Automated Order Fulfillment
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Automated Order Fulfillment

The best way to get your orders out on-time, on-track, and with perfect customer satisfaction— all with an automated system that frees you to run your business.

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A Dropshipper's Order Fulfillment App.

Automated order fulfillment with Sell the Trend is the best system for dropshipping store owners to ship their products to customers around the globe.

Loaded with features designed with real dropshippers in mind, you’ll never worry about another order getting to its destination again- and neither will your customers, which will keep them coming back to you time and time again. Try It Now

Success stories

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I’ve done over $100K from Sell The Trend and now have tools for video creation, Facebook targeting, landing page design as well as product research.

Kyle Brattan

Member Since 2020

Success Story

member story

I am projecting products I have found on the site to generate $40,000 in sales by the end of this month. Cheers to Sell The Trend for serving as a platform to easily find winning products.

Yash Shah

Member Since 2019

Success Story

member story

As I close another month with $10,000+ in sales, I cannot forget to thank SELL THE TREND. I want you to know that with persistence, commitment & patience, you can become a “Success Story” too.

Nelson Muriuki

Member Since 2020

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Key Benefits

Save Time & Reduce Fulfillment Errors

Everything from copying addresses to ensuring shipping info and order contents are correct can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when your store begins to take off. Automating these processes doesn’t just save you time— it reduces errors that can lead to unhappy customers.

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Retain More Customers with a Great Shipping Experience

Automated tracking codes and auto-generated order updates are sent right to customer’s email, which all add up to a great customer experience that turns one-off customers into loyal fans of your business.

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Simplify Your Workflow

Streamline your dropshipping process by managing multiple stores from a single account, seamlessly switching between stores and automating processes across all of them.

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Discover the Power of Sell The Trend's Order Fulfillment

1-click order fulfillment

1-Click Order Fulfillment

Once an order shows up on Sell The Trend, it's only one click to send all the order information directly to the supplier.

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remap shipping options

Change Shipping Options On-the-Fly

Instantly shift your shipping options for products, changing from inexpensive overseas shipping or faster local shipping depending on your specific needs.

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bulk order fulfillment and processing

Bulk Order Processing

Process hundreds of orders with a single click with our bulk order feature, the best way to manage large quantities of orders without sacrificing hours of your time.

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NEXUS Product Research

Swap Suppliers in a Flash

Favorite supplier no longer stocking one of your products? Quickly switch to another highly rated supplier from the USA, Europe, or International using our A.I. Supplier List.

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our member say

Cherrie H.

I'm an e-commerce VA and part of my duty is to search for the best product research tool online. I've found Sell The Trend via Instagram ads and suggested to my client right away. He asked me to review 3 product research tools including Sell The Trend and made a brief review. The winner is Sell The Trend because of the Nexus tab.

DeAndre C.

Since I’ve seen others contribute testimonials in the group, I figured I’ll follow suit. So I’ve started a fb campaign... and since yesterday I’ve made 2 sales! I couldn’t believe it! It’s nothing substantial or a lot of money but for someone who’s never done this before and to actually make something, it’s exciting! I wrote Sell The Trend for support. I asked them what I could do to improve my store and they gave me so much solid feedback!

Christine A.

I wish I found this website before watching 100 YouTube videos on how to setup a store. This site literally guides you from finding the product to pushing it to your store to making ads. This helps a lot!

Samuel F.

Being a technical person, i appreciate all the details i can see about a product im interested in selling, gives me confidence to promote it. With all the tools that Sell The Trend has, I have all the information I need to made the right decisions about which products to add to my shop. Sell The Trend has been a real game changer for me.

Niki T.

Awesome people behind this company. Had an issue with the account, which was resolved within minutes of me reaching out. Although this would help out my competitors, I do highly recommend this company.

Tajay C.

I signed up and it’s a surprisingly good website... great job guys! This solves a major problem for people struggling to find winning products!

Yash S.

I am projecting products I have found on the site to generate about $40,000 in sales by the end of this month. Amazing platform that is super valuable. I would definitely say check it out if you have issues with finding the proper products to market. Cheers to Sell The Trend for serving as a great platform to easily find winning products.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s an example of how the dropshipping order process completes. The customer places the order on the dropshipping store, the dropshipper places the order with its supplier/manufacturer, the supplier ships the order. The dropshipping store then alerts the customer when the order has shipped. The dropshipper keeps profit which is the difference between the sale price and the supplier price. Note that it is up to the dropshipper to set the profit margin.

Yes, there are many order fulfillment platforms and solutions that help you automate the dropshipping process. For example, Sell The Trend’s 1–click order fulfillment automatically sends your orders to your supplier and insures they are shipped on-time and on-track - keeping your customers satisfied with end to end delivery tracking.

Dropshipping is a business model in which the retailer promotes, sells, and accepts orders for inventory that the manufacturer/supplier owns. The products are stored, owned, and shipped by the supplier. Order fulfillment is the process of hiring a third-party company to handle the resource-intensive tasks. The order fulfillment company places the order and keeps track of the inventory for the dropshipper.

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