15 Aliexpress Best Sellers That Will Make You Money

If you are interested in finding some Aliexpress best sellers, then this article might be just for you. Here you will find 15 aliexpress best sellers that will make you money if you know the right targeting strategy. Just to keep in mind, don’t worry if you are just a beginner and starting your online business, here you will find all the tips and tricks on how to sell these products. We will give you even a cheat code by providing a list of 15 Aliexpress trending products to sell. So continue reading and you will find all the answers.

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How To Find The Best Selling Products on AliExpress?

If you want to find aliexpress best sellers, you have to know some of the tricks. it’s quite hard to do it, and unfortunately, there is no section at the website that provides you a list of “best selling products.” directly.  There is a weekly best selling list, but it is no use if you are looking for a long-term aliexpress hot products. Weekly ones are only popular within a week and then they might no longer be hot.  So we have scoured Sell The Trend, a great source of Aliexpress trending products,  and uncovered some best sellers that you should add to your store. 

So, here we have some money making product that you can sell right now and source from Aliexpress.

1. Cotton Bandana Baby Eating Accessory

This product is trending all of the time. Baby products are popular because people are constantly buying baby clothes or accessories. This bandana is also a great choice because nobody wants to get messy while feeding a baby. Besides, you can get this product very cheap – it costs less than a dollar, so why not to try and create a baby niche and sell this type of products. There are a lot of color options and the material is soft to the touch, which attracts more buyers and great ratings!

Cotton Bandana Baby Eating Accessory

2. 1pcs Cartoon Icon Badge for Backpack

This is a very cheap and small product. You can buy this item in a bulk, shipping would not cost a cow because it is very small and lightweight. Besides, these icons of Disney princesses with tattoos or nuns smoking cigarettes are very popular nowadays, so you can definitely profit from selling these badges. Even more, you can run some Facebook ads to increase your sales, because these icons are very attractive. You can see them on T-shirts, skirts, now they come in a badge!

1pcs Cartoon Icon Badge for Backpack

3. Adjustable Shower Bath Head with Activated Ceramic Balls

Everybody likes clean showers at the start or the end of the day. Having filters can be quite expensive, so there you go – a shower head with activated ceramic balls which provides clean water instantly. What is more excited, this shower bath head is not costing a lot of money, so you can easily try to sell it in your e-store. Also, if you are running a store of accessories like this, it will be easier for you as you have already had your target audience. Besides, it is a very interesting item, so there could be a lot of people that may want to try out this shower head.

Adjustable Shower Bath Head with Activated Ceramic Balls

4. Foundation Sponge

Well, these makeup foundation sponges are one of the most popular and aliexpress best sellers. A lot of women are using these sponges every day. They are cheap, lightweight, highly on demand, colorful. This item has all the features that help to sell it. This item is fully suitable if you are running a makeup blog, youtube channel about beauty or having a beauty supply store. In all ways, it is always a great idea to sell makeup foundation sponges, because you will not miss with them.

Foundation Sponge

5. Led flashlight

Shoutout to all travelers and discoverers. This is a little sneak peek of what you can target if you want to sell this led flashlight. Or you don’t have to be a traveler to use a flashlight, it always comes in hand for normal people. Having a flashlight in your car, for example, is always useful. Yes, there is a feature is most of the smartphones which allow you to use the flashlight, but image if you are with dirty hands and you don’t want your brand new white phone cover to get messy. There comes the flashlight. It is not very cheap but is surely a useful thing to have in the home or a car.

Led flashlight

6. Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

Cat owners will understand what mess can occur when cats are using their litters. Basically, the little pieces of the litter are everywhere when your beloved cat has used its bathroom. Well, you can easily offer a solution to this problem by selling this cat litter mat. This item is life savour when it comes to keeping the house clean even when you have a pet. It works by collecting all the pieces that are coming from the paws after using a litter, so they are not spreading all over the room. It is waterproof, easily washable. It is an interesting and very useful item that you can start selling. It is even more better if you have already running a website about pet care, there you go, start to sell this item and see how it goes. You can be sure, that you would get a lot of positive feedback about this item.

Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

7. Medical Clavicle Posture Corrector

Healthcare stuff were always on high demand, because people are constantly taking care of their health. This item is one of the most popular item to sell at the moment, because it is cheap to buy and it is very useful for those who are sitting by the computer a lot of the time. After a while your posture can get incorrect, so using this corrector can be a great option. If you are interested in selling this item, you can add some pictures of before and after like a proof that this item does its job. Also, you can include a discount like 2 for 1. Basically, there are a lot of ways that you can profit from this item. What is more great, that the posture corrector is very cheap on aliexpress, so you don’t have to increase your own price.

