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Winning Products Friday Episode 173

Hey Folks!

It’s nice to see you again on another awesome episode of our Winning Products Friday, where we share hot-selling products that can make you a ton of sales. 

In today’s episode, we will be sharing this Snore Guard/Anti-snoring device.  At a first glance, you can easily notice that this product has generated over 12,000 orders for retailers selling it. 

That’s a feat only a few products can match. 

This is clear proof that there are a lot of people with snoring issues, and they are actively looking for products like this to help them overcome their challenges. 

As such, you won’t have much trouble finding customers if you decide to list this product on your dropshipping store because there is a high demand for it. 

Besides high sales volume, you can also notice that it has an excellent product insights rating of 5. This indicates it has several desirable qualities that make it a product of choice for both sellers and buyers. 

Okay, enough of the preamble; let’s now get into details. 

Why this product? 

Dropshipping the right product can make you a fortune. And by a “right” product, we mean products that are in demand, solve a problem, and have a good profit margin. This anti-snore device fits all these criteria. 

To begin with, the demand for this product is crazy right now. We know this because The NEXUS, Sell the Trend’s A.I-powered product research tool, discovered that this product has generated over $330,000 in sales from over 12,300 orders. 

On top of that, this product helps loved ones of people suffering from snoring sleep well at night. So it solves a very big problem for consumers. 

Furthermore, it has an insane profit margin of $23.53. Imagine selling just 100 units of this product in a month. You’d walk with $2,300 in profits. Cool, isn’t it? It definitely is!

Okay, this product has a fantastic profit margin and solves a problem; is that all there is to it? Certainly not – there are many more interesting things you need to know about it.  

Impressive stats

This product has some impressive stats that prove it isn’t going out of trend anytime soon. One is the Orders Trend. Here’s what the Orders Trend of this product looks like:


As you can see from the chart, the demand for this product has been steadily rising in the last couple of months, and it is not looking like it will decline anytime soon, proving it’s very popular with buyers. 

In addition, it is also popular with sellers. If you switch to the Stores Trend tab, you will see this: 

You can easily deduce from the chart above that there’s a lot of sellers interest around this product. So far, The NEXUS has picked up 4 stores selling it. 

It will also interest you to know that market competition around this product is low, making it ideal for new to mid-level dropshippers looking to rack up sales without spending much on ads. 

Talking about ads, some stores are already making a killing selling this product on Facebook with their ads. Here’s one from SnoreRX

Here’s another one from Vital Sleep

You can take inspiration from these ads when creating yours. 

Ready to add this product to your store? 

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