Dropship Jewelry in the USA – 5 Valuable Steps for Up and Coming Vendors

Dropship Jewelry in the USA—5 Valuable Steps for Up and Coming Vendors

If you’re currently operating a business, you have the privilege to do so in one of the most interesting times in history. Who would have guessed 100 years ago that consumers can order almost any product—even jewelry—from anywhere in the world AND receive it safely? Best of all is that new business methods mean more opportunities matched with less risk for entrepreneurs, which is why dropshipping jewelry has become so popular.

Rather than having a brick and mortar retail outlet, by opting to rather dropship jewelry USA vendors manage certain risk factors more effectively.

The question is, can you dropship jewelry? Yes! Keep following and learn more about benefiting from your jewelry dropshipping store.

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Jewelry Dropshipping: Why it’s a Smart Business Decision

Why not get your hands on even a small percentage of a $70 Billion market? That’s how much money is involved in the jewelry industry at large!

Also, selling jewelry is a smart long-term business decision since this industry is bound to keep on making profit no matter what happens in the world. Owning jewelry has never gone out of fashion and there will always be someone in love that’s looking for an engagement ring.

Other benefits of running a jewelry dropshipping business include:

  • Compared to a physical store, you don’t have to pay as much for insurance because you won’t keep stock on your own premises.
  • You can get started with your new business even if you don’t have a lot of capital on hand, since you don’t have to purchase the stock in order to showcase them in a shopfront.
  • You can grow faster because you’ll have more time to spend planning and working on your business. The manufacturers and dropshipping vendors handle many tasks such as packaging and shipping themselves, so you have fewer responsibilities.
  • You don’t run the risk of spending money on expensive jewelry items that may never sell.
  • Studies have shown that among many other types of merchandise, jewelry is one of the best dropshipping niches in terms of the number of sales; second only to ladies’ clothes. Watches, which can be part of your jewelry dropshipping business, also rank high.

You can see why many vendors have decided to dropship jewelry US clients are ordering, rather than focusing on brick and mortar stores. The jewelry industry can be your key to business success; but with expensive merchandise such as jewels, no decision can be taken lightly. Let’s help you make smart decisions for your jewelry business.

United States of America Jewelry Dropshipping—How to Get it Right

So, it’s clear that you’re making a smart business decision by investing in this niche in the USA. But how exactly do you get dropshipping jewelry right in America? Get started by making sure you align with these few tips.

Showcase the Right Pieces

In any business, you need to offer services and products your target audience will respond to the best. If you’re just starting out and not sure what to focus on in the United States, start with showcasing necklaces and pendants. Year on year they usually draw the most consumer interest when it comes to online shopping.

Make Allowances for Returns

Purchasing jewelry can be a huge expense for your US clients and they won’t easily part with their dollars if they’re not sure of getting value for money. They’re aware that they may receive a new ring or choker that doesn’t fit them at all. To give them peace of mind and ensure they commit to sales, display a detailed return and exchange policy on your website.

Of course, you first need to discuss this matter with your suppliers so you know what you can promise your clients and how to manage possible returns, exchanges or refunds.

Integrate Multi-Channel Selling if Possible

Perhaps you’re considering expanding your brick and mortar jewelry store in the States by also creating an online platform and using dropshipping because of its many benefits. For optimal customer satisfaction it’s smart to integrate these two aspects, especially to manage customer satisfaction.

For example, a client who purchases a ring online but found it to be too small once it arrives may prefer visiting your store. During an exchange in store they can make sure they get the perfect fit the first time.

Cater for Periods of High Traffic

For best results when you dropship jewelry USA vendors need to keep a close eye on the market and analyze sales trends throughout the year. There are definite peak times for jewelry selling, such as Mother’s Day or Christmas, where you need to take extra care:

  • Adjust your marketing to suit the season by showcasing products appropriate to the particular niche.
  • Remember, you can’t be present during each step of the dropshipping process so you need to plan ahead to prevent as many mishaps as possible. Ensure your suppliers as well as dropshipping vendors can cope with increased sales so purchases won’t arrive late. A late delivery on an important day can lead to negative reviews, so it’s essential you plan ahead.

Use Custom Packaging to Build Your Brand

Jewelry is a luxury item so your clients from the United States of America may expect that ‘wow-factor’ even if you operate a dropshipping jewelry business. To add a personal touch, order custom packaging and tissue paper if your suppliers & dropshipping vendors will agree to using it for your sales.

Final Thoughts

Dropshipping does have challenges, such as the fact that you can’t manage all parts of the process or check the merchandise before it reaches your clients. But if you can get a few basics right, you can impress clients anywhere in the States or even abroad.

Modern technology and transportation have transformed how jewelry businesses work and both consumers & vendors benefit. But it’s not all easy sailing, right?

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If you have more questions about making the most of modern resources for niche businesses such as jewelry selling, leave a comment below so we can assist.