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Winning Products Friday Episode 188

Hi there. 

Good to see you again on another interesting episode of our Winning Products Friday, where we share hot-selling products you should dropship to make a lot of profits. 

In today’s episode, we will like to share this Cat Scalp and Body Massager product. This is one product feline lovers can’t resist. 

Ever since The NEXUS, our AI-powered product research engine, picked up this product, it’s grossed over 3100+ in sales. You can see it for yourself here: 

This gives you a fair idea of just how much cat dads and mums love this product. 

Those 3K orders have amounted to over $123K in sales. That’s huge, isn’t it? Interestingly, stores selling this product have made over $81K in profits. 

How did we arrive at that figure? 

From the screenshot above, you can see that stores make an average of $26.80 in profits each time they sell this product. Multiply that by the number of orders it has generated, and you will see exactly what we are talking about. 

Another interesting thing you can notice about this product from the same screenshot is that has an excellent product rating of 4.3. This indicates it has several desirable qualities that sellers and buyers love. You can’t possibly go wrong with a product like this. 

Not sold yet? 

We get it. Deciding if a product is worth dropshipping can be nerve-wracking at times. 

But here is one good reason not to fret about dropshipping this product: It solves a major problem for pet dads and moms by helping their beloved pets relax and enjoy better blood circulation. Plus, it also aids hair growth in cats.

And you know, people buy products for two major reasons: to solve a problem and to satisfy their cravings. As such, selling a product like this that solve a problem will definitely get you plenty of customers. 

Furthermore, this cat massager product has an impressive order trend that proves it’s still very much in demand and isn’t going away anytime soon. More details are in the next section. 

Why this product? 

Stability matters a lot in dropshipping. You wouldn’t want to dropship a product that is selling hot today and fizzles out tomorrow. 

But how do you know if a product is stable or not? Simple. Just observe the product’s order trend. 

Order trend is basically a chart that illustrates consumer behaviour and interest towards a product. A product with an upward-slopping order trend is a product that is in high demand and consumers are interested in. 

These are the kind of products you should go for if care so much about stability. 

You might be wondering what this product’s order trend looks like. Have a look at it yourself: 

Noticed the steady upward trend? Even though it might seem to have flatlined sometime on Feb 15, it’s sure going to pick up again in the coming days. 

What about sellers? How enthusiastic are they towards this product? Well, the surest way to know is by switching to Stores Trend. Here’s what you will see: 

Can you also see how sharply this chart slopes upward? It’s proof that sellers are interested in this product too as it is a hot-seller. 

Excited and can’t wait to start dropshipping this cat massager product? First, you need to figure out a way to attract potential customers to your store. 

And what better strategy to use than Facebook ads? 

Creating a Facebook ad that drives sales isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t done it before. 

What to do: take inspiration from those who have done it before. Or take some time to go through our virtual Facebook Master Course

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