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Winning Products Friday Episode 207

Hey folks!

This is us wishing you an awesome Friday. It’s that time of the week again when we help you supercharge your dropshipping hustle. It’s Winning Products Friday!

Like we always do every Friday, we review hot, trending products that can make you good money should you decide to dropship them.  

In today’s edition of Winning Products Friday, we will be reviewing this portable water air conditioner product. 

Upon clicking the link above, you will instantly notice a number of impressive stats about this product. 

Firstly, it has garnered as many as 716K plays (which is the same as views) on TikTok at the time of this writing. 

How else do you define awesome? 

In addition, you can also see from the screenshot above that it has a fairly good engagement rating of 2.8%. Mathematically speaking, this means every 100 views it gets translates to some form of engagement, including likes, shares, and comments. 

Engagement rating shows just how interested consumers are in a product. You definitely wouldn’t want to dropship a product people don’t have an interest in. It can lead to the premature demise of your business. 

So far, it has amassed 14.9K likes, 4.9K shares, and 378 comments…and still counting. That’s quite some impressive stats there. 

Maybe you are worried that it’s just a matter of time before people lose interest in this portable air conditioner. That’s a valid worry though. 

But here’s why you should not let that bother you so much:

The image you see above is the Real Trends chart for this product. It indicates how consumer interest in this product has changed over time. 

As you can see, interest in this product hasn’t slowed an inch since June when we started tracking it. In fact, it’s been growing exponentially without the slightest sign of slowing. 

So there is no better time to get into dropshipping it than now. 

 Ready to start dropshipping this product? 

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Although we found this product on TikTok, you don’t have to limit your marketing to that platform. 

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