15 Things to Know Before Starting Aliexpress Dropshipping

Man Using Aliexpress Dropshipping

If you are one among the newbies to e-commerce or considering dropshipping viable for a second income, you are at the right place to know deep about AliExpress dropshipping.

Dropshipping is establishing an e-commerce platform, listing products, and shipping them to the customer straight from the supplier without stocking them or having an inventory. The process of being just a mediatory is most often not disclosed to the customer but has the potential to make lots of money if done right with the right knowledge in choosing the products and marketing skills good enough to drive the crowd to your website.

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Why Dropshipping?

why dropshipping?

Dropshipping business gives the flexibility to sell products without even owning them still making a profit margin even after covering all the operation and marketing costs. It means you do not need a huge investment to open a store online. You can start a store sitting in front of your computer and manage the whole process similarly. The revenue is considerably high when compared to traditional retail business where you invest money and still restricted to MSRP. Most of the e-commerce platforms that are successful today started as dropshipping companies, so it is never dying successful business model that you can hop in.

Why AliExpress?

why aliexpress dropshipping?

AliExpress is the largest and the most versatile platform for Dropshipping. You can easily find any product in AliExpress due to the vast accumulation of manufacturers and wholesalers in the platform the prices are very low, making room to have a margin for yourself before selling to the customer. If you are not aware, AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce site with most of the seller from China. China being the leading producer of manufactured goods, you can easily spot products that you are willing to dropship in whichever country.

If you are in the preparatory stage of starting your own dropshipping business and confused how to start dropshipping here is what you need to know before your e-commerce site goes live.

1. Niche Store vs. General Store

Niche vs General Store

Niche store is the most suitable one for the e-commerce newbies for various reasons. You can easily find products specific to the niche and build your site centered to that niche, which means streamlined focus leading to more details in the website. Being a niche store finding the right target audience is simple, and marketing to them costs lesser than general stores. Moreover, the targeted customers find it more convincing to buy products at a niche store than general ones when entering newer platforms. You can add other niches and grow eventually as your customer base grows.   Make sure you pick some good products for you store, like the thousands of in-demand trending products you can find on Sell The Trend.

2. Find the Right E-commerce Hosting Service

Getting into dropshipping business, you don’t want to keep writing codes for months to build a website of your own. There are platforms to host your site readily using templates and easily modifiable plugins that you can make use of for a minimal monthly fee. Comparing things these platforms makes things so easy even for novices. WordPress and Wix are two great platforms that you can use to build your site and use plugins like Oberlo that can help with linking products from the AliExpress site effortlessly.

3. Domain Name Matters the Most

Domain name matters for your ecom store

Once you are done with your niche, and have chosen a reliable platform, you are good to go with the site building, starting with naming your domain. A domain name is of great importance. Not just about the SEO, but it is the face of your business that is going to be widely used in various marketing hoardings, press releases, and ads. So, put in the effort to name it the right way. The name is expected to highly relate to the niche of goods you are selling and the nature of it. If you have run out of ideas, then visit third-party platforms that have names and logos ready to purchase.

4. Payment Gateway

payment gatway for store

Important aspect of building an e-commerce dropshipping business is setting up payment portals. You must have quite a few options in choosing a payment gateway for your site like local service providers from financial institutions to widely popular gateways like PayPal. The deciding factor here is the cutoff you need to pay the gateway, availability across the serving countries, and the denominations accepted.

5. Choose Products Wisely

While there are almost any products available for dropshipping with AliExpress, you should not blindly add all the products in your niche. There are certain limitations when it comes to dropshipping. You should not list products that have trademarks and copyright under a new brand of yours, which will lead to legal consequences. Heavy electronics and breakable goods like glassware are also not ideal for dropshipping across borders.

6. Get Help from Google Trends

google trends

Google Trends is an excellent source of information for you if you are in search of products to list in your e-commerce platform. It has information regarding the user searches made on Google based on keywords. You can study the needs of the people based on this before deciding on the products and niche of your business. You can analyze the search trends against time and geographical location.

7. Not all Suppliers are the same

While you are looking for goods, pay enough attention to choosing the right supplier offering excellent quality and reliability of the product. It is always better to go with products with multiple supplier choices. Suppliers can be any of the three – manufacturers, wholesalers, or trading company depending on which the prices and services vary. It is better to get associated with manufacturers as they offer the lowest rate of all.

8. Set Margin Standards

Pricing is the critical factor in convincing your buyers to buy at your store. Sure, it is going to be higher than the AliExpress listing, but you offer a lot more in terms of service, customer service, return policy, etc., as compensation. Check the price across various platforms of similarly priced products before pricing your AliExpressdropshipping product. Have a calculative margin that can cover all your operational and marketing expenses and make sure to price it a little less than the competitors but not underprice it.

9. SEO is Important

Seo is important

If you have been only a reader or customer of websites, you probably don’t know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. It is necessary to make your e-commerce site appear first when searched for products that you sell. If your website and contents are well optimized of search engines, your business gets a lot of leverage directly from search engines itself without even marketing.

10. Build a Reputation

As we know, reputation precedes your dropshippingbusiness in convincing the buyers. Earn a good name on the internet. Internet is vast, and costumer is wise enough to know the negatives feedback about your business if there is any. So, reach out immediately to those who are complaining and sort the issues. Likely encourage your customers to give a rating and review so that you have an excellent rating to convince newer buyers.

11. Learn Social Media Marketing

Learn social media for dropshipping

It is the easy route to get attention from your target audience by spending lesser on advertising vaguely. Social media marketing can do a lot more than you already know. So, join a crash course on SMM right away or hire a social media marketer to work for you, which costs a bit but makes it easier for you to concentrate on other aspects.

12. Be Prepared for a Slow Start

Like every new business, be ready to face the slow start. Not all dropshipping websites get instant popularity and make millions overnight. Even after following all the above tips, you need to wait for it to grow. So, prepare yourself mentally and financially to sail through the beginning months of hardships that you need to face to taste success.

13. Automate the Process

Automate the process of dropshipping

Initially, it is okay to manually forward orders and payment to the corresponding AliExpress dropshipping supplier. But with time when orders grow in number, it is impossible to do so. Automate the process using available plugins or even hire a programmer to do that for you, which is an excellent onetime solution if you can afford it. Automation also quickens the process eventually accelerating the delivery date for customers as the orders are passed on instantly to the suppliers.

14. Draft Policies Favoring both

Another factor that plays a significant role in trusting an e-commerce platform apart from the reviews is the return and replacement policy. Being a dropshipping company, you do not have sole authority over it. Discuss with your suppliers and negotiate for the benefit of buyers without taking much liability. That way, customers will feel safe to buy if there is a strong return and refund policy that they can rely on in case of faulty products. Make sure all your company policies abide by the local and international sales laws.

15. Set-up Customer Service

call us for customer service

Customer service is a must-have service to show the professionalism of your dropshipping platform. However new be it, customers expect something more than an email address for the customer support 24*7. You can do things like adding an AI chatbot into your website or add your phone number as the customer service number if you can’t afford a full blown team of customer service executives initially. This will not only increase the trust ratings but will also get positive reviews for the products and the website itself.


Adhering to all the above tips, you can start with a dropshipping business and grow successfully within a year. Only thing is you need to be more prepared to get the desired result. There are other smaller factors to be known and understood as an entrepreneur, which you will develop gradually with your involvement in theAliexpress dropshipping business.