15 Trending Beauty Products That Will Make You Money

15 Trending Beauty Products That Will Make You Money

The beauty industry is growing at an incredible pace, and with this growth, beginner entrepreneurs have a lot of questions about what, where and how to find trending beauty products.  Now there are a lot of trending products which you can start selling right now, but only some that are guaranteed to make you that sweet sweet money!  In this article, you will find 15 trending beauty products that are guaranteed to turn you tidy profit.

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1. Lip Care Serum Lip Plumper

You can definitely try to sell this product as it is quite popular in most of the cases. Think about this that you can get this lip plumper for a low price and once you are selling it – add up around 3x the price.

Lip plumpers have been popular for a long time and this beauty trend continues to grow. Use Google Trends to search for a keyword “lip plumpers” and see if it is profitable to sell it online. Lip plumpers are a decent part of a lot of makeup lovers, so there would always be a large audience which will buy it.

Lip Care Serum Lip Plumper

2. Anti-freezing Peel Off Nail Art Latex Cuticle Guard

If you find out that you are most likely to target the nail artist-audience, then your Instagram or e-marketing site can be full of nail polishes and similar products to it. Nail posts are currently taking over the beauty industry and Instagram accounts for sure, after a while you can think about opening a store and sell nail products alone.

And probably one of the most reliable ways to make your nail stuff stand out from the crowd and make it one of the best selling products online is doing carousel posts on Instagram.

Basically, it means that you can do posts that can be scrollable and add a variety of different pictures or videos. This is really popular for selling trending beauty products.

Anti-freezing Peel Off Nail Art Latex Cuticle Guard

3. Ultrasound Cavitation EMS Body Slimming Massager

Let’s be honest – a wide percentage of people want to easily lose weight without going to the gym. Google Trends can show you the number of searches of “slimming massager”. It is skyrocketing! However, the weight loss niche can be tricky and sometimes offensive, so you need to find a way to please your audience and convince them that this EMS Body Slimming Massager really works.

If you are planning to sell beauty tools like this, you can add an affiliate link to your personal website for fitness and weight loss as this would be a perfect audience targeting technique. The most popular way to sell your body slimmer massager is optimizing your site by search results. Firstly, find out the keyword search and then think about the profit that you want to make from this item.

Ultrasound Cavitation EMS Body Slimming Massager

4. Eyeliner Stamp Template

If you would search for Youtube videos on “how to apply eyeliner”, there are millions of videos in this niche. This says that a lot of women are struggling to apply their eyeliner smoothly and properly.

So there you go, a great and one of the most trending products to sell – an eyeliner stamp. This item eases the eyeliner application process for most of the girls and women. It is simple to use, has simple instructions and the most exciting part of it is that it doesn’t cost more than 1$. If you would target your audience in the right way, you can sell this item for $14 + shipping or more netting you a handsome profit. Also, to get this item in a larger quantity you don’t have to spend a lot of money as it is cheap.

Eyeliner Stamp Template

5. 360 degree Professional Gel/Nail Polish Shaker

Well, let’s get back to our nail polish niche. This item can be on the more expensive side, but it is worth trying to sell it. Don’t buy a large quantity of it as it can be expensive for you if it doesn’t sell to much.

It is a really frustrating feeling for nail artists when the nail polishes are dried out. They don’t have to buy new nail polish when they can buy the nail polish shaker. Don’t forget to use Google Trends for this item and see if it is one of the trending beauty products and you will be able to sell it.

360 degree Professional Gel/Nail Polish Shaker

6. Miracle V-Shaped Slimming Mask

When selling this beauty item, start with the ad “forget the fillers!”. Why women should spend a lot of money on procedures when they could buy this face shaping mask and put it on whenever they want.

Also, this mask is quite cheap to buy, so even when you add a decent amount of profit it should still be on the cheaper side. To attract more views, you can even add a short video on how to use the mask and what it does to you – before and after.

Miracle V-Shaped Slimming Mask

7. Leg Shaper Sauna Sweat Thigh Trimmers

In the beauty industry, there are not many options that can make your body be slimmer without sweating in the gym. So you don’t want to miss a chance to sell this sweat thigh trimmers.

If you would look at the search results, there is a huge number of searches to sweat thighs. This means that people are keen to search for this item but there is a minimum amount of supply of it. Having these sweat trimmers may not be a solution to a slimmer body in general, but still, it is worth to try. You can easily promote this item by using Facebook ads or targeting keywords such as “slimmer body”, “slimming sweat tights”, “sweat thigh trimmers”. To buy this item from AliExpress would not cost you a lot, so it is worth a try especially if you are running a health and fitness website.

