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Winning Products Friday Episode 196

Hi there. Good to see you on another awesome episode of our Winning Products Friday. 

Every week, we review trending products that are selling hot and can make you a fortune if you dropship them. Our goal with this weekly digest is to help you scale up your dropshipping hustle. 

In today’s episode, the 196th in the series, we will be reviewing this Solar Powered Firefly Light product. 

What’s the deal about this product and how did it make it to our weekly digest? Well, one of the yardsticks we use for picking a product is the sales volume. We love reviewing products with an impressive sales volume. 

For this Firefly Light, The Nexus (our AI-powered product research engine) discovered that it’s been sold 81 times starting from the first week of April. 

Now, this might not look like much, especially when compared to the other products we’ve reviewed in the past weeks. But we picked it because it is noticed it’s been building up momentum and will soon become a hit.  

It’s just a matter of time before it hits 1,000 in sales, and we anticipate this will happen in about two months’ time. 

Interestingly, this firefly light has a ridiculously low-cost price of $7.25 and an impressive profit margin of $23.95, which is roughly $24. 

This means that stores selling this product make an average of $24 in profits each time they make a sale. When you do the math, the total profit comes out at $1,939. That’s certainly not bad for a product that is still gathering momentum. 

It’s certainly going to become a money spinner in a few weeks time. So there is no better time to start dropshipping it than now. 

Besides an impressive profit margin, you can also notice from the screenshot that it has a nice Product Insights rating of 4.1, which is excellent. 

Product Insights rating is a metric we use to judge how desirable a product is to buyers and stores. Products that are most desirable have a rating of 5 while the least desirable are rated 1. 

And the more desirable a product is, the better it will perform in the market. 

Another reason why dropshipping this product makes a lot of sense is that it looks attractive. From experience, we’ve observed that products like this that are attractive and tickle people’s fancy sell like wildfire. 

This is because people tend to buy products for two major reasons: to satisfy a craving and to solve a problem. 

Putting this firefly in your living room can make your apartment glow up. And it can also serve as an emergency source of light. So it is attractive and at the same time solves a problem. 

Plus, it’s not the kind of product people can walk into a convenience store to buy. This means potential customers will most likely start their search online. 

Why this product? 

Stability matters a lot when it comes to dropshipping. Why so? 

You wouldn’t want to promote a product that sells hot today but then fades off tomorrow. You’d incur a lot of losses if you do so. 

How then do you guard against this? Simply by checking a product’s Order and Store trend. 

Order trend, as we mentioned earlier, is a chart that gives you insight into consumer demand for a product. Products with a steadily growing Order trend are the real deal. These products don’t fade away from the market easily, so you can expect reasonable stability from them. 

Have a look at this product’s Order Trend: 

Notice how sharp the upward slope is? This is proof that a lot of people are interested in this product and it isn’t fading away anytime soon. 

Unfortunately, Order Trend doesn’t give you any clue about how sellers feel about a product – Store Trend does. If sellers are enthusiastic about a product, it will certainly perform well. But if they are not, you are better off trying another product. 

Have a look at this product’s Store Trend: 

You can also see that it has a sharp upward slope. 

Excited already and want to start dropshipping this product? First, you need a way to attract potential customers to your store. And what better tool to use than Facebook ads? 

Creating a Facebook ad that drives sales isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t done it before. 

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