10 Free but Essential Shopify Dropshipping Apps

best but essential dropshipping apps

About 23% of the online sales in 2017 were made through dropshipping amounting to approximately $85.1 billion. Moreover, 35% of the online stores conduct their business via dropshipping. In fact, many people starting a Shopify dropshipping business end up making it their primary source of income.

So, whether you own a Shopify dropshipping store or looking forward to set one, you might need expert advice to make your dropshipping business a success.

You’ve signed up on Shopify, created a simple dropshipping store, and ready to sell. We doubt if you are really ready to sell and take your store to its full potential. Before starting a dropshipping business, it is recommended to employ each and every opportunity to keep your store better than your competitors. In this regard, Shopify apps come in handy.

There are hundreds of free Shopify apps out there. Some are great while the others will just slow down your progress. To ease the process, we’ve come up with 10 free but essential Shopify dropshipping apps to add to your store today.

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#1 Oberlo

oberlo product research

OBerlo is by far the most famous Shopify apps to hunt trending products and add to your Shopify store. It provides an easy gateway to find trending products available at AliExpress from Oberlo marketplace and list them on your store.

Oberlo marketplace can help Shopify dropshippers upload all types of trending products including clothing, accessories, health, beauty, electronics, and much more. Considering a wide range of product selection, it becomes easier to find products that suit your store and targeted audience.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use platform to add products from AliExpress
  • Change or replace product suppliers
  • Automated uploading
  • Easy product customization
  • Keep track of sales
  • Automated pricing

Pricing: Oberlo offers several packages but you can start free with up to 50 orders per month and 500 products.

As an alternative, Sell the Trend is our all-in-one dropshipping platform and product research tool.   It not only allows you to find trending products in any niche, but will let you import those products directly into your store with one click making it an even more convenient alternative.   Here is a simple example of how a product is analyzed in Sell the Trend’s THE NEXUS Product Research Window.

Sell The Trend NEXUS Product Research

You can start a 7-day free trial now. Feel free to analyze more winning products at Sell The Trend here.

#2 Product Reviews

Customer's Feedback

After a user-friendly interface, the second most important thing on any dropshipping store is user feedback. And if you haven’t set up an easy-to-interact product reviews section on your store, you’re a step behind your competitors.

As the name suggests, the Product Reviews app allows you to add the product reviews section to the product page. A product with a handy of positive feedbacks is most likely to sell than the product with no reviews. eMarketer states that only 2% of the customers ignore them when making an online purchase.

Key Features

  • Let customers leave honest feedback
  • Reply to customer reviews
  • Enhanced SEO results
  • Increase the sales of reviewed products

Pricing: Product Reviews by Shopify is completely free.

#3 Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar

About 35% of online consumers only make a purchase if free shipping is included. Obviously not everyone is willing to pay money for shipping. Thus, adding a free shipping bar at the top of your e-commerce store will definitely increase your monthly sales.

If you think the same, Free Shipping Bar lets you add a keynote on your sales page. You can either add the free shipping bar at the top of your store or just beside the slide bar – your choice. This plugin shows progressive free shipping messages to engage more users and whatsoever.

Key Features

  • Adds progressive free shipping messages and greetings to the sales page
  • Better user experience
  • Increase sales per month

Pro Tip: You can also add a purchasing threshold to offer free shipping. For instance, adding the message “free shipping on orders above $100” would be a win-win.

Pricing: Free Shipping Bar is itself free too.

#4 Modalyst

Find Dropshipping Suppliers

After using Oberlo and Sell the Trend, if you’re still struggling to find trending products in your niche, Modalyst provides an easy solution. As Sell The Trend and Oberlo let you import products from AliExpress marketplace, Modalyst provides a variety of high-grade products to import to your online store from famous brands worldwide.

Some famous product categories in Modalyst interface includes men, women, children’s apparel, sports, health, beauty, shoes, and much more. It has an easy-to-use interface and let you add products with one click.

Key Features

  • Easy integration of products
  • Connects with famous brands worldwide
  • Wide range of niches available

Pricing: Modalyst offers a 14-day trial period. If you remain satisfied with this tool, you can subscribe to their plan of $35/month.

