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Winning Products Friday Episode 181

Hey fellas

First off, we wish you a happy, splendid new year! We hope this year brings you a lot of good tidings. 

It’s that time of the week again when we show you some hot-selling products you should be selling on your dropshipping website. 

The NEXUS, our AI-powered product research engine, found this Waterproof Sports Bag, and we want to talk about it in today’s episode. 

Why bother dropshipping this product? 

Firstly, it’s difficult not to notice that this product has generated a lot of sales: a whopping 2,600+ orders.

That’s some serious orders!

This is proof that this product is selling hot like wildfire, and there is no better time to start selling it than now. 

In addition, it’s a good product to start with if you plan to start your dropshipping journey this 2023 and are looking to rack up your first batch of sales. 

But how profitable is this sports bag product really? 

Well, the answer is in the screenshot already. 

At an average cost of $5.84 and a selling price of $23.88, you will make about $18 each time you sell this product. 

Then imagine selling just 100 units of this product in a month. That’s $1,800 in cool profits, and without keeping any inventory. Cool, huh?!

Still doubtful about this dropshipping product? Here’s the thing: people buy products online for two major reasons: solve a problem or fulfil a craving. 

In the case of this bag, people will want to buy it to make it easy for them to move their stuff around during their sporting activities, regardless of the weather. 

So it solves a major problem for sports lovers, making them willing to buy it.  

Besides high sales volume, an enticing profit margin and desirability, there are many other reasons why dropshipping this product makes a lot of sense. Let’s have a look at some of them: 

Why this product?

When deciding if a product is worth dropshipping, it’s important to check how sellers and buyers feel about it. 

Lucky for you, Sell the Trend makes it super easy to do such kind of background research. 

If you scroll down a little to the Orders Trend section, you will see this chart:

Did you notice how the demand for this sports bag has been climbing steeply for a while now? Products with an Orders Trend this steep are hot sellers! They are highly popular with shoppers, and their demand doesn’t fade out easily.

In addition, they are also popular with Sellers. How did we know this? 

If you switch to Stores Trend, you will see this chart: 

This chart also shows this bag is popular with sellers. 

So far, The NEXUS has picked six stores selling this product. 

Convinced already? 

The next step is creating a compelling Facebook ad to promote this product. 

But creating Facebook ads that convert isn’t easy, especially if you are new to it. 

What to do? Take inspiration from those that have done it before. 

That said, here are some related Facebook ads that are worth taking a cue from. 

  1. This ad from Super Sale PH Bag

     2. This other ad from Zhozeoa store is also worthy of inspiration.

Ready to add this product to your store? 

Sell the Trend makes it super easy to import products into your dropshipping store from Aliexpress or CJDropshipping, and you can do so with a few clicks of the button. 

If you don’t have a store yet, you can easily create one using SHOPS, our intuitive drag-and-drop design editor that enables you to create stunning storefronts for your dropshipping business. Best of all, it’s currently free to use; you only need to create an account with Sell the Trend to start using it. 

Ready to try out Sell the Trend? 

Sign up for an account right away.