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The Best 25 Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA [Always Updated]



Are you looking for the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA? This post is for you. 

Sourcing products from suppliers based in the USA has numerous advantages. To begin with, it makes it possible for your customers to receive their orders much faster. 

And the faster your customers get their orders, the more sales they would give you. 

In addition, buying from US-based suppliers also means you will most likely buy high-quality products, which will, in turn, help lessen product returns. 

That being said, finding the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA can be tough work. For one thing, it will require a lot of research which can be time-consuming.    But it is essential to building a profitable dropshipping business.

But not to worry; we’ve got you covered. 

If you are looking for USA suppliers, you can start off by checking out this video that goes through an easy method to locate such suppliers

What Makes for a Good Dropshipping Supplier?

Sometimes, finding the best dropshipping suppliers boils down to knowing what qualities to look for in the supplier you are looking to work with. That said, here are key qualities that make for the best dropshipping suppliers

1 They Are Reliable

If you are serious about uplifting your dropshipping store, then you must work with wholesale suppliers that are reliable. This is one important quality whatever wholesale supplier you work with must possess.

Why is this important? Unreliable dropship suppliers can ruin your business reputation by delivering poor-quality products to your customers. And if they don’t, be rest assured they will always be late on delivering your customers’ orders.

How can tell if a wholesale distributor is reliable or not? Simply by looking up a supplier directory to see what other dropshippers are saying.

2. They Are Responsive

The best dropshipping suppliers are super responsive and effective communicators. Effective communication lets you sell products to customers faster and update them about their orders in real-time.

Thankfully, most US dropshipping suppliers are responsive and good with communication.

3 They Have a Favorable Return Policy

Product return is an unavoidable part of dropshipping. As such, it makes sense to work with dropshipping companies that have a favorable return policy. This will make it easy for your customers to return unwanted orders, leading to more satisfaction and loyalty.

By the way, is dropshipping legal? Can you get into trouble by setting up a dropshipping online store? You might want to check out this comprehensive guide to get your answers.

With all that said, here are the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

The Best Dropshipping Supplier in The USA

1. Sell the Trend

Sell the Trend is a revolutionary dropshipping app that makes it easy to find suppliers located in any part of the world with a few clicks of a button. This makes it an excellent tool for finding suppliers in the United States. 

Sell the Trend features an AI-powered product research tool that makes finding reputable suppliers a breeze. To find a supplier, all you have to do is select the supplier’s country and Sell the Trend handles the rest. 

Our search algorithm would then search through our large database of suppliers to find the ones that match your search preference. 

In addition to that,  Sell the Trend comes with lots of other features designed to make dropshipping a seamless experience for you. They include:

  • Automated store setup
  • Product fulfillment automation 
  • 1-click product import, allowing you to import products from popular ecommerce platforms like Aliexpress
  • Lots of marketing and promotion tools
  • A success academy to help you get a better hang of dropshipping 

Sell the Trend Overview

Date founded: 2018

Speciality: Dropshipping software

Location: Canada

Pros: Makes it easy to import products right into your store. Lots of

Cons: No free plan

Pricing: $24.97/month

2. Doba

Doba dropshipping

Although not a supplier per se, Doba is a drop shipping platform that makes it easy for you to connect with suppliers in the USA. On Doba, you will find thousands of products spread across hundreds of categories with a few clicks of a button. The coolest part is that you can easily import products from Doba right into your store.

Another awesome feature we like about Doba is how easy it makes it for dropshippers to find high-profit products that are also in high demand. On top of that, it lets you find suppliers based on product category.

Doba integrates seamlessly with major e-commerce solutions, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, BigCommerce, and a host of others. Plus, it has a dedicated customer support team.

Doba Overview

Date founded: 2002

Location: Utah, United States

Speciality: Mixed product

Pros: Easy to use. A wide array of product collections across several categories

Cons: Can be expensive for beginner dropshippers

Pricing: 30-day free trial. $24.99/month subsequently.

3. VIG Furniture 

VIG Furniture

Sourcing home and office furniture products from the US and selling them to your customers can be a profitable venture, although challenging. So if you want to get into it (or are already into it) and are looking for a reliable US-based supplier to work with, VigFurniture is your best bet.

