How Google Trends will help your Dropshipping Business?

How Google Trends will help your Dropshipping Business?

Google Trends is an easy tool to figure out what kind of products are trending for your dropshipping business. You can especially cash in on the market trend of seasonal products. Further, you can monitor your competitors and get an edge over them. For someone with a dropshipping business, whether you have only opened the business or have been around for some time, Google Trends can help you scale-up your business.

We will learn all the ways Google Trends can be useful for online dropshipping.

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What Is The Use Of Google Trends?

One of Google’s websites, Google Trends analyses the search made by internet users on the search engine. It combines words with similar meanings to provide a more accurate analysis. You can get a good idea of what’s trending and what activity or product is seeing a drop in interest through the feature.

Under an analysis, there are related search terms to give you a better idea of what is catching the market’s attention. You can also see what these people ask and can get a good look at the demographic. You probably have an idea now how Google Trends would be helpful for your dropshipping business. Let’s take a detailed look.

1. Researching Keywords With Google Trends

Maybe you are selling hats in your store for the spring season. You have already confirmed that it is a trending product during this particular time of the year. That alone doesn’t solve everything, though. You have to decide on a product category, and you have to find keywords you can optimize for the product. You might be preparing a blog post on hats, too, so that you can optimize with keywords to drive traffic to your site.

An easy trick, in this case, is to turn your attention to the “Related Queries” section. This is usually under the analysis graph and “related topics” right side. The queries usually suggest what other words people are searching for along with hats. Maybe they specifically want black colored hats. Maybe they want round white hats. You can take these queries to create product categories such as black hats. The keywords could be under the description of the product along with the name. You can use the queries to make blog posts on white hats to wear during spring and so on.

2. Finding Niches

If you want to find a niche for your business, Google Trends is the easiest way to get the most accurate idea. However, instead of the 12 months range, you need to account for the timelines from 2004 to now. This way, not only do you get to see whether people are searching more or less about a product but also on which season the product becomes more in demand.

It also helps you determine which products are mere fads and shouldn’t be your main niche. You can sell those products if it is popular but you shouldn’t make space for a crazy amount. In the case of fads, the search for the product would probably be almost nonexistent for years. Then, in the duration it is popular, the graph would show a huge rise and then it would drop as quickly.

How Google Trends will help your Dropshipping Business?

3. Get A Good Idea Of Product Categories

So, you have a store centered around a particular niche product. You have become successful in the business and it is time to expand. You can’t exactly start selling products completely unrelated to what you have been selling all this time, at least not suddenly. So, you want to take a look at other products that fall into the same categories you have already been selling.

First, search the product on Google Trend. Scroll down a little and you will find “related products” which would be right beside “related queries”. Say, you might be selling liquid lipsticks. So, a related product that can show up might be liquid eyeliner. Maybe the person is interested in overall makeup and prefers a certain liquid quality to them. This will give you a good idea of what to add to your store.

4. Find Seasonal Products

Even if you already have a niche, some products are more popular around certain times of the year. When it is popular, you will have more competitors that you would need to be ahead of. When your regular product takes a dip, you also need to find in that season that is popular and still makes sense in your product category.

Scroll down to related products and see in which season they are trending.

5. Monitor Your Competitors

The best part about Google Trends is that you can actually get a good idea on whether your brand is holding on its own against its competitors. You can compare two different brands- one yours and the other your competitor’s- and see the search trends on the chart. You can see the time of the year when you are doing better than the other brand versus when they are doing better than you.

You can also get a good idea of whether you are doing better overall or not. Seeing the fall in searches and rise in searches according to the timeline can help you locate when your products failed to hit the mark. You can also see what your competitors were doing differently from you to succeed during that time.

Final Thoughts

Your dropshipping business will start flourishing in ways you didn’t think once you start making the right use of Google Trends. If you are planning on opening a new business, you should especially make use of the website. It will give you an edge over others as you would have done sufficient research on which product and categories your business should focus on.

On Google Trends, you can further double down into areas where certain products are popular. If your business is limited to certain places, this would be a good feature to make use of.