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Winning Products Friday Episode 172

Hey folks 

It’s another awesome edition of Winning Products Friday. And like we always do, we will be sharing a hot-trending product that has the potential to generate a lot of sales for your dropshipping store. 

And that product is the Nordic Terrarium Glass Vase. There are many reasons why you will want to sell this product in your store. Firstly, it has an irresistible profit margin of almost $19, and you can source it cheaply at a unit cost of $5.33. 

Selling 100 units of this product in a month will make you $1,800 in profits. 

But why would anyone want to shell out $24 to buy this glass vase? Well, if nothing else, it’s an excellent home decor item. And people love to buy stuff that adds beauty to their homes. 

In addition, this glass vase has a nice product insight rating of 4.1, indicating it has a lot of potentials to become a hot seller. 

Why this product? 

Besides a good profit margin and product insights rating, there are many other reasons why dropshipping this product will make a lot of sense. 

Firstly, it offers some real value. Aside from beautifying a home, it can also be used as a flower pot. This means customers buying this product are sure to get the biggest bang for their buck. 

The other reasons to dropship this product are as follows: 

Impressive stats

Before picking a product, it’s important to study the trend over time to determine its relevance in the market. Fortunately, this product has been performing well over time. 

How did we know this? 

Here is the order trend beginning from September:

It’s been rising steadily over the months, indicating it’s still in demand. This makes it a good choice for newbie dropshippers looking to make their first sale. 

Besides shoppers, sellers are also steadily taking an interest in this product. If you switch to the Stores Trend chart, you will see this: 

This shows there is a lot of buzz around this Nordic Terrarium Glass Vase, and there is no better time to start selling it than now. 

To wrap things up, here are key things to know about this product: 

Ready to add this product to your store? 

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