VigFurniture Overview

Date founded: 1998

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Speciality: Home and office furniture

Pros: Sells premium furniture at affordable prices

Cons: Picky with the selection process


Are you looking to get into cosmetics dropshipping, and want to work with a supplier that has its operations in the US? DHRC is one great drop ship supplier you can bank on. 

One of the uniqueness of DHRC is that all its products are eco-friendly and, as the company claims, very healthy. 

DHRC is based out of Bay Area, California. This apparently means faster shipping time for your customers. 

To join the DHRC network of dropshippers, you need to complete an onboarding form, after which your application will be accepted or rejected, as the case may be. 

DHRC charges dropshippers a one-time setup fee of $50 and a monthly subscription fee of $10 afterwards. 

DHRC Overview

Date founded: 2008

Location: California, United States

Speciality: Organic cosmetics

Pros: High-quality products

Cons: Limited product options

Pricing: One-time fee of $50

5. Greendropship

From the name, you can easily tell that Greendropship is for dropshippers in the organic and natural product niche, making it one of the best niche suppliers in the US.

The company claims to list over 20,000 products on its website and supports integration with Shopify and WooCommerce. 

And as you would expect, Greendropship only deals in American-made products. The company has its warehouses in Pennsylvania and California. 

Dropshipping with Greendropship saves you the trouble of tracking and managing your inventory – those are handled out of the box for you. 

Greendropship Overview

Date founded: 2012

Location: Pennsylvania, California, Illionois

Speciality: Organica and Eco-friendly products

Pros: Offers speedy delivery. Competitive prices and access to high-quality products

Cons: Limited product options

Pricing: $149/year

6. Worldwide Brand

Founded in 1999, Worldwide Brand has established itself as one of the most dependable online directories for finding US-based suppliers. 

Worldwide Brand is one of the few wholesalers that has put a lot of effort into ensuring that dropshippers like you only buy from trusted and vetted suppliers. 

In addition to that, Worldwide Brands makes it easy to buy products at a competitive price from suppliers. 

Joining Worldwide Brand as a dropshipper doesn’t come cheap. You’d have to pay a lifetime access fee of $187. 

Worldwide Brand Overview

Date founded: 1999

Location: Florida

Specialty: Mixed

Pros: Powerful reporting system. Responsive customer support

Cons: High sign-up fee, albeit a one-off payment

Pricing: $197

7. A4

If dropship sportswear to customers in the US and are looking for a reliable supplier that is also based in the US, A4 is your best bet. 

A4 deals in sportswear and sports accessories. You can buy bags, jerseys, socks, hooded sportswear, etc., on A4 at competitive prices. 

A4 has partnered with many sportswear dealers spread across the United States, and you can connect with them without any hassles, thanks to A4’s finder tool. 

Shipping to customers in the US takes 1 to 2 working business days. 

A4 Overview

Date founded: 2005

Location: Los Angeles, Kansas

Speciality: Sportswear

Pros: Lots of quality products. Offers 1-2 days shipping

Cons: Not so beginner-friendly

Pricing: Free

8. Teledynamics 


Looking to source telecommunication products from the US and resell them to your customers? Teledynamics is where to look to. Teledyniamics is one of the premium suppliers of electronic and digital communication products in the US and has been in business for 40 years now.

The company sells a wide range of products, ranging from business phone systems to internet cables to gaming headsets. To dropship with Teledynamics, you have to apply as a dealer.

Teledynamics Overview

Date founded: 1981

Location: Austin Texas, United States

Speciality: Telecommunication products

Pros: Sells high-quality products. Offers after-purchase support

Cons: Hardly accepts inexperienced dropshippers

9. US Direct

As the name suggests, US Direct is a dropshipping platform that makes it easy for you to connect with suppliers in the US. 

With US Direct, you can seamlessly import products into your store. But you will have to create an account with Inventory Source, an eCommerce integration solution, to do that. 

US Direct is ideal for every dropshipper regardless of the niche. The major exceptions are retailers that sell firearms, supplements, drugs, and ammunition. 

The coolest part is that you can start for free. 

