eCom Elites: A Detailed Review of Franklin Hatchett’s Course

eCom Elites: A Detailed Review of Franklin Hatchett’s Course

Dropshipping is certainly the most lucrative way of getting into the e-commerce business. You don’t need inventory storage or a huge capital. One can start dropshipping with a few hundred bucks – and that includes the cost of eCom Elites dropshipping training that we’re about to discuss today. 

Following is the detailed review of the popular dropshipping training by Franklin Hatchett – eCom Elites. 

Franklin is among the first few people who started dropshipping while it was still in its initial development stage. To date, Franklin has multiple dropshipping e-commerce stores earning six and seven figures. 

This is a detailed unbiased review of eCom Elites.

Note that I’m not affiliated with Franklin or eCom elites in any way and this is just an honest review of eCom Elites by me and team Sell The Trend. 

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Overview: eCom Elites

As discussed earlier, Franklin was among the first few e-commerce enthusiasts to dominate dropshipping. He is dropshipping since 2009 and has various successful dropshipping stores to date. 

eCom Elites: A Detailed Review of Franklin Hatchett’s Course

With years of experience, Franklin assures his students that dropshipping is not an overnight game-changer. eCom Elites has an incredible success score but that doesn’t mean Franklin’s student didn’t spend sleepless nights trying to hit the bull’s eye. 

If you think that buying this course will start making you money just like that, this might not be the right dropshipping course for you. Therefore, according to Franklin, the three steps to follow if you want to enroll in eCom Elites training are as follows:

  • Get rid of distractions
  • Stop blaming others
  • Start working now

Let’s not waste any more time and get to the point. 

The eCom Elites Training Breakdown

eCom Elites Dropshipping Course by Franklin Hatchett is divided into 12 modules after the welcome video. We will discuss each module briefly and I’ll try my best to answer each possible question you might have about eCom Elites. 

    1. Welcome Video

As the name suggests, the Welcome Video starts with a warm welcome by Franklin. Franklin let his students know about himself, his dropshipping journey, and why eCom Elites dropshipping training is different than others.

    2. eCom Elites Introduction

eCom Introduction is a small video of like 30 minutes and Franklin starts it with a bold statement “Welcome to the Best Money-Making Course Online”.

In a nutshell, this module is just an introduction to dropshipping and this dropshipping training.

    3. Product Research

Product research is as important as starting a dropshipping business. You can’t expect to sell online if you didn’t spend enough time and effort in selecting your niche and products. 

This module covers different methods to source and finds products. The reason why this module is 4:30 hours long is that Franklin uses his methods, apps, and sites to source those wow-factor products that sell quickly. You won’t find this information anywhere else online!

    4. Setting Up Dropshipping Shopify Store

At this stage, Franklin’s students already have a clearer idea of what they’re going to sell. 

Therefore, the store setup module comes after the product research. One can now customize the dropshipping store per their product type or niche. 

A step-by-step procedure of setting up a Shopify store, payment and shipping options, apps to use along with Shopify, and different automation methods are included in this module.

    5. Facebook Marketing

Irrespective of your niche, Facebook will cover the majority of your targeted audience. Facebook marketing is most likely to get you most of your sales. No doubt the Facebook marketing module is over 10 hours long. 

From handling Facebook content marketing to set up targeted ad campaigns, everything is included in this module.     

    6. Instagram Marketing

This one is like Facebook marketing. Though many dropshipping gurus recommend using Instagram, no one would go into detail of Instagram Marketing like Franklin does.

    7. Search Engine Optimization – Organic Reach

The next module of eCom Elites focuses on Search Engine Optimization. While social media ad campaigns will help you generate sales from day one, it is important to optimize your eCommerce store for organic reach. 

In this module, you’ll learn to derive free organic traffic from Google – benefiting your dropshipping business in the long run.

    8. Email Marketing

About 81% of small businesses rely on email marketing to stay in touch with their previous customers. If employed correctly, you can convert your previous customers once again. It is a lot easier to sell to your existing customers. 

Moreover, eCom Elites will learn design landing pages, using email marketing tools, and run an email marketing campaign on autopilot. 

    9. Business Sales and Conversions

eCom Elites: A Detailed Review of Franklin Hatchett’s Course

This is a short module with only 55 minutes of video. Here, Franklin shares some tips based on his years of dropshipping experience. 

These tips will help you increase your:

  • Conversion rate
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance business goals

Though this module may seem too generic to be a part of a dropshipping training, it is proven to a worthy addition to the eCom Elites Course.

    10.Top Secret Dropshipping Formulas

Module 9 of eCom Elites consists of priceless bonus videos by Franklin to generate more sales and improve your conversion rate. 

It includes:

  • Using warranties to generate more sales
  • Coupons to attract customers
  • Make influencer pages to leverage social media audience
  • Review websites to beat competitors

And a lot more.

    11. Module Updates & Ongoing Videos

eCom Elites was originally launched in 2017. Dozens of Google algorithms, Shopify, SMM, and SEO updates came after that. However, Franklin tries his best to keep his students up to date with all core updates that could affect their sales. 

Once enrolled, students have lifetime access to module updates and ongoing videos. 

    12. Video Request

Another priceless addition to this training. If you come across an issue or hurdle, you can simply request a video to resolve that problem. 

Many students requested tutorial videos about using multiple FB accounts, AdWords, Shopify, and Ad campaigns. Guess what? They were either provided with tutorial videos or relevant material to deal with their issues. 

    13. Weekly Q/A Sessions & Videos

The weekly Q/A sessions answer each possible question students might have – across a variety of topics. 


  • Franklin has a good reputation in dropshipping and is often active on YouTube
  • eCom Elites is certainly the most detailed dropshipping course in this price range
  • Franklin is always available to answer students questions himself
  • Weekly updates and Q/A sessions


  • Focuses more on marketing 
  • Some things in this course may sound too easy to handle

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Overall Thoughts

In a nutshell, eCom Elites is the most detailed, up to date, and quality dropshipping training one can find in this price range. Dropshipping gurus are charging x10 more than this – claiming their formulas are an overnight game-changer. 

However, I believe that people making a 6-figure income after enrolling in eCom Elites worked their butt of for months. 

On top of that, you can optimize your marketing campaigns, find trending products before they hit the market, and spy on your competitors with Sell The Trend – an all-in-one dropshipping platform. The AI-Powered Nexus product research tool is unmatched and helps you find product even before they hit the market. 

Thus, now is the right time to get rid of distractions and act accordingly. If you do that, you’ll definitely be writing your dropshipping success story here anytime soon.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply and I’ll get back to you ASAP.