The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

To run a successful and lucrative e-commerce business, it is enough to sell one product. However, your marketing strategies, reputation, and product promotion should be top-notch. In this guide, you’d learn what a one product Shopify store is, how it can be built, why do you need it, how can you make money out of a one product dropshipping store and much more. Keep moving forward to earn a fortune with a single product.

Crocs and Casper are big businesses. However, they have one thing in common. Can you guess what? Both businesses generate annual revenue worth millions of dollars but they all started as a single-product business.

Most entrepreneurs take a daring step by selling an extensive range of products. After all, the bigger the store, the better the sales, right?

But in reality, attempting to earn a profit out of multiple products might be hampering your chance to succeed. For instance, running a one-product drop shipping store removes the distraction of marketing and managing an extensive catalog of products.

When an entrepreneur is focused on making a single product successful, he’d be having great ideas to earn a handsome amount of profit. Most of the entrepreneurs running a one-product Shopify store find it easy to make sales, build a cohesive brand, and identify potential customers.

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How to design your one-product Shopify store?

The key difference between running a one-product Drop shipping store and selling a full product line is how you choose to design your store.

It is best to design your store according to the product. You won’t have to create a store with 20+ pages. You can focus on getting the product page, about page, and home page right for your customers.

But before designing your store, choosing the theme is an important decision to ponder over.

Choosing a one-product optimized theme for your Shopify store

The theme does not only attract visitors but also plays a role in making you more money. When it comes to dropshipping stores, not all of them are created in the same way. Choosing the theme prevents customers from getting distracted and boost the conversion rate as well.

If you have your eyes on a Shopify store but not sure what Shopify theme they’re using. You can simply head to Shopify Theme Detector and find out:

The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

Debut and Boundless are two great examples of a one-product Shopify store. One-product themes are focused on telling the story to the customers rather than making sales. Stories get you long-term sales throughout your business tenure.

Build your Home Page

The home page is what your customers will see upon entering your one-product dropshipping store. It is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of your product and to tell how this product can solve the problem.

You must add relevant, engaging pictures and enticing copy to prompt sales. Greet the customers with a captivating message on your homepage. A benefit-driven copy for your product tells the benefits of it briefly to the visitors.

Overlaying your images and videos with call-to-action is like a mini effort to increase sales. Look at the image below. Truff Hot sauce has made an incredible homepage focusing on a single product while adding a call-to-action to increase sales.

The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

Your Homepage body should focus more on the product accompanied by a copy explaining the benefits of the product.

Creating a Great Page for one product

A great product page is the best shot for earning a handsome amount of money. Just like a homepage, you’d have to add compelling images. However, you need to add the 3rd and 4th elements as well- that is the product details and social proof.

The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

You can find the best wool footwear on Allbirds. Its product page is a great example of how you should construct it for your one-product Shopify store.

They have amazing pictures attached and an amazing benefit-driven copy that will lure you into purchasing their shoes. Other than that, you’d also find helpful info about the product, its durability, and how its hand-crafted.

Their product page also includes customers’ testimonials as they are said to increase the sales by 230%.

How to find that one product to make money?

If you want a successful-running one-product dropshipping store, it comes down to the product you choose. The winning product will earn you a fortune.

A problem-solving product is your way to make money

People are willing to pay the price to alleviate their problems- a solution to end their misery. So, every time, you hear a group of people complaining about something, ask yourself, ‘is there a product that can solve this problem?’

For instance, you have a puppy and you had taken it for a walk on a sunny day. It gets thirsty and you have no water in sight. What are you going to do? Are you going to run to a nearby store to fetch water where dogs are not allowed?

What’s the best solution that you can come up with? Yes, that’s right, a portable water bottle for your pet.

The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

Providing your targeted audience exactly what they need is the key to selling more.

You can’t find winning products on regular stores

The beauty of e-commerce is that people can buy products that aren’t available in local stores. So, if the product you have chosen is also available at Walmart, you are going to have a tough time selling it and earning money from it.

Instead of that, focus on choosing the product that’s in demand but not easily available on local/physical stores.

Let’s have a look at a blanket hoodie we found at Sell The Trend:

The Ultimate Guide to Start One-product Shopify Store

This blanket hoodie is not available at Walmart but it is one of the winning products. Just like this, you can find other winning products using Sell the Trend.

The product should have emotional or visual appeal

Choose a product that entices your customers. Always choose a product that stands out in the e-commerce business. Staying unique is how you are going to make money.


As an e-commerce entrepreneur, it is best to put all your efforts into running a one-product Shopify store as it increases your chance to make money and focus on what really matters- the sales.

With one-product Shopify store, the first thing that matters the most is your product selection. This is where Sell The Trend can help you find up to $1000/Day products.

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