US Direct Overview

Date founded: 2007

Location: Florida, United States

Speciality: Mixed

Pros: Offers several payment options. Gives you direct access to US-based suppliers

Cons: Unfavorable shipping return policy

Pricing: Free

10. Whitney Brothers 

dropshipping suppliers in USA

The tenth on our list of US-based suppliers is Whitney Brothers, the oldest supplier on this list. For over 100 years now, Whitney Brothers have been supplying retailers and distributors with quality children’s toys and accessories. Some of the products the company sells include mobile changing cabinets, baby cribs, diaper supply cabinets, and many more.

Whitney Brothers offer expedited shipping, which ensures products get to your customers in 48 hours.

Whitney Brothers Overview

Date founded: 1904

Location: New Hampshire

Speciality: Children’s supplies

Pros: Has a friendly return policy

Cons: Joining Whitney Brothers as a reseller can be challenging

11. Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is next on our list of the best eCommerce dropshipping suppliers in the USA. She has over 15,000 products on its website, and these products are from suppliers in the United States.

You can import products from Sunrise Wholesale into your eBay or Amazon store and sell them to your customers without keeping any inventory. 

The cool part is that Sunrise Wholesale handles returns and refunds for you, thus giving you the time to focus on growing your dropshipping business. 

On the flip side, the dropshipping platform costs $49/month. 

Sunrise Wholesale Overview

Date founded: 1999

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Speciality: Mixed

Pros: Lets you sell on Amazon or eBay. Offers a large collection of products

Cons: Occasionally compromises on quality

12. Furniture Pipeline

Furniture Pipeline is a furniture supplier based in the USA. It is your best bet if you are into furniture and home decor dropshipping, and want to buy products at competitive wholesale prices. 

On Furniture Pipeline, you can buy everything from floating shelf sets and drawers to accent ladders. 

Furniture Pipeline Overview

Date Founded: 2016

Location: New Jersey, United States

Speciality: Home and Office Furniture

Pros: Sells high-quality products and ships fast

Cons: Limited product option

Pricing: Free

13. National Dropshippers 

Founded in 2002 and operating from Manchester, New Hampshire, in the US, National Dropshippers has established itself as a go-to dropshipping solution provider for online retailers. 

National Dropshippers allows you to import products to your website simply by adding product images from a supplier’s website. Whenever you get an order from a customer, National Dropshippers will send the order to a supplier, who will then ship it to your customer. 

The interesting part is that the customer won’t know that National Drophippers fulfilled the order. 

And that is not all; National Dropshippers charges only $0.99 in shipping fees for each order, regardless of the size or quantity. 

National Dropshippers Overview

Date founded: 2005

Location: New Hampshire, United States

Speciality: Outdoor recreational products

Pros: Offers free 7-day trial.

Cons: Limited customer support. Lacks many marketing features

Pricing: $23.9/month

14. Buy 2 Bee

Are you into designer clothing, shoes, and accessories and looking for the best eCommerce platform from which to buy quality products at wholesale prices? Buy 2 Bee is your best bet. 

Buy 2 Bee has operations in two cities, namely Milan, Italy and Los Angeles, USA. 

This means you can ship products to your customers in the US in 2 to 5 working days. 

What we really like about Buy 2 Bee is that, unlike most other platforms, Buy 2 Bee is free to register and doesn’t charge a membership fee. 

What products can you dropship on Buy 2 Bee? Children’s clothing and accessories, shoes of all sorts (men and women), handbags, etc. 

To add products from Buy 2 Bee to your website, you’d have to request their product catalogue. It comes in the form of a CSV file. 

Shipping fee ranges between 10 and 15

Buy 2 Bee Overview

Date founded: 2017

Location: Los Angeles, United States. Corso Aosta, Italy

Speciality: Clothing and accessories

Pros: Offers a wide array of fashion products

Cons: Limited integration

Niche: Fashion and apparel

Pricing: Free

15. FootwearUS

You could easily tell from the name that FootwearUS is a footwear wholesaler based in the US. 

What’s cool about FootwearUS is that it gives you the option of running what is known as “blind dropshipping”. In this arrangement, FootwearUS will ship an order directly to your customer without letting them know where the order was shipped. 

