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Is Shopify Good for Dropshipping?

is shopify good for drosphipping?

Shopify is absolutely good for dropshipping. It helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary things by helping them set up hassle-free online stores and sell their products on multiple channels. Shopify dropshipping also includes everything you need to manage and grow- marketing, inventory management, shipping and payments.

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Shopify Pros

  1. Shopify dropshipping is used by people from all sections of the society, from local mom-and-pop shops to multi-million dollar businesses. It encourages you to sell products on other potential channels. With the shopify “buy” button, you can easily embed any product and checkout on your site to provide a custom shopping experience for your visitors.
  2. Another great advantage is that Shopify supports over 100 payment processors worldwide, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and even direct payments for your dropshipping business via credit cards. The store loads up fast due to the TTFB or time-to-first-byte loading test.
  3. Shopify dropshipping allows both digital and physical products through their free app. By integrating your physical store with the Shopify POS system, the data from your physical store can be easily shared between the POS and online store. Thus, it manages all your inventory, sales, customer data and other data smoothly on a single platform.
  4. You can get a dropshipping business started easily with the extensive self-help documentation provided, useful for beginners and experts alike. It also offers a wide range of add-ons like the Importify importing app, which can be pretty useful for your online store.
  5. You can easily follow up with visitors who could not complete the checkout process by the Shopify abandoned cart recovery. Recently Shopify decided to make this feature available for all plans, and it offers great benefits.

Shopify Cons

Although Shopify has a great deal of advantages, it has a few disadvantages too.

  1. For one, customizing themes is difficult if you don’t know how to code in PHP. This is because, Shopify uses Liquid, which is a self-developed PHP language. Also they do not provide email hosting.
  2. Advanced features and apps come at a higher price. The basic plan of Shopify is free, with the barest of features required for e-commerce website development. However, advanced features like fraud analysis, reports, gift cards and real-time shipping rates are available only for higher-tier plans. Similarly, many of the add-ons are paid apps, but they might indeed be a worthy investment if they help you save time or reduce hassle.


Shopify is the easiest platform for the dropshipping business. Run your e-commerce website and manage your inventory with just a few clicks.