What products are selling the most online?

What Products are selling the Most Online?

Both commoditized and niche products sell online. The following are the best selling products online right now.

  • Shapes-wear 
  • Bathroom Stool
  • Minimalist Jewelry 
  • Safety Footwear
  • Pet Bed

But to find out which are the most trending products of 2019, you must read ahead.

Always remember that the sale of any product depends equally on your market reach as much as the product’s quality. It goes both ways.

This means that if the product’s quality is good, the selling of your product will automatically increase. On the other hand, if your organic reach to market the product, then more people will be able to vouch for the quality of your product.

Thus, this allows you to filter trending products to sell in a much better way.

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the very first line of this article. This means we need to start off by describing what niche and commoditized products are.

Niche Products 

This refers to services or products that cater to a certain group of customers or a category of products.

These products may be handmade which makes them unique. Niche products tend to fulfill market demands, so they are usually made in smaller batches.

This may include diet meals, customized key chains, iPhone cases.

Commoditized Products

These can be digital or physical products. Commoditized products have a high demand because they are essential or popular. They include products that everyone needs.

Moreover, these make up a large share of the sales that you may find online. To make things simpler for you, just think of any branded product you can buy from Walmart or Amazon.

This may include toys, clothes, food items, tennis balls, etc.

Note: Many product owners sell both niche and commoditized products together to make greater profits.

What to Sell? 

Now we will help you to come up with ideas to sell your products. Mentioned below are seven tips that you can use to increase the reach of your products.

Overcoming Problems with Products 

When you are worried or frustrated about something, you just want something to solve it for mental peace. And this exactly should be in your head while selling products.

Look for products that will help people encounter day-to-day annoyances is your safest bet. The best way to know this is by checking your routine for inconveniences.

What tips you off in the morning? Anything that bothers you while you are dressing up for work? Or is there anything which you would like to add to your morning skincare routine?

This can be anything, and for this, you need your creativity to kick in.

Target Guilty Pleasures 

How many times has an advertisement for an ice cream parlor lured you in? Or a banner of a new taco house?

Finding guilty pleasures of your customers is key in such cases. They tend to spend more on your brand that way.

You can increase your product’s selling rate by introducing new promotions. You can also add a great amount of color to your product to sell it better.

Get to Trending Topics Early

Always stay up-to-date with trending products to sell. By doing this, you will find a space for your product in the emerging market with ease.

Think of products that give you a head start in the early years of your business only. This may include tech products, sports gear, etc.)

Now that we have discussed a few tips to sell your products let’s get talking about five trending products to sell in 2019.


Investing in shapes-wear is an extremely smart idea. The sales of shapes-wear are estimated to reach $5.6 billion by 2022.

Since staying fit is considered a necessity now rather than a fashion statement, people are investing more into shapes-wear. These give your body a lean look.

Fashion stores invest in bodysuits that bring out your figure better. Therefore, customers are attracted to buy a shapes-wear niche.

Bathroom Stool

The next item on our list of

Many kids have constipation issues. To regulate bowel movements, you can use this stool.

It may sound disgusting and stinky. Therefore, many brands add in a freshener to get rid of the foul smell.

Minimalist Jewelry 

You might have seen several online ventures of jewelry. Recent studies have shown that minimalist jewelry is in trend.

Why does the selling of minimalist jewelry increase rapidly? This is because of the increase in the use of social media.

Whenever you’re scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you might find these products selling. You can create clips showcasing your collection to reach out to the market.

Moreover, you can also add an option of customized jewelry to kick start your business. People love having necklaces, rings, and other jewelry items carved with names or important dates.

Safety Footwear

If we talk about safety shoes, this niche might have an annual growth of around 8.1% till 2023.

The best part about selling this type of footwear is that you do not have to restrict your store to just safety footwear.

Bringing in new deals that will allow other footwear to have a place in your store can also increase your sells to a great extent.

What Products are selling the Most Online?

Pet Bed

If you were asked to count the number of friends you have that own pets, would your fingertips be enough? This is exactly why you need to start a store that sells things for pets.

Everyone has pets; therefore, these products tend to trend massively. This is the reason Google Trends stats reveal that the word “dog bed” has seen a huge growth.

You can promote your beds on various social media apps because here they might get the most attention. Gradually once your pet bed store is doing well in the market, you can add other products.

Make beds that look fluffy and appealing to pet owners, while also being comfortable to the pet. Use soft, baby colors that will grab attention.

What Products are selling the Most Online?