Winning Products Friday Episode 171

Hey Folks

It’s nice to see you again on our 171st episode of Winning Products Friday. As we usually do, we will share a hot-trending product that can make you tons of sales. 

In today’s episode, we would like to show you this cool LED Galaxy Star Planetarium Projector

Wait, do people even buy projectors these days? Well, guess what? They do! This led projector product proves that. 

But why would anyone want to buy an LED projector? Well, if nothing else, it’s an excellent bedroom decor product that can make a dull room come alive with brilliant colors. 

This planetarium projector has been sold over 1,300 times, proving that people are stopping at nothing to buy it.  

This goes to show that a lot of people are actively looking for this product and won’t mind spending almost $70 to get it.

And you know the cool part? It has a mouth-watering profit margin to it: a whopping $36.91. That’s almost 100% profits. Can you beat that? Only a few products have a profit margin half as close. 

Imagine selling 100 units of this product in a month. You’d make almost $3,700 in profits, enough to get yourself a vacation to the Bahamas. 

Besides a high-profit margin, another thing you can notice right off the gate about this product is its 5-star product insights rating. This indicates that it has many desirable qualities that make it a hot seller in the market. 

Why this product? 

So yeah, this product has a nice profit margin and an excellent product insights rating. Is that all there is to it? Definitely not!

First off, it is attractive and eye-catching. And you know, people love to buy stuff that pleases their eyes, even if it doesn’t have an intrinsic value. So they will definitely want to buy this product from your dropshipping store as it will help lighten up their rooms and make them radiant. 

The other reasons to dropship this product are as follows: 

Impressive stats

You wouldn’t want to list a product that appears to be selling hot at the moment only to fade out almost immediately after you list it on your website. To guard against that, it’s important to check the product’s trend over time. 

The NEXUS, our A.I-powered product research tool, found out that this product has been trending consistently, demand-wise. 

As you can see, this product isn’t going out of trend any time soon. 

Another important metric to check before deciding if a product is a good fit for your store is its popularity with sellers. 

If you switch from Orders Trend to Stores Trend, you will see this: 

This chart shows that stores have been consistently listing this product. So far, NEXUS has found 7 stores selling it. 

So, this LED Project is not only popular with buyers; it’s also popular with sellers. 

Did we forget to mention that the competition around this product is low, and the market for it isn’t saturated yet? 

In fact, here is a quick breakdown of this product’s insight: 

It will also interest you to know that you can easily source this product from Aliexpress via Sell the Trend. 

Ready to add this product to your store? 

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