Medical Clavicle Posture Corrector

8. Women Flower Donut Bun Maker

Every girl wants to be pretty. This bun maker is wonderful, because it is very easy to use and it looks very pretty. If you are going to start sell this item, don’t forget to add some pictures where you can explain how to use it. This is necessary, because not all items comes with an instructions from Aliexpress, so when people will buy it, they can get confused and would not know how to use it. Also, this item is very cheap to ship because of its lightweight. There are a lot of colour options to choose from, so you can offer not only one colour. Hair accessories were always a popular thing to sell, however, this niche has a lot of competitors, so try to analyse them first before selling.

Women Flower Donut Bun Maker

9. Man Bathroom Apron

This item is a great gift for a brother, dad or husband. Bathrooms can get messy when shaving a beard or having a quick trim. This apron fights with this mess and makes sure that there is no hair falling in the sink. Also, it is a very cheap item that comes in multi colors. It is great if you would target the barbershop audience because it can get useful for them to use this apron. A simple and cheap item for beginning sellers.

Man Bathroom Apron

10. Multifunctional Fish Cleaning Tool

Well, you can sell this item by targeting all the chefs that are working in restaurants. Let’s be honest, cleaning the fish leads to smelly fingers, which is not very romantic if, for example, you have a date after… This tool allows to clean the fish without touching it with your fingertips and it is very useful. Create a nice and funny ad about it and show that it can really help you in the kitchen. It is not expensive, you can offer free shipping as well, because the item itself is lightweight, so it does not cost you a lot of money for shipping services.

Multifunctional Fish Cleaning Tool

11. KINGSEVEN Men Polarized Sunglasses

Fashionable accessories are always in high demand, so you will definitely earn some coin if you are going to sell them. First of all, the most important thing for selling an item is how do you show it. Create some nice pictures with these sunglasses or take photos with a model wearing them with a nice hat for example. it is great if you are starting to sell on the internet in the summer or a few months before because then it is the time of summer holidays and people are more intend to buy summer accessories. Check the quality of the item by yourself and if it worth the money, put them on the e-marketing.

KINGSEVEN Men Polarized Sunglasses

12. Stainless Steel Multi-function Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is one of the most popular things that you can have in the kitchen. It is very easy and simple to use. If you are running a Shopify store about cooking, for example, you can simply add one more item to sell – this vegetable peeler. Also, you can add a short video on how to use it, so that people can get a better understanding of how it works and how useful it can get. Again, like most of the small items, this is not expensive, so the loss is minimum even if you are not going to sell a lot of them. But at least you can try and see how it goes. Small kitchen accessories are always on high demand, because they are cheap and can get handy. If you are interested in e-marketing and don’t know what to sell, try to sell this item.

Stainless Steel Multi-function Vegetable Peeler

13. Phone Selfie Ring Light

Ring lights are great for Youtube vloggers, Instagram influencers, photographers, makeup artists. At least now you have 4 audiences that you can target to sell this item. It is always a great thing to have if people are filming, taking pictures as this light gives nice overall lighting and the product or face looks very nice in the monitor or pictures. It is more on the expensive side, but good quality is never cheap. You can definitely add this item to your dropshipping store or buy in a bulk and then resell it. For more attraction, you can add pictures without this light and with the light by showing how this ring light improves the quality of the pictures or videos. Most of the people who want to start their Youtube channel will search for this ring light, so it is always on demand and is a great thing to sell.

Phone Selfie Ring Light

14. Pet Paw Washer

People always like to try new and interesting stuff and some of them didn’t hear of some stuff existing. This pet paw washer is one of those interesting items that people may want to try and if it works, they love it more and recommend to their friends and family. It is great to target pet lovers, pet shops if you want to sell this item. It is quite interesting to try and test this item out. If you will sell a few of this paw washers, ask for customers to share their experience about it, if it works. Positive feedback is always a great way to build up the trust between you as a seller and a buyer. Also, it is always a great idea to release some ads about this item to show people how it works and why they need it. Well, it is useful if your dog’s paws get messy and you want to keep your car clean, for example.

Pet Paw Washer

15. Cat Litter Catcher Mat

This item is similar to the other cat litter mat that is listed above, but it is double-layered, so it means even more protection. As this item is similar, the tactic of selling it is also very similar. You can explain the difference between these two litter mats and which one is better. Be sure, that you will be selling both of them, but keep in mind, that one can be more requested according to the price or the quality. On both ways, you can make some profit of selling both of them as pet owners will love that tidy feeling when there is no litter scattering around the floor.

Cat Litter Catcher Mat


Well, here you go – 15 Aliexpress best sellers that will make you money. Of course, there could be a lot more of Aliexpress hot products, but if you are a beginner, you can definitely choose a few from this list. 

Nowadays, it is very popular to open an ecom store and sell different types of items, especially when they are not expensive. Then you can offer a lot of discounts, free shipping services and add a profit that you think is suitable. It is not an easy money making process, but after a while, you can automate all the selling process and enjoy your life while making a full-time income from selling some of these Aliexpress best sellers.