#5 Spocket

Find trending products

Spcoket is another highly useful product research Shopify App to find winning products to sell online. Most of the suppliers in Spocket are from the US and Europe and you have a better chance at targeting USA/EU/CAD customers with fast shipping.

The products can be added to your Shopify store in one click and the easy-to-use interface makes it a lot better yet advanced than Oberlo.

Key Features

  • Faster shipping to customers based in USA and Europe
  • Higher margins as compared to other Shopify dropshipping apps
  • Real-time product tracking
  • Your brand name and information will be added to the customer receipt
  • Ability to test products before advertising them on your site.

Pricing: Spocket offers several packages but you can stick to the free version with add on features and an unlimited number of orders.

#6 Improved Contact Form

Improved Contact Form

Customer support is one of the many important things to stand out in the dropshipping business. Using Improved Contact Form will let your store visitors contact you and get answers to the perspective questions.

Whether someone is having checkout issues, payment issues, or trouble purchasing a certain product, having a quality contact form will let them explain the problem and get over with the purchase as soon as possible. After making a Shopify dropshipping, contact is one of the first few pages you must add to your store. It also serves as an effective CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategy.

Key Features

  • Customized contact page
  • Easy communication with the customers
  • Live alerts
  • Easy to set up

Pricing: Improved Contact Form is free of cost.

#7 Printful

Custom Made Products

When talking about 10 free but essential Shopify dropshipping apps, Printful easily made into the list. If you’re planning to sell custom printed products like t-shirts, mugs, pillows, and posters, adding Printful to your Shopify dropshipping store is the way to go.

Printful is flooded with an ever-evolving collection of trending products, design mechanism, and easy-to-use interface to start selling online.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping and printing is handled at once
  • Easy to use graphic designing tools to make custom products
  • Thousands of designs and products available in the Printful library
  • The products are shipped quickly from their offices in CA and North Carolina

Pricing: Printful is free of cost.

#8 Gooten

Custom Made Products

Gooten is somewhat similar to Printful. It offers an easy-to-use graphic designing interface to design on-demand custom products for customers. the large selection of custom products and design makes it a lot advanced than Printful. One can find and design interesting things like phone cases, totes, and more.

The only downside of Gooten is that if a customer orders three products requiring different printing requirements, you will have to pay the shipping of all three of them. This is because the designs are printed from a variety of printers.

Key Features

  • Custom design printing and dropshipping handled at once
  • Wide range of product selection and unique product categories
  • Faster shipping to in the United States
  • Real-time order monitoring

Pricing: Gooten is free to install. You only have to pay when you make a sale.

#9 Mxed

Pop Culture Products

Are you into pop-culture? Want to make a dropshipping store to sell pop-culture merchandise? If so, there can never be a better Shopify dropshipping app than Mxed.

Mxed connects you to a wide range of pop-culture merchandise suppliers selling brands like Star Wars, Pokemon, and Harry Potter. Selling Harry Potter’s wand, Star Wars cosplays, and dummy poke balls would be a lot of fun, right?

Key features

  • Easy to access
  • Connects you with licensed pop-culture suppliers
  • Ability to add multiple products at once

Pricing: The free version of Mxed lets you add 10 products and 20 orders per month. They also offer several pricing tiers.

#10 Spreadr App – Amazon Importer

Spreadr App Amazon Importer

Want to dropship products that aren’t available on AliExpress? If so, look no further than Spreadr App – Amazon Importer.

Spreadr App links you directly to the Amazon Supplier to dropship products with your Shopify store. You can either dropship products from different suppliers or earn as an Amazon Affiliate. As discussed earlier, Spreadr App is best for dropshippers selling stuff that isn’t available on AliExpress and other online marketplaces.

Key Features

  • Ability to view trending products on Amazon
  • Quick import to your Shopify store
  • You can either dropship or earn as an affiliate

Pricing: The free version of Spreadr App is limited and the basic plan is only worth $5 for unlimited products and orders. It’s worth a shot.


The above-mentioned Shopify dropshipping apps will definitely make you stand out of your competitors. The key step is to find trending products for your dropshipping business and then optimize them in every possible way per the user’s perspective. Be it the product reviews, contact form, store interface, or trends, make use of these apps to skyrocket your sales.

In case of further questions, feel free to contact us or leave a reply below.