Can You Dropship Jewelry?

Can You Dropship Jewelry?

Yes, dropshippers have shown great interest in the jewelry industry in 2020. With so many sub-niches, online jewelry sales are dramatically increasing – making this niche worth for your next dropshipping store. 

Like any other online business, one must devise an adequate business plan to start dropshipping jewelry. Following is a step-by-step guide to dropship jewelry:

Select Jewelry Type

As mentioned above, this niche has a lot of sub-niches i.e. enamel, quill, plastic, diamond, crystal, and fashion jewelry. Novice dropshippers have two options here; either make an online store selling all kinds of jewelry items or some specific items. 

When selecting a niche or sub-niche, make sure to determine the profits, shipping cost, targeted audience, product’s trend, and demand. 

Competition Research

Note that you’ll have to sell against other dropshipping stores that might be selling the same products as you. If you think that selecting products with little to no competition works, that probably means that those products have no demand in the market. 

It is recommended to look for products that do have competition but aren’t locally available to your targeted audience. 

Find Reliable Suppliers

Finding the wrong suppliers can make ruin your jewelry dropshipping business. If you own a Shopify store, integrate Oberlo with your online store and you might be able to get in touch with some reliable jewelry suppliers. 

Another option is to look for suppliers directly on AliExpress. There are many jewelry suppliers available on Alibaba too!

Find Trending Products to Sell Online

If the above-mentioned steps seem too much for you, you can simply go for dropshipping tools and platforms available online. With that being said, Sell The Trend is one of the best product research tools to find winning WOW Factor products. 

It isn’t just a product discovery tool but a one-in-all solution to your marketing needs too. The Facebook Ads Explorer, Social Media Engagement Calculator, Facebook Audience Builder, and Video Ads Creator are some other features that make Sell The Trend stand out of the box. 

You can find hundreds of jewelry trending products on Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify stores at Sell The Trend

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