your website. 

You can actually put any kind of combination of words and make it your domain name unless it is already taken by someone else. However, a random combination of a name and number that doesn’t have much meaning to it isn’t going to call for trust from its visitors. People might think of it as a spam website and it can stop them from visiting. 

The domain name is divided into Top Level Domain and Second Level Domain. The Top Level Domain is the dot com, dot co part. The Second Level Domain usually gets inspiration from the store name. This makes absolute sense as it can work as a branding strategy. 

Top level domains are usually limited in option so you shouldn’t have to think about much when choosing it. Pricing might be the only worrying factor. 

What You Should Do About The Second Level Domain?

This is where you have to spend all your energy. In general, we will recommend keeping three vital matters in mind when choosing a second level domain name. 

Search Engine Optimization

If your goal is to rank favorably in Google search results, one of the easy steps to achieve this is to select a word or phrase in the domain name that falls under the SEO friendly category. 

You will see that a lot of owners of the drop shipping business depend on the main keyword on their website to set up their domain name. Supporting keywords are also a good option. You’re practically taking care of two things with one sweep. 

When our ranks on the search results improve, it becomes infinitely easier to bring traffic to our website with the help of users who accidentally stumble upon it due to search. Once we’ve made someone aware of the website, the shopping part is usually easy to do. 

Of course, just because it is the idealistic option doesn’t mean any keyword related to the store is okay as long as you choose one. If the domain name literally asks the customers to buy a certain product from their website, both the customer and Google ranking are going to think of it as a spam space. One might even suspect that the website contains viruses. 

A domain name that only has a sort of long keyword to boost would never inspire trust. You will have to slip the keyword in a way that looks smooth and yet clear. Plus, a keyword isn’t something people would remember as the name of a shopping store, so you have to be careful. 

The Branding

Through branding, even the newest owners of a drop shipping store can have a proper competition with a shopping giant. 

When you create an atmosphere for your buyers that makes them trust you and remember your website as something unique and different, half the job is already done. Compared to the giant shopping platforms, the list of things you have to take care of is rather small. This actually works to your advantage. When your range of products is small, you can focus on giving your customers the service they deserve. This ensures you stay as a wonderful memory in your buyer’s hearts. 

All of this has to start with your domain name though. A store is as much visible as its domain. When a person visits your website, the first thing they will hone in on is your domain name. They need this name so that they can search and visit the website again and again. 

This is basically your first impression. When the domain name is somewhat related to the store name, it also helps in brand recall. 

This is what makes it important for a person to create a domain name that tells the entire story of the store. It should stand out to the customer as to who you are and what your store stands for. 


We have already said this. The first impression is all dependent on the domain name. 

Is it enough to make an internet user curious about website after they find it on the search result?

All of it depends on how credible your domain name is. A random combination of words and letters that don’t have a meaning to it won’t interest people. A URL with good keywords isn’t enough to make people click either. 

Drop shipping websites that basically rearrange brand names as domain name won’t do it either. It just makes you look like a professional scammer. If the name of the website is scary in any way, that won’t inspire any trust either. 

Another thing that you should take care of is to not use words that might have negative connotations in another language. Now, we know you don’t know all the languages nor can you always find words that don’t have some other meaning considering all the languages in the world. However, it is possible to make some effort for your target audience. At least avoid words with bad meanings for your customers in these regions. 

Before you select a domain name, we recommend checking its availability. Even if there is a domain name that’s newly available, check up on its history to avoid any misunderstanding.