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Winning Product Friday Episode 238

Hey there!

It’s Friday again, and you know the drill, right? It’s Winning Product Friday!

If it’s your first time here, you might wonder what Winning Product Friday is all about. Every Friday, we review products we found online, particularly on TikTok, that are selling well and are profitable – hence the name.

By helping you find these trending products, we’d save you the hours you would have otherwise spent on product research. This means more time to focus on more important aspects of your dropshipping business, such as marketing. 

So, what product are we reviewing today? It’s none other than this multi-purpose Alarm Clock. Multi-purpose because it can serve as a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charging device, a countdown timer, and also a radio. 

Here’s a snapshot of the product video: 

A couple of interesting things you can notice by merely glancing at the screenshot above: 

  • This product video has been viewed 9.8K times – and counting – on TikTok. 
  • Those views have amounted to 365 likes, 19 shares, and 3 comments. 

These numbers may not look like much, but they prove one thing: this product is getting fairly good attention. And if it’s getting attention, you can bet it will make you good sales when you put it on the market. 

Here’s another interesting thing about this multi-purpose alarm clock: 

The chart you see above is what we refer to as the Real Trends Chart. It depicts how consumer interest in a product has changed over time. As you can see, that interest has been going strong since January when we started tracking it. 

How to start dropshipping this product

Excited already and can’t wait to start promoting this product to make your cool cash? We are excited for you too, and want to make that happen. 

The very first thing you have to do is to find the right supplier to source the product from. You just can’t get this wrong because the wrong supplier would make your life a living hell. 

Finding the right supplier and importing products into your store is very easy when you use Sell The Trend. 

Don’t have an online store yet? We recommend you build one using SHOPS. SHOPS is our intuitive visual website editor that enables you to create stunning storefronts for your dropshipping business. It’s easy to use and very pocket-friendly.

For marketing, try running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. If you know little about Facebook ads, we recommend you take our no-nonsense Facebook ads course. It’s very beginner-friendly and extensively detailed.