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Winning Products Friday Episode 189

Hey everyone.

It’s about that time of the week again when we help you supercharge your dropshipping hustle. Welcome to the 189th edition of our Winning Products Friday. 

Like we always do, we will be sharing an interesting product that you can dropship to make a lot of money. And that product is this LED Night Light Note Board

What’s special about this product and why how did it make it to our list today anyway? First off, this light note board has raked up an impressive amount of orders ever since we’ve been tracking it. 2,000+ orders and still counting!

You can see it for yourself in the screenshot below: 

This is proof that it is a potential hot-seller and you can make a lot of money from dropshipping it. 

Interestingly, dropshippers selling this product have realized a total of $45K in revenue. Awesome right? 

The coolest part is that 34K out of that 45K is just profits. Incredible, isn’t it? 

How did we figure that out? Well, simple. As you can see from the screenshot above, the average profit margin of this product is about $17.37. Multiply that by the number of orders it has made, and you will see what we are talking about. 

An attractive profit margin like this is a clear indicator that a product is worth dropshipping. 

Another pointer to keep an eye out for when checking out a potential product for dropshipping is the product insights rating. 

You will want to go for products with ratings as close as possible to 5 because products like that have several desirable qualities that make them attractive to buyers and sellers. 

By the way, this light note board product has a perfect insights rating of 5 – another reason to dropship it. 

Not convinced yet? We get it. You wouldn’t want to invest your time and resources into marketing a product only to realize it wasn’t worth it in the first place. 

But here’s another reason why that shouldn’t worry you so much: this product is fanciful, making it an excellent gift item. And you know people love to buy products that tickle their fancy. 

Moreover, this is not the kind of product one can easily get from a grocery store, which means shoppers will likely want to buy it online. 

Why this product? 

When picking a product to dropship, it’s best to go for products with a stable order trend. Order Trend is simply a chart that shows the level of interest consumers have in a product. 

Products with an upward-slopping order trend are a sure bet. They don’t fade away easily and you can be sure of enjoying long-term sales from them. 

You might be wondering what the Order Trend of this note board looks like. Have a look at it yourself: 

Can you see how steep the chart slope is? It’s a clear indication that this product isn’t fading out of the market anytime soon. 

It also shows a lot of people are actively looking for it and will happily shell out their hard-earned money to buy it. 

But Order Trend doesn’t always give sufficient insights into a product, as it only tells you how consumers feel about a product without saying anything about sellers. 

This is where Stores Trend comes into play. Like Order Trend, Stores Trend is also a chart that illustrates how sellers feel about a product. 

Have a look at this product’s Stores Trend: 

Noticed the upward slope too? It shows many sellers are actively seeking out this product to sell. 

So far, The NEXUS, our AI-powered product research engine, has picked up 6 stores selling this product, with many more to follow in the coming weeks. 

Excited already and want to start dropshipping this LED light note board? It’s about time you started promoting it online. 

And what better promotional strategy to use than Facebook ads? 

Creating a Facebook ad that drives sales isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t done it before. 

What to do: take inspiration from those who have done it before. Or take some time to go through our virtual Facebook Master Course

Here are some ad examples you can take inspiration from: 

  1. This ad from Ariel Life

2.  This other ad from James Joseph is also fitting. 

Ready to add this product to your store? 

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