Best Dropshipping products 2020

Best Dropshipping products 2020

The fulfilment model of 33% online stores is dropshipping. 

When it comes to earning a profit in the dropshipping business, picking the winning dropshipping products to sell is imperative. That is why staying updated about the latest products and trends is essential and crucial to your business and success. 

But with thousands of best dropshipping products 2020 in the market, it is hard to determine which products will lose its fame. 

If you are trying to make some profit off your dropshipping store, choosing hot-selling products is the best call. 

Here are some hand-picked winning dropshipping products for your Shopify store:

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Women’s shapewear

Weight-conscious shoppers are increasing year by year. Celebrities like Kim Kardashians who use these products to have a perfect hourglass body are promoting these products and calling it a necessity for every woman. The sales of women’s shapewear have skyrocketed in recent years. Any guesses why?

You see, shapewear is considered as a necessity for most of the women now. It is a simple way to look subtle, slim, and fit in short dresses. 

Even though weight-related products can be sensitive to market and promote but still, a lot of influencers, sellers and vloggers are promoting shapewear and contributing to its high sales.

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Lip mask 

There are many people with underlying skin conditions. They are always looking for beauty products to add to their beauty regime. Lips are the most sensitive part of your face. They need to be well-hydrated and taken care of.

A lot of women are ready to spend as much as $20 for lip masks. The estimated profit that one gets for selling this product is up to $9. This product is pure gold if you are considering starting your beauty Shopify store. 

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Detox shampoo 

It is the one of the most sought products to the people who are obsessed with taking care of their hair. Not only is it used to get rid of debris and dirt but also peels off dead skin while cleansing the scalp. 

People are very conscious when it comes to scalp sweating. They find ways to get rid of odor and hair impurities. Detox shampoo is an easy and affordable solution.

The average selling price of detox shampoo is not more than USD 20. However, one can gain as much profit as 10$ on each bottle. 

Best Dropshipping products 2020

House slippers 

Who does not like fluffy and soft house slippers? Not only do they keep your feet warm and protected but are comfortable footwear to wear in your house. 

It is a unisex product so we are sure, it sells pretty fast. Due to its universal sizes, this footwear is viable for all age groups. 

The footwear market is gradually booming. So, it is the right time to get your hand on house slippers. The estimated profit on each item is between 8 to 15 dollars. 

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Facial oil 

If you want to make profit from skincare products, facial oil is worth your attention. This beauty product has special ingredients to give radiant and glowing skin. 

The future of facial oil in the beauty niche seems promising as CAGR is growing with 5.66% each year. You can make as much as 12 US dollars on each bottle. The only thing you need to learn is to market the product to beauty-conscious consumers.

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Tote bag 

Since we have come to know about the harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment, more and more people are switching to tote bags for everyday use. 

A tote bag is a reusable shopping bag made of cloth. It has parallel handles on both sides to carry weight. 

As the majority of the states are banning plastic bags, the sales of tote bags have increased. The average selling price of one tote bag is around 12 US dollars. However, you can make as much profit as 8$ on each bag. 

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Hair catcher for the drain 

A clogged drain is the number 1 problem in many households. Drain blockage occurs when your hair gets stuck in them. Hair catcher for the drain has become the number 1 sought product after people realized that this solution actually works. 

You might have seen a lot of videos on hair catchers. This is probably why it got so much attention in the beginning. 

The average selling price of a hair catcher is not more than US 12. 

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Light-blocking sunglasses 

As the name suggests, these glasses block the light and prevent disrupted sleep patterns that occur due to long screen times. 

This product is one of the winning products to sell. You have a clear shot of making a profit through this product.

Best Dropshipping products 2020

Biometric locks 

A biometric lock is made of cutting-edge technology that only allows access through the fingerprint. It is a great device to prevent theft and to get rid of weak padlocks. For security reasons, it entices the users to invest in biometric locks.

 You can make as much as US 12 on each biometric lock. The reports show great demand for biometric locks throughout the globe. So, you won’t have any trouble selling this item. 

Best Dropshipping products 2020

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Best Dropshipping products 2020

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