10 Trending Products to Sell Online This Summer

In 2019, there are about 1.92 billion e-commerce buyers worldwide. Have you been trying to find trending products to sell online? Every product you decide to sell is either outdated or there aren’t enough people interested in it.

Then how are your competitors able to make enormous sales almost every time of the year. Well, that’s probably because they’re targeting different types of products to sell different times of the year.

You wouldn’t expect to sell leather jackets in summer, would you? That’s how it works! In simple words, your e-commerce store must have a handy of categories for different time of the year, different audience, and different age-group. Sounds fair enough?

As this article talks about the best yet trending products to sell this summer, let’s get straight to the point.

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Trending Products to Sell in Summer

2019 is the year of doers. If you’re willing to put every bit of effort you have in your career this year, you have a great chance at turning your life around. Talking about trending products, most of you are aware that Sell The Trend is certainly the best App to find trending products to sell online.

But to help you have a broad idea of some trending summer products, our digital marketing experts conducted thorough research to find the following trending products or categories to sell this summer.    But not everyone has the time or patience to do all that research, so our experts then logged into Sell The Trend and with a simple search found thousands of products in these 10 categories that you can one-click add to your store right now and start selling this summer.

#1 Shapewear

Shapewear is one of the most trending niches in the e-commerce market. From the past few years, it has completely dominated the fitness market and its popularity is expected to increase in the coming years. Let’s take a look at the Google Trends stats for the term “Shapewear”.

Google Trends Analysis Shapewear

We see that the interest has increased since 2004 and is expected to increase even further. According to Oberlo, the shapewear product category is expected to make $5.6 billion by the end of 2022.

Shapewear lies in the women fashion and fitness product category. And if by any chance, you’re targeting women on your e-commerce store, adding a separate category for such products is a good choice. Using keywords like “shapewear for gym” is “breathable shapewear” can generate you a good amount of sales.   let’s search on Sell The Trend for “shapewear”

trending shapewear

#2 Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers 2019

Believe it or not, most of your targeted audience has already planned summer vacations. Some are going to beaches while the others have planned the weekend to the nearest or farthest hill station. In this regard, having wireless yet water-resistant Bluetooth speakers on your store is a good choice.

Let’s talk a look at Google Trends Stats for the term “Bluetooth speaker”.

Google Trends Analysis of Bluetooth Speakers

Overall, the demand for waterproof Bluetooth speakers has increased for the past few years. From prolonged vacations to one-day hike, the one thing people aren’t able to forget is Bluetooth speakers – including you.

Make sure the Bluetooth speakers you decide to sell are of good quality, available at a moderate price, and has quick shipping (if you’re drop shipping).   A quick search on Sell The Trend results in many options including the following top “bluetooth speakers” sellers.

bluetooth speakers for dropshipping

#3 Portable Blenders

Yet another most used product of summer. Being able to blend anywhere in the house without worrying about electricity makes summer even more interesting. A portable blender is just the right product for fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and housewives – covering large audience results in more sales.

Moreover, it is expected to stay on the rise for the coming 2-3 years. Guess what? Portable blenders aren’t expensive at all so more and more people are buying it without a second thought.

Here is a quick trend analysis of portable blenders by Google Trends.

Portable Blenders for Fitness Enthusiasts

We see that after 5 years; portable blenders are still rising in 2019 and are expected to rise for the next few years.   Let’s search on Sell The Trend

portable blenders

#4 Manicure Kits

Hands After Manicure

Everyone wants to make a change this summer. The harshness of summer affects our body as well. Therefore, women are always on the quest to make quick visits to the parlous – taking care of their skin and beauty. Whether it’s 2009, 2019, or 2029, manicure kits will always stay in the trending product list.

Here is a good trend analysis of manicure kits by Google Trends:

Google Trends Analysis Manicure Kits

Thereby, selling manicure kits that will let skin-care enthusiasts perform manicure at home will definitely yield you a good amount of sales. A must-have product category for a skincare or beauty e-commerce store.  Lets look for “manicure” on sell the trend…

manicure kits

#5 Travel Accessories

Travel Kit

As discussed earlier, more and more people are planning the trip of a lifetime this summer in 2019. In the ever-evolving traveling market, people are always excited about visiting new places and hang out with their loved ones during the summer. This is why selling traveling accessories at your e-commerce store is a good choice.

Here is a quick trend analysis of traveling niche worldwide by Google Trends:

Popularity of Travel Places

So, which products are included in the “travel accessories” category? You can use a keyword research tool like Keywords Everywhere to find high-volume yet low-competition products. Some common traveling products include sunglasses, wristwatch, selfie stick, travel kit bag, portable camera, power bank, multi-bag stacker, and anything you can think of.  A quick search on sell the trend results in many options including the following top sellers

travel accessories

#6 Retro Sunglasses

Retro sunglasses is by far the most popular yet important product to use this summer. In fact, sunglasses is a summer essential. Skin conscious wouldn’t go out in summer without having sunglasses. And guess what? An average person buys sunglasses almost every year. Retro sunglasses doesn’t only look but they also protect you from harmful UV rays.

