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How to get more Facebook Followers?

How to get more Facebook Followers?

Facebook dropshipping business is no easy feat to handle. There are millions of competitors on the market who have been there longer than you and already have a larger following. Thankfully, it is not an impossible task. If you can conquer Facebook, your online business would go up in revenues at an incredible rate.

More followers on Facebook would also mean you are building a customer base for your brand. People who follow your business page on Facebook actually like your product and want to know what else you have in store for them. Increased followers would also lead to more exposure, lead generation and present your company’s values in a more fun way. If you have high followers on Facebook, a good amount of them would also check out your eCommerce website.

As such, let’s look at the ways you can gain more followers on Facebook.

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1. Link Your Facebook Page Everywhere

Have you come across the small social media icons on various websites? Well, you need to add them to yours too. Not only on your website but pretty much on every communication platform you use. On your business’s Instagram page, link your Facebook page. If you make any blog post on your website or upload any videos, link your Facebook page under it. Your customers have a good chance of following the page in hopes of getting new updates.

If you have a Youtube channel, don’t forget to encourage your followers to go join your Facebook. Link your Facebook page to the description box so that it is visible.

If possible, integrate a Facebook follow button into your website. If customers can follow your page without having to open a new link, they are more likely to choose that option.

2. Run Online Events

A simple but full-proof way of generating more followers is surprise events. You can run giveaways where some of your followers would get a free product on a random lottery basis. You can also add criteria for eligibility. For example, only those who like a certain post will be eligible for the lottery or you could choose the 10th person to like the post. Add these exciting causes, and more people are likely to follow your page in hopes of winning something.

Once they know you held these competitions, they will follow your page. In the process, they are likely to buy some products from your dropshipping business. The best part of this process is that these users often recommend your page to their friends. The hope is that even if they don’t win your competition, your friend might. You can also add rules in the competition such as how participants have to get 10 people to follow your friends, which would increase your count and introduce more people to your business.

3. Make Videos

All research suggests the latest and most effective way of online marketing is videos. Especially with 10 to 15 seconds becoming popular, lots of business pages are creating fun short videos on Facebook. Many customers might follow simply to see what fun content you will introduce to them today. Try to make the videos centered around the product you sell or your brand as a whole. Avoid making it boring in any way, though. The video can be informative but have to be presented in a fun way. It should keep the attention of your customers for the whole 15 seconds.

The goal is to get your customers to become interested in your business through the video, so they ultimately end up following your page. If your video content is centered enough on your products in a way that connects to them, you have a high chance of getting lots of buyers from those videos.

4. Offer Something Valuable

There isn’t exactly a lack of business pages on Facebook. No matter how niche your product is, there are still a large number of competitors. What do you have to offer that’s different from them? What would make customers decide to follow your page instead of theirs? You have to offer something valuable to your consumers. They should get something from your page they can’t get from others.

This could mean you could teach people insider stuff from the industry, you can create how-to guides, or you can make tutorials on your products.

Imagine a person is scrolling down their feed and sees your post. You have this amazing how-to guide on a product they did not know how to use the right way. The customer will immediately think you are helpful and your brand is something they can trust over the product. As a result, they have a high chance of following you.

How to get more Facebook Followers?

5. Follow, Like, Comment

You can’t expect people to give you engagement without you doing the same. For people who comment on your post, make sure to like and comment back. You don’t need to follow everyone but follow at least a good percentage of the people who are at least related to your industry. This way, you would be recommended to people who are following the page.

Other than that, head over to your competitor’s page. Take a look at their post and those who comment on it. Go to their profile and start the round of liking and commenting. Most studies show at least one-third of the people you are engaging with will follow you back.

This is time-consuming but as a result of your effort, they have a good image of you in their head. From their perspective, you are a friendly brand that values its customers.
Final Thoughts
This is an extra tip but Facebook Insights is a wonderful tool. For Facebook dropshipping, take a look at the people that are following your page. Are they your target customers? Are your posts performing as expected? If not, check which posts do better and which ones don’t. You will know what to do and not to do while creating content this way. As you learn from your mistakes, your followers will continue to increase.