AliExpress Best Products: Our Top 10 Picks

AliExpress Best Products: Our Top 10 Picks

When it comes to business ideas, the sky’s the limit. But it does not mean every business idea is lucrative. Sometimes, a business with no inventory can earn you a fortune. One example of such a business is dropshipping.

If you are a novice drop shipper, coming up with winning dropshipping products is your first step into entrepreneurship. It is a critical step where most of the aspiring dropshippers give up or trip up.

A lot of people dream about being their own boss- starting a business from the comfort of their homes. In an era where technology is leading, it is best to make money online. Shopify dropshipping is the easiest way to establish a strong business in your favorite niche.

Thinking of dropship ideas is not difficult. In fact, all you have to do is dropship the AliExpress best products for your Shopify store and earn huge profit margins. However, finding a winning product for Shopify dropshipping can be overwhelming. It must have high-profit margins and low competition. The great demand for the product is directly proportional to you earning a great profit.

If you are a novice dropshipper and looking to start on the right track, we have done the market analysis and research for you. The valuable information we are about to give you can help you drop ship AliExpress best products for your Shopify store.

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Best AliExpress Products to Dropship in 2020

Here are the 10 winning products to dropship from AliExpress:

Fitness Trackers

AliExpress Best Products: Our Top 10 Picks

Fitness trackers became popular when some leading brands launched it as a magic watch to keep track of your health. These are smart devices that you wear on your wrist to measure the calories burnt, heart rate, blood pressure, elevation gained and distance traveled.

They are hugely popular among athletes, teenagers, amateurs, and professional people. Google estimates that the highest sales of fitness trackers occurred in 2017, during the Christmas days but they are still in demand as the number of health-conscious people are increasing with health conditions on the rise.

The global revenue generated from fitness trackers is expected to grow to $3.3 billion by the end of 2022. This insight suggests that demand for fitness trackers will continue to grow in the coming years.

Smart Watches 

AliExpress Best Products: Our Top 10 Picks

Like fitness trackers, smartwatches are beginning to find their stride. Smartwatches are mostly strapped around the wrists by tech-savvy people who want to conquer the world by a touch on the screen.

The rise of wearable and portable technology is the reason why many dropshippers find smartwatches a good item to add in their Shopify stores.

The sales of smartwatches are expected to increase by 20%, (estimated $29 billion) in the next 5 years.

If you are a novice dropshipper who has an electronics-related Shopify store, smartwatch might be a good option to add.

Bluetooth Speaker

AliExpress Best Products: Our Top 10 Picks

Since Bluetooth speakers have become portable and compact, many brands are launching their own to attract music lovers. As a dropshipper, you might think of it as a product with a lot of competition and you are right. The Bluetooth speaker market is saturated by still, there are opportunities through which you can earn a huge profit margin.

A recent study suggested a significant increase in the annual demand for Bluetooth speakers between the years 2017 and 2021.

Wooden watches 

If you’re looking for a profitable women accessory item among AliExpress best products, wooden watches are worth adding to your Shopify store. They have become very popular on AliExpress in the last 5 years.

A wooden watch is an eco-friendly and non-toxic product that every naturalist loves to shop. The market for wooden watches is expected to grow by 8% in the year 2021.

With a powerful marketing strategy, you’d be able to earn a huge profit from wooden watches.

Teeth Whitening Kits

The rise of personal care products has proved profitable for dropshippers dealing with personal hygiene and care products. Since the year 2015, many people seem to be interested in teeth whitening kits.

Everyone around you has teeth. So, these kits will have a steady demand for sure. Consumer reports predict that the teeth whitening products market will grow to $7.4 billion in the year 2024.

Muslin Blankets

You must have seen cute swaddle blankets while scrolling through AliExpress. Muslin is a breathable and lightweight fabric. If you have a Shopify store that sells baby items, this would be a star product for sure.

However, many dropshippers are selling muslin blankets. One way to stand out is to add a variety of styles, patterns and sizes of those muslin blankets. As long as there are babies in the world, muslin blankets will have a steady demand.

USB charging dock

USB charging docks allow your buyers to charge multiple devices via one charging port. Thus, the main reason for its high demand. They have become a necessary or must-have accessory to charge smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and fitness trackers at once.

The market for USB charging docks is expected to rise and reach a total of $37.89 billion in the year 2025. USB charging dock could be a winning and profitable product to add to your Shopify store.

Resistance bands 

Resistance bands have gained popularity and have become one of the top workout tools for Instagram fitness freaks. Adding a resistance band to your health and fitness Shopify store is a great idea if you have health enthusiasts as loyal customers.

They can be used for whole-body workouts. They are cheap, lightweight and easy to ship. The resistance bands market is expected to grow in 2022 by 11.99%.

Facial masks

The new emerging trends show that facial masks have been one of the most popular beauty products in the market. Stay ahead of the market curve and add whitening and purifying facial masks to your Shopify store for huge profits.

A quick search on Instagram with the hashtag of the facial mask shows that millions of people are experimenting with different facial masks. The different formulas of clay, caffeine, 24 K gold and coffee masks are widely available and loved by beauty influencers. Beauty bloggers are constantly fueling the trend of facial masks.

Soon, the facial mask would be an essential skincare product in women’s beauty regimes. If you are operating a beauty and skincare Shopify store, adding this would definitely skyrocket your sales.

Sports Bra

According to The Times, Sports Bra is the new t-shirt for models, teenagers, and athletes. A sports bra is a popular choice among celebrities like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and the Kardashians. They have been promoting sports bras for a long time now. Many athletes call it a fast fashion item.

They are no longer used for workouts and gyms. Women have adapted them to their multi-dimensional lifestyles.

Sports bras are giving the lingerie market a tough time. If you are looking for a winning AliExpress product to add to your undergarments/clothing/fashion store, a sports bra is a profitable item that all of your female customers will fall in love with.

The takeaway

There you have it- The 10 AliExpress best products to kickstart your dropshipping business. Adding winning products to your Shopify store is the first and foremost step to a successful e-commerce business. With a powerful marketing strategy, you’d be making huge sales in no time.

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