Leg Shaper Sauna Sweat Thigh Trimmers

8. Facial Cleansing Brush

Beauty items such as this face cleansing brush helps to massage the face while cleansing it after a long day of wearing makeup. This simple tool can be used to moisturize the skin, massage it and remove all the dirt. This cleansing brush costs under 1$ and you can get it at a discount if you are buying in bulk. You can make a deal between the suppliers as this could be highly demanded.

What is even more impressive is that the keyword “face cleansing brush” has about 50k monthly searches and it is one of the most trending beauty products.

Facial Cleansing Brush

9. 2019 New Fashion Sexy Women Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings

Most recently you can see that it is a high demand on searches for slimming and anti-cellulite leggings. You can easily check this information in Google Trends adding keywords “anti-cellulite leggings”.

Some of the women are choosing anti-cellulite leggings instead of the regular ones in the gym. You can easily target these types of buyers by adding a short clip where you can explain the benefits of these leggings. Also, good old-fashioned Facebook ads would let you increase your sales.

Besides, this item does “not cost a cow”, so you can easily offer any type of discount or free-shipping service.

2019 New Fashion Sexy Women Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings

10. Wireless USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Foldable Eye Massager

Beauty products like this eye massager are quite an interesting thing to try as there are a few of them in the e-market. People like to try new things especially if they work. Yes, this item can be a bit more expensive to buy compared to the other items that are listed above, but you can try and sell this massager.

“Eye massager” is getting a really big amount of searches each month (about 40k) so this proves to you that the item is on demand. You can create Google ads, Facebook ads while targeting the keyword “eye massager”.

Wireless USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Foldable Eye Massager

11. 2IN1 Iron Pro Automatic Rotating Roller Hair Curler

If you would take a look in the search results, there would be over 300k monthly searches on the keyword “hair curler”. This electronic beauty device may be changing within a few years, but it is still highly requested and you can profit from selling it online. It’s been always a great product to sell in the beauty industry.

The way your promotion will work it depends on what type of hair curler you are going to sell. If you are going to sell some particular item, you can try to film a short clip and show your audience how it is working. Also, Facebook ads are always a great option if you want to promote your item and get bigger traffic to your e-business.

2IN1 Iron Pro Automatic Rotating Roller Hair Curler

12. Handheld Bath Shower Anti Cellulite Full Body Massage Brush

A lot of people like to treat themselves even if they are having a quick shower at the beginning or at the end of the day. Well, a lot of women particularly have some problems with cellulite and the condition of their body’s skin. It is really great to have such a kind of brush where you can simply enjoy even 5 minutes per day while massaging yourself in the bathroom. This body massager allows to enjoy your shower time and reduce the amount of cellulite.

Knowing this information you can simply target women audience as men are not that likely to buy this kind of stuff. If you have a drop shipping business or if you own a personal beauty website, simply try to add this brush to your selling items and target according to the most popular keywords. You can buy this item from AliExpress and even drop ship from there for a decent amount of money and see if you are able to make a desirable profit.

Handheld Bath Shower Anti Cellulite Full Body Massage Brush

13. 4 In 1 Professional Makeup Brush

It is really handy to have one item instead of a few of them, especially when you are traveling. There are a lot of trends going on in the past few years. We have unicorn brushes or mermaid ones, but people like to have fewer things when they are on the road and having one brush that is able to do your full face is incredible.

Searches of a “makeup brushes” are skyrocketing and reaching over 500k searches per month. This item is one of the most trending beauty products to sell, so you will not be missing out if you are thinking of selling these items in your store.

4 In 1 Professional Makeup Brush

14. Beauty Photon LED Facial Mask

Electric beauty devices are always on the trend. Procedures with this mask are costing a lot of money and you will need more than one therapy. So, it is always a better choice to have your own kind of mask and use it at home.

People will search where they could buy this kind of stuff, so here you are – try to sell it on your platform. A bit more expensive than the makeup brush or an eyeliner stamp, but this is an electronic device which helps to minimize wrinkles and it is being used by a lot of women. So target women audience and explain what the mask does, what are the benefits and after a while try to release some Facebook ads.

Beauty Photon LED Facial Mask

15. Anti-wrinkle Face Cream

This final product is one of those products that never goes out of style.  It can always be sold as it offers the fountain of youth at an affordable price – what woman can resist this offer.   Make sure to bundle this cream with complimenting items such as other anti-aging products that you can find on Sell The Trend.

 Anti-wrinkle Face Cream


So 15 products in this evergreen beauty niche is a great start! but where would you go to find even more products and in other niches?  Well that’s a very easy answer, it’s called Sell The Trend.   At Sell The Trend, you can find thousands of these trending products and in over 80 popular niches, like dogs, fishing, hunting, camping and more.    Along with other huge productivity tools like video ads creator and Facebook Audience builder you will be armed with all the information you need to take a big bite out of the ecom industry.   Alright, so now that you are armed with these trending beauty products, it’s time to add them to your store and start selling!