Finding the Best DropShipping Hair Vendors For Your Business

Finding the Best DropShipping Hair Vendors For Your Business

Hair dropshipping is a supply chain method where you, as the seller, don’t keep the hair products in stock. You only take the customers’ orders, export them to the hair dropshipping vendor, who in turn supplies the purchase to the customer. 

As a hair dropshipper, your primary concern is marketing and sales; finding potential buyers for hair products. This business model is wildly profitable because you never have to worry about inventory. Or the possibility of your business capital getting stuck in unsold products. 

The real question is, can you dropship hair? Is it profitable enough to make you a handsome revenue? It definitely is! Keep following to learn more. 

However, to build a successful hair dropshipping business, you need the right hair vendors. Regardless of how much time and effort you put into your business, working with unreliable vendors can undo everything you’ve built. The first step to choosing the right dropshipping hair vendors is learning everything about your customers. 

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Understanding Your Customers’ Needs

To build a successful hair dropshipping business, like most other businesses, you must understand your customers’ needs. The thing is, the type of hair a customer will buy is very subjective. If your target demographic includes African or Black customers, you should be focused on selling wigs and weaves since this demographic is quite versatile with their hair options. 

On the other hand, a caucasian demographic will mostly request for extensions (clip-ins and such) simply to improve length and volume. In the same light, if your demographic is young, then you can incorporate colored hair options to your dropshipping store. While an older demographic would be interested in natural tones. Essentially, you should focus on your customers’ needs based on a buyers persona and the demographic you plan to target with your marketing and advertising. 

The most important note, perhaps, is to not forget that your customers have access to beauty supply stores. Many dropshippers make the mistake of promoting products that their customers already have access to at a cheaper price. Your dropshipping store must offer something that your customers cannot get easily e.g. color range, length, texture range, quality of hair, and more. 

Once you know what your customers need, then you can focus on finding hair dropshipping vendors that can meet these needs. 

What to Look for in a Dropshipping Hair Vendor

You can choose to work with either AliExpress hair vendors or US-based hair vendors. Whichever option you choose, the following requirements should be on your checklist while vetting potential dropshipping hair vendors. They are the minimum requirements to build a working relationship that serves both parties. 

Longevity/an established customer base

If the credibility of your business is going to rely on them, you want to know they are credible too. Look for vendors with at least 2 years of experience in the business. Typically the larger their customer base, the more credible they are. Because customers won’t stick around if their services aren’t satisfactory. 

4+ ratings

Never pick a vendor whose ratings are below 4 stars. As most hair dropshipping vendors are found in stores like Aliexpress, it is easy to find a star rating. It is safer to work with vendors that have at least 4 stars rating as you can be sure of their competence. It is also wise to check the number of sales in relation to the rating. While a very high number of sales and a high rating really looks good, a high rating and a very low number of sales should make you cautious.

Quality of communication

Communication is another important factor. Considering the fact that most hair dropshipping vendors are located overseas, it is important to make sure there is a clear communication line between both parties. They should be able to speak English or have a reliable translator on staff. Also, quick replies are expected. You don’t want a situation where a buyer has questions about a purchase and you can’t reach your vendor for days. 

Shipping costs

You need to ensure that they provide efficient shipping with tracking options. The best shipping option when dealing with Aliexpress vendors is ePacket. And that’s simply because it is free (to select countries) and trackable. It’s helpful to test out a vendors shipping options before working with them. Place an order to your own address to determine shipping timeline, tracking efficiency, packaging quality, and so on.

Discover Your Competitors’ Dropshipping Hair Vendors

Your competitors’ dropshipping hair vendors are also great options to explore. If the competition is growing successfully, that means that they’re working with reliable vendors. At Sell The Trend, we have the perfect tool for this type of research; the Dropship Product Explorer. This tool crawls through the best selling products on your competitors’ stores to create a database of products for you. It also collects vendors information so you can automatically add these products to your store. 

If you’re worried about the ethics of doing this, don’t. Most retail stores source their products from the same suppliers. The only notable difference in their products will be found in the branding. And these vendors are all too happy to receive your business as it means more sales for them. 


Hair dropshipping is a great business model to invest in. The best part is how simple it is to see what works and what doesn’t. You can test products easily to determine where your advertising efforts will make you more sales. You can stop major losses, learn from your mistakes, and learn from the company itself! 

You can also make the process a lot easier using Sell The Trend’s suite of tools. The best dropshippers are those who can automate simple sales and marketing processes, so they can focus on the more hands-on aspects of their businesses. 

Here’s what Sell The Trend offers: 

  • NEXUS Research Machine: An A.I. powered machine that uses data to determine what is trending on eCommerce hair stores in all industries. 
  • Dropship Product Explorer: Curates best-selling hair products and suppliers for easy publishing to your store. 
  • Shopify Store Explorer: Shows you what’s selling quickly on Shopify stores in the hair niche
  • Facebook AD Explorer: Finds the trending hair products on Facebook using data from Facebook Ads.
  • Amazon Explorer: Helps you explore thousands of hair product options for dropshipping.
  • Shopify Product Explorer: A massive searchable database of Shopify hair extensions. 
  • One-Click Add to Store: Push trending products straight to your dropshipping store with one click. 
  • Success Academy: A detailed course showing you how to make money from Dropshipping. 
  • …and much more! 

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