On top of that, there is no minimum order restriction – you are free to buy whatever quantity you want, however small or large. 

Did we forget to mention that FootwearUS offers free shipping to US addresses, and you can join for free? Cool, isn’t it?

FootwearUS overview

Date founded: 1977

Location: New Jersey, United States

Speciality: Footwear

Pros: No minimum order quantity

Cons: Sometimes takes a long time to ship products

Pricing: Free

16. Fragrance Net

Dropshipping beauty and cosmetic products can be an immensely lucrative adventure, especially when you work with a reputable supplier like FragranceNet

FragranceNet sells everything from skincare and haircare products to candles and aromatherapy. And you can buy them all at competitive prices. 

One upside with dropshipping via FragranceNet is that your customers will receive their orders in unbranded packages and won’t know they came from FragranceNet. 

Shipping within the US starts from $6.95, and you have the option of shipping via UPS, USPS, etc. 

FragranceNet Overview

Date founded: 1997

Location: New York, United States

Speciality: Beauty products

Pros: Sell beauty products at competitive prices

Cons: Not beginner-friendly

Pricing: Free

17. Importify

Managing a dropshipping business can be a challenging task. Importify seeks to make this easy by allowing you to automate your store with a few clicks of a button. 

What aspects of your dropshipping business can you automate with Importify? Product importation, order fulfillment, and lots more. 

Most importantly, Importify makes it easy for you to connect with suppliers based in the US, thanks to its robust product finder tool. 

Importify Overview

Date founded: 2016

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Speciality: Dropshipping software

Pros: Beginner-friendly. Supports multiple integrations. Robust automation

Cons: Limited bulk import

Niche: Mixed

Best for: Beginner dropshippers

Pricing: $14.95/month

18. BryBelly

Founded in 2004 and with a base operation in Indianapolis, US, BryBelly is one of the leading suppliers of sports gear, toys and games, hair extensions, kitchen supplies, and 3,000 other products spread across different niches. 

BryBelly makes it easy to dropship their products on your website. All you have to do is find the product you wish to sell on BryBelly and then add the image and description to your website. 

Once a customer places an order and you make payments, BryBelly would discretely ship the product to the customer using your custom packing list with your logo on it. 

BryBelly Overview

Date founded: 2005

Location: Indiana, United States

Speciality: Mixed

Pros: Speedy application. Free to use and has an expansive product category

Cons: Not every beginner-friendly

Pricing: Free

19. DropCommerce

With a database of over 400 suppliers from the US and Canada, DropCommerce is unarguably a top dog in the dropshipping space. 

What makes DropCommerce special and worthy of mention in this list? A lot!

Firstly, DropCommerce makes it possible for you to create custom invoices to add a personalized touch to your shipment. 

In addition to that, shipping via DropCommerce is pretty fast. 

What’s more, DropCommerce comes with an in-app messaging system that allows you to contact suppliers before listing their products on your website. 

DropCommerce offers a 14-day trial offer, allowing you to test drive the platform to know if it is a good fit for your business. 

DropCommerce Overview

Founding date: 2018

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Speciality: Mixed

Pros: Beginner-friendly. Lots of product options and affordable

Cons: Shipping outside of the US can be expensive

Pricing: Free plan. Basic plan ($19/month).

20. CheapWholesale Jewelry

Are you looking for a platform to buy quality jewelry at cheap wholesale prices and sell to your customers without keeping any inventory? CheapWholesale Jewelry is where to look. 

The cool part about dropshipping via CheapWholesale Jewelry is that you won’t have to worry about customers finding out where their orders came from. This is because your address will be used as the return address on the shipping invoice. 

CheapWholesale Jewelry makes it easy to place orders via phone, email, or online. 

You will have to pay a membership fee of $129.95 annually to join as a dropshipper. 

CheapWholesale Jewelry Overview

Date founded: 2005

Location: Rhode Island, United States

Speciality: Jewelry

Pros: Lets you buy jewelry products at competitive wholesale prices

Cons: High membership fee

21. Dropship Village

Dropship Village is a dropshipping directory that makes it easy for online merchants to find suppliers in the US. 

Currently, there are over 2,500 products listed on the website. 