Therefore, retro sunglasses clearly made into the list of trending products to sell this summer. Here is what Google Trends has to say about selling sunglasses on your e-commerce store.


In a nutshell, adding retro sunglasses to your e-commerce store to sell this summer would definitely be a good choice.   You can grab lots of retro sunglasses ideas on Sell The Trend

Trending retro sunglasses

#7 Smartwatches


Yet another advancement of the 21st century – smartwatches are trending these days. Do you know that about 1.2 billion smartwatches are sold every year? And the trend is still rising with every passing day. In 2019, people are still on the quest to buying themselves a smartwatch. Whether your targeted audience is a bunch of people interested in tech, health, or fitness, they’ll go for a quality smartwatch without a second thought.

Here is what Google Trends has to say about the smartwatch’s trends during the past few years:

Smartwatch Trends by Google Trends

Thus, now is the right time to find the best smartwatches on the market and categorize them in your store under the tech or fitness section. Yes, some of them also let you know about the pulse rate, heart rate, calories burned, and more fitness stats – making it the perfect trending product to sell this summer.  let’s see what Sell The Trend has..

smartwatches to sell this usmmer

#8 Simple Jewelry

Is there a specific season to sell jewelry online? That’s a huge no, but if we’re talking about minimalist jewelry items, it’s definitely a “maybe”. During summer when all of us are sweating, women still want to look beautiful. This is where minimalist jewelry comes in handy.

During the last few years, marketers noticed a quick rise in the sales of minimalist jewelry. The competition is still low so if you manage to find high-volume yet low-competition keywords, you have a good chance making enormous sales this summer.

Here is what Google Trends say about the trends of minimalist jewelry over the past few years:

Jewelry Google Trends

While there is an overall decline in the jewelry businesses worldwide, online sales are increasing day-by-day. Thus, head over to the best-selling product pages of marketplaces like AliExpress, Etsy, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay and find the trending jewelry items to sell this summer.  Looking for “simple jewelry” on sell the trend comes back with lots of options include these:

simple jewellery

#9 Swimsuits

No one can’t say no to a high-quality, affordable, and unique swimsuit in summer. When you succeed in providing the best products in the market, you have the potential to dominate all your competitors.

It’s common sense that almost everyone who doesn’t have a swimsuit will buy one this summer. So, having an exclusive category of swimsuits in your e-commerce store will definitely make a difference.

Let’s take a look at Google Trends stats and determine what it says about Swimsuits:

Google Trends Swimsuits Analysis

The zigzag shape of the graph shoes that every summer, the sales growth of swim suits increase by 200-300%. Therefore, now is the right time find the best swimsuits in the market and put them on your e-commerce store. Sounds fair enough?  And a quick search on Sell The Trend brings in a whole lotta of swimwear options:

swimwear to sell this summer

Let’s break this one down a little further by clicking on the product research button for the first swimwear.   Here you will see some selling variables like product cost an profit margin.  you can also see some of the stores selling this product and be able to go directly to their product page and and see how they are writing their sales copy, which is awesome for quick inspiration when you are adding this to your own store.  You will also be able to see the Order chart as well as laser focused Facebook interest targeting you can use in your facebook ad campaigns.    There are buttons to source this item directly from Aliexpress, create a video ad for this product and even one click add to your shopify store (button is missing from this image!).   This product research page available on Sell The Trend is everything you need to start selling any trending product this summer!

product research swimwear

#10 Trainer Shoes

Trainer Shoes with Dog

If you run a fitness store, you’re probably aware that fitness enthusiasts try to burn as much calories as possible in summer. Therefore, selling breathable trainer shoes on your e-commerce store might be a good choice.

Trainer shoes are specially made to comfort people while they’re walking and running. This is also another reason why trainer shoes are trending this summer. Our feet sweat a lot in summer and having breathable running shoes made up of organic material is something everyone would want.

Let’s take a look at Google Trends stats to have a clearer idea of their popularity:

Google Trends Analysis of Trainer Shoes

We see that their popularity is continuously increasing and decreasing every year. Overall, people are definitely interested in buying trainer shoes to lose some weight this summer.  Let’s check this category out on Sell The Trend

trainer breathable shoes to sell

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, selling the right products at the right time of the year is the key aspect of generating more sales in the e-commerce industry. You can either select products that sell round the year or select season-oriented products to make enormous sales for a certain period.

Similarly, you’ll find marketers listing and selling products particularly for Christmas, New Year, Easter, and other occasions. They target certain events and make a good amount of sales within a short period.

Keep following to learn more about finding trending products to start a dropshipping business in 2019 and make sure to check out Sell The Trend if you want to save time on your hunt for that perfect trending product.