7 Tips for 93% More Shopify Sales

7 Tips for 93% More Shopify Sales

Does it ever feel like no matter what you do, you continue to struggle to get sales from your dropshipping business on your Spotify store? Spending hours crawling the web looking for the solution to boost sales for my shopify dropshipping business. After all that time searching, I found the answer and it has caused me a 93% increase in sales. Here I want to share with you what I found from those hours spent researching and that you do not need to do! Read on and implement the 7 tips and you too will get a drastic increase in sales for your dropshipping business.

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1. Bad traffic from paid advertising

Bad traffic from paid advertising

If you are using a paid advertising source such as Facebook Ads, then you want to target people who have a genuine interest in your products. For example, if you sell health supplements for women to lose weight and you target men who want to bulk up then you are not going to get conversions. In this example you just want to target women in a specific age range who have a life event happening such as getting married or had a baby.

2. Rushed store design

Rushed store design

Rushing your store design is a sure-fire way to look unprofessional and repel customers away from your store. Take your time creating your store and brand, so that your colours and messaging flows naturally throughout the store. When choosing your brand colours, do your research and look at what colours your direct competitors are using and their messaging.

3. No coherent product pages

No coherent product pages

Along with the store design, you need the product page to have your branding, have your brand message and a description that is filled with the keywords your customers are using when searching for your product.

Sources of Free Traffic to Your Shopify Store

4. Instagram


Instagram is a great source of free traffic to increase your sales. Use a combination of Instagram stories to present your product and posts to keep it top of mind. Firstly, lets look at how you can set up your Instagram account to drive free traffic to your Spotify account.

Write a bio that tells people what your store sells and who for but in a way that grabs people’s attention and always end with a call to action such as subscribe to your mailing list. Next step is adding in some product picture. Your product picture should be the product in action, a price and a 30-day money back guarantee logo. Add some sense of urgency to your product picture such as for this week only and put in caps lock ‘link in the bio’.

Use hashtags in your product picture but you will want to choose the most relevant hashtags. Be strategic in choosing which hashtag to use by using a tool that can find you the right hashtags to use such as Ritetag.

5. Facebook Store

Facebook Store

To best use Facebook to drive sales for your Spotify store, then connect the two platforms together. Connecting the two platforms together will automatically update your Facebook store with new products. If you have the budget, then you could create a Facebook Ads campaign to drive sales for a specific product (just remember your targeting).

6. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Building a list of subscribers is worth its weight in gold. You can seamlessly connect an email marketing provider with your Shopify store. Click here to see the list of email marketing providers Shopify can connect with. With a list of subscribers, you can send them regular newsletters which can include promo codes, look behind the scenes at your business, what is new and current promotion. Email marketing not only allows you to send newsletters, but you can also set it up to send emails when someone abandons their cart or a thank you for buying email.

7. Google


Google as we all know is a powerful search engine and what people turn to first when searching for a product. There are just so many different ways in which you can rank for your product you are dropshipping or store. 

  • Google shopping can migrate with your shopify store when set up correctly. Make sure you add those keywords that will rank your product and get increased visibility. 
  • Images. Having a Pinterest account and eye-catching images, you can start to rank on Google images also
  • Videos. Having a YouTube channel where you present and review your product line will get you ranking higher.

Google ranks websites higher that have an SSL encrypted checkout. You want to put SSL encrypted checkout because one of the big fears that people have when buying things online even in 2019 is that it’s not secure or you’re going to steal their credit card. People are very paranoid, so it truly is worth getting an SSL certificate.


Always have your customer in mind and think of how they are feeling when looking at your Spotify store and the messaging you are putting to them. Does your message resonate with them? When using social media to get traffic are you using images, videos and text that excites and intrigues them into looking at your offer closer? Always research your keywords and hashtags using the many free tools that are out there, as this will attract your target market and drive sales.