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Winning Product Friday Episode 234

Hey folks!

We are delighted to have you on another awesome episode of our Winning Product Friday because it’s another opportunity for us to help you supercharge your dropshipping hustle. 

Understandably, finding the right products to dropship is one of the toughest parts of running a dropshipping business. We believe that by helping you do the research, you’d have enough time to focus on what matters the most: marketing. 

Interestingly, we’ve done our research over the week and found a hot-selling product you can start dropshipping right away to make good sales. 

And what product is that? It is no other than this Cordless Stick Vacuum produced by LG. In case you are wondering, we found this product on TikTok. Here’s a snapshot of the product video: 

This is by far one of the trendiest products we’ve reviewed. If you observe closely, you will notice that the video has garnered 1M plays on TikTok so far. In other words, TikTok users have viewed the video 1 million times. 

What’s more, it’s picked up 82.5K likes, 893 shares, and 241 comments, which translates into an engagement rating of 8.4%, which, if you ask us, is pretty high. 

These numbers are indicative of one thing: a lot of people have an interest in this product. This means when you eventually start promoting this product, you won’t have much trouble making sales. 

Here’s another proof that attests to that: 

The chart you see above is what we refer to as the Real Trends Chart. It illustrates how consumers’ interest in a product has changed with time. It’s easy to deduce that buyers’ interest in this cordless vacuum cleaner has been going strong for a while now and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing yet. 

If this doesn’t convince you that this product is a potential hot-seller, we don’t know what else can. 

What’s the next step? 

Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen the potential this product has and are ready to explore it. The next step is to find the right supplier to get the product from. The supplier you work with is an important decision you must make carefully. This is because working with the wrong one can harm your business reputation and drive away your customers. 

Finding the right supplier is very easy when you use Sell The Trend. All you have to do is click the Supplier Finder button like so: 

Don’t have an online store yet? You can build one in minutes using SHOPS. SHOPS is our intuitive visual website editor that enables you to create stunning storefronts for your dropshipping business. It’s easy to use and very pocket-friendly.

For marketing, try running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. If you know little about Facebook ads, we recommend you take our no-nonsense Facebook ads course. It’s very beginner-friendly and extensively detailed.

Need inspiration for your ad setup? Check out this ad campaign from Women’s Health.