Dropship Village makes it possible for you to spy on your competitors to know their winning strategy. Also, it allows you to find winning products to dropship. 

Joining Dropship Village as a dropshipper will cost you $19.95 every month. 

Dropship Village Overview

Date founded: 


Niche: Mixed

Best for: Beginner

Pricing: Free

22. BeautyJoint

You can already tell what BeautyJoint is all about, can’t you? Yes, BeautyJoint is a beauty product supplier based in Los Angeles, USA. 

The company sells everything from eyeliners, lipstick, and nail polishes to powder, foundation, blushers, etc. If it is a cosmetic product, you will find it on BeautyJoint. 

Enrolling in BeautyJoint’s dropshipping program will cost you a one-off setup fee of $25 and a recurring $15 monthly billing. 

BeautyJoint Overview

Date founded: 2016

Location: Los Angeles, California

Speciality: Beauty products

Pros: Offers lots of beauty products

Cons: Shipping gets delayed at times

Pricing: $25 setup fee. $15/month recurring payment

23. Essential Pet Products

Essential Pet Products is one of the biggest suppliers of pet products in the US. The company has been in operation for over 20 years. 

Dropshipping via Essential Pet Products will give you access to top-quality pet products your customers will like. They include Dog ramps, houses, Kernel, cat furniture, etc. 

Joining Essential Pet Products as a dropshipper is free. There is no upfront fee. 

However, you must be based in the US or Canada for your application to be accepted. 

Essential Pet Products Overview

Founding date: 2002

Location: Port Charlotte, United States

Speciality: Pet supplies

Pros: Sell high-quality pet supplies

Cons: Only sells pet products

24. Brands Distribution 

Brands Distribution is one of the few dropshipping platforms that make it easy to dropship branded fashion products without worrying about copyright infringements. 

This US-based supplier has over 120 fashion brands on its database, so you can never run out of options.

What’s more, Brands Distribution offers same-day delivery in the US. 

Dropshipping via Brand Distribution will cost you €99 in subscription fee every month. 

Brands Distribution Overview

Date founded: 2006

Location: Torino, Piemonte, Italy

Speciality: Clothing and accessories

Pros: Low shipping fees.

Cons: There’s a minimum order quantity

Pricing: €99/month

25. Megagoods

Last on our list of best eCommerce dropshipping suppliers in the USA is Megagoods

Megagoods deals mostly in electronic products and has been in operation for a very long while now. 

Megagoods sells everything from CD players, car audio sets, alarm clocks, Bluetooth-enabled devices, dish racks, electric kettles, etc. 

The good thing about dropshipping via Megagoods is that you don’t need a license to join. Plus, there is no minimum order requirement, and you won’t pay any registration fee. Just that Megagoods will charge you a fee of $1.5 for every order you place. 

Megagoods Overview

Date founded: 2004

Location: California, United States

Speciality: Home electronics

Pros: Sells cheap, good quality products

Cons: Outdated stock. Clunky interface

Pricing: Free

Best for: Intermediate dropshppers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions beginner dropshippers often ask us. 

What are the benefits of a US dropshipper supplier?

Dropshipping via a US dropshipping supplier has several benefits. To begin with, it ensures your customers get their orders faster and at a cheaper shipping rate. 

What’s more, you are guaranteed of buying quality products since most of the products are sourced from US-based manufacturers. 

Plus, you will most likely enjoy better customer service by working with US-based suppliers. 

How do I find US suppliers for dropshipping?

You don’t have to go too far to find a US supplier for your dropshipping business. Just check out any of the 25 suppliers we’ve shared in this post. 

What are dropshipping wholesalers?

Dropshipping wholesalers are suppliers and manufacturers that allow you to list their products on your website. Whenever you get an order and make payments, they would deliver the product straight to your customer, without the customer knowing actually where the product came from. 

Ready to Get Started? 

So there you have it; 25 dropshipping suppliers based in the US.

We hope you found this list helpful.

Before we wrap things up, keep in mind that it is important to use the right tool to make the most out of your dropshipping business. 

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Also, Sell The Trend allows you to automate order fulfillment with ease. 

Ready to try out Sell The Trend to see how it will help your business? 

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