You Should Be Dropshipping Hair Products

You Should Be Dropshipping Hair Products

Looking for your first or next winning product? Well then, let me tell you about the perfect niche to explore; hair care. Many entrepreneurs have successfully grown their dropshipping businesses by dropshipping hair products. The global hair care market is worth about $87.9 billion. Haircare is essential, so your sales in this niche do not depend on trends or seasons. 

Hair products to dropship include a wide range of items such as wigs, hair extensions, tools, and even hair care products such as hair masks and wash-off dyes. 

The main question is, can you dropship hair? If so, how profitable is it? Keep following and I’ll try to answer each of these questions. 

In this article, we explain the benefits of dropshipping hair products, as well as provide best-selling products and vendors to choose from.

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Benefits of Dropshipping Hair Products

The following are some proven benefits of dropshipping hair products on your Shopify store:

The hair product market is constantly growing

The market is growing and gaining more segments. Within the hair industry, you can find so many sub-niches to target. Your products could be targeted at hair loss, curly hair, afro hair, thinning hair, dyed hair, and more. Manufacturers are constantly innovating for these sub-niches. So there’s always something new and exciting to promote towards your target market. 

Hair product trends

The hair product market easily mimics the fast fashion market. As shared earlier, manufacturers are constantly innovating to bring the next best solution to buyers. By dropshipping hair products, you can tap into this cycle and make a good profit. 

As the trends in hair styling and products evolve, you can expand your product range to target customers that constitute the growing demand. 

Is Dropshipping Hair Products Competitive?

Dropshipping hair products is a competitive market, but specifying a sub-niche and focusing on the right target market makes this sector highly profitable. 

Nowadays, people are all about the quality of the products they buy. You need to make sure that you contact the right hair vendors and hair product suppliers that not only provide the best quality products, but also provide efficient and quick service.

You can research your competitors by searching for hair dropshippers to know what you’re up against. Our Shopify Store Explorer tool shows you all the best-selling products from the big e-commerce stores in your niche. This will help you to plan out your strategies for marketing your products the right way to the right customers.

Best Selling Hair Products You Should Dropship 

Here are some of the hair products that we’ve seen perform well on the market. Explore these and as many other options as possible, to find products for your target buyers. 

  • Wigs

Good wigs are always in demand. Right now, the most popular options are human hair wigs with lace frontals and closures for a realistic effect. Buyers lookout for wigs in different textures and colours. SInce wig technology is always changing and improving, selling them works best through dropshipping. This way, you’re not stuck with old, non-trendy inventory. 

Learn more about dropshipping wigs here

You Should Be Dropshipping Hair Products

ISEE Official Store is a recommended supplier for human hair wigs. 

  • Clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions are popular among people who want to wear their hair with added volume and length. Your target customers could be older people with thinning hair, or people with shorter hair. The unique aspect of dropshipping clip-ins is that each customer will need a different color and texture mix that blends in with their natural hair. 

You Should Be Dropshipping Hair Products

LISI Hair is a recommended supplier for affordable synthetic clip-ins. 

  • Hair accessories

Hair accessories are versatile. They can range from classy and formal to fun and silly. Accessories are also trendy, so checkout social media content from your target demographic to see what’s in style. 

You Should Be Dropshipping Hair Products

OCOAC is a recommended seller for trendy hairpins and other hair accessories. 

  • Hairstyling tools

If you’re planning to sell styling tools, then you know that they can be expensive to buy in bulk. Which makes dropshipping the perfect option to explore. With tools like this, you can also add a significant markup to improve your profit margin. You can also work with the supplier to label the products with your branding before shipping. 

You Should Be Dropshipping Hair Products

Hairdressing Supplies Stores is a recommended supplier for hairstyling tools. 

Other Recommended Vendors for Hair and Hair Products 

Finding the best dropshipping hair suppliers is crucial for your business. Here are some reliable and famous hair product suppliers to look for trending hair products for your business.

Sapphire Hair is an AliExpress Top Brand supplier with great ratings from buyers. This supplier provides human hair extensions in different styles and lengths. They also ship from both China and the United States. 

Leeons is a top-rated AliExpress supplier that not only offers hair extensions in different lengths but in a variety of lengths too. ePacket is available if you’re shipping to the US and some other countries.

Reera Jewelrye Store offers trending and fashionable hair accessories from clips to scrunchies. This supplier is a Top Brand supplier with excellent ratings. ePacket is available to select countries. 

RuoShui High Quality Hair bow Store is another Top Brand AliExpress supplier with beautiful hair accessories. They offer accessories from pearly and sparkly hairpins to pearl hair ties and stunning hair bows. ePacket is available for select countries. 

From their reviews and ratings, we can see that AOFEILEI supplies top-quality hair styling tools. They offer a variety of products such as hair straighteners, curling brushes and curling irons. ePacket is available for select countries. 

Need more suppliers recommendations for your hair business? Here is a list of 12 recommended dropshipping hair companies


By dropshipping hair products, you can reach several demographics with unique offers they will love. The best thing about dropshipping is that it saves you time and money for storing inventory, packaging, and shipping, which makes it a highly profitable business model. 

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