Finding Success through Failure [A Dropshipping Success Story]

“If running a successful business from your laptop was easy, everyone would do it. Go out there and leave it all on the table”

How Kyle Brattan set off to success after a 4 year search.

Kyle Brattan is 23 years old and lives in New York, the city that never sleeps. He lives in an era where people are switching to online businesses rather than opening brick and mortar stores.

Since his teenage years, Kyle was determined to be independent. Kyle wanted to provide for himself and pay for his education. However, he did not stumble upon the right path until he turned 23 years old.

He experimented with many online business opportunities while he was still studying. When he was 19, he decided to become an entrepreneur even though he had no idea where this path would lead him. He tried out various business models but none of them got him what he wanted. Even if it earned him money, it was not of his interest. After 1 year of struggling with entrepreneurship and its complex models, he decided to leap on SEO.

“After that, I dabbled in SEO”

To his surprise, SEO was not as easy as it seems on the internet. You’d have to follow all the protocols, be an expert, have some experience, and work like a maniac before you can expect profit out of your hard work.

Even though he had tried 2 business models by now, Kyle was not giving it from the heart. Sure, both options seemed to have the lowest risks financially but none of them matched his true interests.

After a while, he switched to brokering wholesale deals and social media to small-scale businesses but according to him, ‘nothing ever quite stuck’.

Fortunately, Kyle had a buddy who motivated him to start his e-commerce journey in October 2019. It was his friend who got him on board, but he had been seeing thousands of dropshipping videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He decided to give it a try. Who knew he would be finally on his way to success?

Kyle launched his first-ever e-commerce store in 2019 but he did not know how he was going to manage the store. The e-commerce business was new to him and he had limited knowledge about routine business practices, cash flow, or finances. It was like a baby learning to walk again.

Even though he made mistakes in the first year of e-commerce business, such as spending money on products and advertising without knowing e-commerce basics, this was the year where he learned a lot. Even though he managed to make a few sales, he was extremely disappointed as the return on investment was quite low, even for a start-up.

“Spending your hard-earned cash and not making money from it can be terrifying and soul-sucking”

At one point, he was too terrified and scared to continue dropshipping.

Kyle was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His financial resources were limited at the time and the money he earned from dropshipping was not sufficient to invest any more in his e-commerce store.

He decided to take a 6-month break from e-commerce for a change. With renewed motivation he would now strike out again to accomplish his dream of financial independence as an entrepreneurs

Soon enough, Kyle was able to find something in the industry that could help his e-commerce business thrive and prosper. The combination was a seeking the right education and the right tools. While he was enrolled in a dropshipping course, He decided to investigate different tools that can help him locate products to sell as well as manage his dropshipping business.

He Landed on Sell The Trend’s Dropshipping App. E-commerce platforms like Sell the Trend recognize the struggle of novice e-commerce shippers and integrate guiding opportunities and comprehensive training resources into their services for a better chance at success.

How Did Sell The Trend Help Kyle?

Soon after Kyle joined Sell The Trend he was able to find his very own Winning Product on the platform and started making consistent sales.

Sell The Trend made Kyle realize he doesn’t need to sell the products that people want. However, it was more about finding products that people need.

Most of the products listed on Sell The Trend were either problem-solvers or or connect on personal or emotional level with their audience. This was the turning point for Kyle.

“Don’t think that because you make a sale after $100 spend on ads, you’re doing stuff right. You are not.”

According to Kyle, “Sell the Trend is great because it quickly inputs product descriptions which can take a long time”.

All this can also be done manually, but as an entrepreneur, you must have more important things to do than worrying about product descriptions or product importing and order fulfillment.

Now, Kyle does not work hard but smart. With the right social media strategies and smart Facebook targeting, Sell The Trend has helped Kyle skyrocket his dropshipping career.

One of the wisest advices he must give to novice shippers is,

“Try and find products that people need, not want”

Many novice shippers make the same mistake as Kyle. Without knowing the basics, they jump into the e-commerce business and end up spending $200 to make one sale which is not sustainable.

Kyle flunked out on many online business models before landing on the one that changed his life forever. Today, his store has all the untapped winners he could ever need and he’s there competing among the best sellers in the business.

It took Kyle 4 years, lots of sleepless nights and Sell the Trend’s product research system to get where he is today.

He faces highs and lows, just like any other dropshipper, but knowledge of the winning products and trends has made him the expert entrepreneur that he is today.