Dropship Hair Products: Simple Way to Kick-Start your Hair Business

Dropship Hair Products: Simple Way to Kick-Start your Hair Business

Planning to start your own hair products business? Congratulations, you are starting your venture towards entrepreneurship and financial freedom. But confused about how to pick the trendy products to start your business. Don’t worry! 

Dropshipping hair products is the ultimate solution for the independent business owners to find the winning products to sell without a significant upfront capital investment. 

However, make sure to conduct thorough research before you start dropshipping hair products on your Shopify dropshipping. Find the best dropshipping hair vendors with promising deliveries, quality packaging, and market competitive prices. 

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Why Dropship Hair Extensions? 

More and more people are nowadays increasing their spending on personal grooming, beauty, and hair products like hairpieces, etc. This is because they desire a youthful appearance. According to the Mordor Intelligence report, by 2024, the hair care market is expected to grow and reach USD 116.33 billion.

The main question is, can you dropship hair? Is it profitable in the long run? Well, keep following and I’ll try my best to answer each possible question related to dropshipping hair products. 

As there is a huge demand by individuals for natural products, selling hair products will surely prove beneficial for your business. 

With the changing consumer needs, it is essential to offer a wide variety of false hair that is specifically targeted towards individual consumer needs. 

Boost the end-user confidence by investing in personal hair care items, including hair wigs and extensions. There are many reputable dropshipping hair companies offering a wide range of hair products i.e. hair solutions, wigs, extensions, false hair, and more. 

Obviously, your goal is to make sure your company has a positive image in the market. However, starting a hair brand can take plenty of effort to ramp up.

From creating a business plan, building a marketing strategy, managing inventory to running promotions, interacting on social media, you need to manage everything. This consumes abundant time, and sometimes the owners become overwhelmed. Here the powerful system of “Sell The Trend” can help you in finding winning products.

Who Buys Hair and For What Purpose?

Fashion lovers prefer buying wigs. It is like an ornament that helps them boost their personality. Whether one wants to add volume to their hair or love to have long hair, hair extensions or wigs fulfills their interest.

Not only for effortless beauty, but wigs are also used for a number of purposes. 

Let us discuss the different uses of human hair.

To Style up Natural Hair

Many people prefer changing their hairstyles frequently. But when one has a haircut, it will take time to grow. Do you think fashion lovers can wait for this long? At such times wigs or hair extensions are the preferred choices that help them make their hair longer and try new styles. 

Change the Hair Color

Not only for adding length, volume, or changing style, people also love to change the color of their hair. Though one can do this on their natural hair, it increases the risk of hair loss or damage. But with wigs, this risk is eliminated. 

Moreover, as the wigs are from real human hair, it gives a natural look to the person wearing it.

For Testing Cosmetic Products 

For designing hair products, Cosmetic chemists need to test them on weaves, tresses, and mannequin heads with real human hair. Only then they can determine the effectiveness of the product. 

This signifies that hair wigs or extensions are worth selling and will boost your business. 

Regain Lost Hair

Did you know 6.8 million people in the US and 147 million across the globe deal with alopecia areata at some point in their lives? People struggling with alopecia, hair loss, and other issues resort to either hair implants or hair extensions. 

Hair weaving via an expert stylist helps them regain their lost glory and boost confidence. They make the hairs appear longer, layered, and thicker. 

Building Bird’s Nest

You won’t fall short of bird or animal lovers in this world. Do you know birds can even use hair clippings?

Bird watching sites suggest helping birds by keeping hair clippings bags near them for their nesting material. So, bird lovers often buy human hair for birds. 

Helps in Growing Food

Do you know hair can even be used for making gardening products? Various companies use human hair to weave into mats. This, in turn, helps in protecting plant roots from insects and bad weather conditions.

The uses of human hair or wigs or extensions are endless. We have discussed some of them above. This must have given you an idea about how high the demand for hair products is there in the market. So, dropshipping hair will surely help you reap huge profits in no time.

How Hair Products Benefit Entrepreneurs?

The urge to enhance physical appearance is one of the major factors driving the hair extensions market worldwide. The rising demand for high-quality virgin hair wigs is a signal that the business is quite lucrative.

Let’s dive into why you should prefer dropshipping hair!

Easy To Start With Zero Inventory Cost

You can process with the “pay as you go” approach while selling hair. There is no need to buy the order in bulk and store it.

When the order comes, just inform your supplier, and the respective order of hair products gets shipped to your customer. It not only removes the hassle of storing wigs, but also saves you time and money.

Easy Business Entry 

As hair products are rising in demand, selling them allows you to enter the market and gain fame easily. 

By knowing about the trending and new products with the help of “Sell The Trend,” you can introduce them first in the market. This helps in building reputations, increasing sales as well as revenue.

Lifetime Customers

As there is no need for pre-buying things, this gives you the advantage to offer hair extensions of different styles and lengths to your customers. When consumers remain updated regularly with the new products, it builds trust among them and keeps them linked to your store for an extended time. 

How to Sell Hair?

Before beginning with the selling of wigs, extensions, false hair, etc. you need to understand the product ranges thoroughly. Conduct proper research to gather complete information about hair weaves and wigs. Here are the few tips that will guide you in how to sell the hair:

Understand Current Styles

When you make up your mind in selling hair wigs, extensions, etc. you need complete information about the latest wigs styles, weaves, extensions, etc. Only then you can promote them effectively. You can go through celebrity magazines to get an idea of what wig styles are currently trending.

If you are searching for a trustworthy medium, that informs you about the trending hair extension? “Sell The Trend” is the ultimate choice.

Update Wigs in Different Lengths

There are generally three sizes that users look for. These include short, medium, and long. Depending on the individual likings and interests, one can ask for the desired length. So you need to keep your online store updated with wigs of all sizes. But remember to cross-check it with your supplier for eliminating the chances of abandonment.

Add Different Textures

Along with the length, consumers also look for the hair texture. It can be straight and flat, flowing and bouncy but without any curls, curly, heat-friendly, etc. So, adding wigs with different textures also becomes necessary.

Hair Color

Hair wigs won’t fall short of colors. Some users prefer wig matching with the color of their natural hair, while others prefer different colored wigs. Again you need to be ready with the wigs of different colors to make your consumer-available with their preferred one. 

Set a Fair Price

Ultimately you are in business to earn a profit, so setting the price accordingly is necessary. Compare the price of similar products among your competitors. Then set the price that attracts your customers more because of high-quality and genuine pricing for hair wigs. Also, remember the set price makes you earn huge profits. 

Most importantly, it is the face shape that one often considers while placing an order. To make it more user-friendly, and attract customers, it would be beneficial if you also suggest that specific wig with different style, length, and texture, suits which face type. 

Eventually, the choice is of your consumer, but your suggestion can give them a better idea and helps them in the selection of the right wig or hair extension for your Shopify store. 

How to find the best supplier?

When you are selling hair extensions, the trick to make a profit is the same as your other businesses – buy at a lower price and sell at the higher and at a competitive price. This can be possible if you have a good wholesale supplier with you. 

So, to get the best price, approach different hair suppliers, compare their hair quality, prices, and time for order delivery. Measure the risks and then finalize the one that seems trustworthy and beneficial to you. 

Get Started Today! 

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