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How does dropshipping with Oberlo work?

How does dropshipping with Oberlo work?

Oberlo is a dropshipping app that allows the sellers to import products from websites to their Shopify store directly. It also enables the sellers to ship the product directly to the customer in a few simple clicks.

For entrepreneurs and people looking to start an online business, dropshipping is the best business plan. With no upfront investment or stocking the items, sellers can directly sell products to customers. This is where Oberlo comes in the dropshipping business process.

As a marketplace for dropshipping products, Oberlo connects sellers to suppliers anywhere in the world, Making it more manageable, convenient, and profitable for the drop shippers. It is exclusive to Shopify, and as a Shopify dropshipping business owner, you can easily integrate it with your store.

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How to Begin Dropshipping with Oberlo

To begin dropshipping with Oberlo, first you need an Oberlo account and a Shopify store as Oberlo is an add-on exclusive to Shopify. If you don’t have a Shopify store, it’s easy to set up in a few clicks only.

Setting up an Oberlo account is also easy and it’s free. As you begin, the system guides you through, and you’re to go in just no time at all. After that, it is all about browsing the products and adding them to your Oberlo dashboard.

Once you’ve added the products, you can then set up country and shipping options. It is, however, advised to update the product descriptions according to the tone of your store, improve SEO, and make it look more appealing to the customer. That’s all you need to start dropshipping with Oberlo.

How does Oberlo Work

  1. Set up an Oberlo account
  2. Import products from Oberlo marketplace to your Shopify store
  3. Update product descriptions and improve SEO
  4. Make a sale
  5. Using Oberlo place the order with the supplier for the product sold
  6. Oberlo will package and ship the product to the customer on your behalf

Oberlo is an app that makes the life of dropshipping business owner much easier. Its features are designed to automate every aspect of the business, increase efficiency, giving more opportunities to grow business sales and revenue.

It is also a reasonably priced add-on for dropshipping business owners that delivers features that are much needed to compete in the competitive eCommerce market. For dropshipping, it is ideal because it saves a lot of time searching and importing products and also makes shipping easier too. Oberlo is the number one choice for dropshipping.